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Spooky....the BOOK Hannibal was excellent....so much different from the movie...I hate it when they change it!
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Debby-does the book go along with the movie, Silence of the Lambs? I will probably just read the book then, if it has something to do with the movie.
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yes....it is really good! You should read it!!!
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I agree and disagree with Debby on Hanibal. Overall the book was much better, but I liked the end of the movie better. I think it stayed truer to the characters, especially Clarice, than the book did. I won't go into details for those who haven't read it/seen it. I heard so much hype about how gory the movie was and I didn't think it was all that bad.

Has anyone read/seen Manhunter? It is the prequel to Silence of the Lambs. The movie is good, but you can definitely tell it was made in the 1980s. They are actually remaking the movie with Anthony Hopkins reprising his role as a younger Hannibal. Should be interesting.
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Oooo Manhunter?? That DOES sound interesting! Isn't Red Dragon also a prequal?? I can't remember!! I know its something to do with that series though....
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Now I remember what I'm talking about!

Red Dragon was the book prequel to Silence, but when they made the movie they called it Manhunter. If I remember right (and it was made in the 80s) there was a martial arts type movie coming out with a similar name so they changed it to Manhunter so no one would get confused.
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I am thinking about renting the Blair Witch project. Anyone seen it?
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I saw it. It was ok. When my hubby first saw it there was still rumors that it was real and that made it really good. When I saw it everyone knew it was just a low budget film, so it was ok.
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Alicia, nope, I haven't seen that, though im still in two minds whether to or not... I've heard loads of different things about it!!

Valanhb - You're right!! There was a film called Red Dragon too - I think it was a Bruce Lee film??Or someone like that anyway!! (probably somone totally different but never mind!) Sooooo to get this straight, they are BOTH the prequal, but Red Dragon is the book and Manhunter is the film... COOL! Now I know what to look for in the video shop when I go to "RENT" one out!! (thankYOU Debby!! :LOL: )
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I'll have to see this movie! We're all sick, do you know that? My son and I used to watch scary movies together. I would watch the video first, or the HBO-whatever, and them tell him how good it was. Then, just as I noticed he was totally engrossed and expecting something awful to happen, I'd throw a piece of candy at him and watch him jump a mile! No, it wasn't child abuse. He was a 6'4" 20 yr. old weight lifter! If he had done that to me? Well, now we are talking abuse!!
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Sorry, folks! I posted too soon. Without a doubt, Wait Until Dark was great! Anything Alfred Hitchcock did was great, too. I really like suspense better than horror. This Jodie Foster movie about a hidden room looks like my style. However, for pure gross, you can't beat the original Night of the Living Dead, which was made here in PA. We got a baby sitter because we didn't want our girls to see it. The next day in school, their teacher told them all about it! Psycho was earth-shattering at the time, of course. Everyone talked about "all the blood," but there was just a bit shown going down the drain. The shocking part was that Janet Leigh was among the top ten stars of the time, and no one could believe she was killed off 15 minutes into the movie!
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Jeanie - that so reminds me of when my friend and I would watch movies as kids! We were about 10 years old at the time, and we were watching Cujo. We had the lights off and everything. My friend's dad, who had seen the movie before (made sure it was ok for us) waited around the corner of the room until one of the really intense parts, jumped out and screamed. Oh my god, we about jumped out of our skins!!!!
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I also read the book Red Dragon, but didn't see the movie Manhunter. Red Dragon was alright, but nowhere near as good as the other two that followed.

As for the Blair Witch project, I was disappointed with the first one, but the sequel was pretty good, I thought.
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