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Need Help please...

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about 2 weeks ago, I adopted a 5 month old male kitten from an animal control shelter. Up until a few days ago he was really sweet, he did the normal kitten play but that was all. Now all of a sudden he is being mean, biting me alot, attacking my daughters feet and it feels like aggression not playing. He also started off well with my other cat, now he is attacking her and hurting her. I don't know what to do about it. When he acts like this I put him in my bedroom for a few minutes, and than let him out but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Would getting him neutered help this? Any other ideas? I really want him to work out for us, but I need to think about my children first, he can't keep biting them the way he has for the past few days.

Also can anyone explain why he may have changed like this?

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To me it sounds like your little man is reaching sexual maturity which, for some cats, can cause a bit extra fiestyness.

IMO, I think having him neutered will help.

As an example from my own experience, take John Doe...

He was a cat that adopted my family by living on our front porch for three months until we finally said "ok, ok you can come in". But what a little stinker! As sweet as he was, all of a sudden he was attacking us, the other cats, the dog, standing guard in front of the food dish so the other cats couldn't get to it... oh what a little snot!

We got him neutered and within a week he became a lap cat and he and Jack and Az (the two he used to attack) are best of friends.

If he has a clean bill of health otherwise, as sometimes an illness can change a cat's personality because they don't feel well, I think a neutering will help.
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Thanks so much for your reply!! It makes me feel better, I really want him to work out in our family!! I will definitely be getting him fixed soon, I had planned to anyway. I hope it does help! Thanks again for the reply! I don't think he has any underlying medical issues, he just went to the vet and the vet seemed to think he was healthy, but I guess it still is a possibility.

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My Trjegul was neutered before I got him at 11 weeks and he has been the sweetest most loving kitten I've ever had. He DOES bite more than any cat I've ever had but it is always play biting. It's taken me months of saying "No", blowing in his face, putting him down and occaisionally even grabbing him by the back of the neck to get him to back off to where he doesn't leave serious bite marks on me but he was never doing anything more than playing and not realizing he was hurting. I'm also very thin-skinned which didn't help. I would say definitely get him neutred as soon as possible before this gets to be a habit. I had always heard that males are more loving than females and never believed it but he makes me believe.
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I also think fixing him will help alot.

Just like a teenager...heh...fix all the teenagers in the world, and I think there might alot more cuddling going on. lol

Just putting in my little bit of advice.
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