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Worried about kitty - pls help

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Hi - I'm worried about my cat, and I would apprieciate anyone's oppinion. He's elderly, about 16, so he's been slowing down in past years. But lately he's been much more lethargic than usual. He hardly eats or drinks, and doesn't move much. His breathing is also abnormal, sort of a wheezing. He makes a funny sound when he purrs. I took him to the vet, who said he was sick, but didn't think there was much he could do.

The reason I'm writing is because for about a week now he's been gagging, like he's trying to cough up a hairball, but nothing happens. The time period conincides with his becoming sick.(I didn't connect this to his illness until just tonight, so I didn't mention it to the vet.) Is it possible he ate something that he can't throw up and this is making him sick? He likes to eat ribbon, but in the past he always seems to throw it up when he gets hold of some. Is it just that he is old? I don't know what to do for him. I don't know how long he will last if he doesn't start eating more.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Any oppinions or thoughts would be greatly apprieciated. Thank you all.
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you nee3d to get kitty seen again ask for a senior panel and be open and honest as to behavior...If your vet doesnt sem to want to find out what is wrong get a new vet..
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If the vet said he was sick, did he say what from????? Why couldn't he do anymore for your cat? Certainly the vet would have asked for some kind of test to be done. If one vet doesn't answer your question then go to another vet.
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Thanks for your replies - he didn't really specify, he did a blood test, which was normal. He seemed to think it was just because of his age. Not very helpful, really.
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He needs to go to the vet and get, as already suggested a senior panel. If he is prone to eating ribbon perhaps he get into some christmas ribbon. Some ribbon is toxic. Please get him to another vet fairly quickly his age will be working against him if you don't.
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Not only is some ribbon toxic, but if it goes into the intestines you could wind up with a blockage, which is REALLY REALLY life-threatening. Let us know what happens - it's a possibility that your kitty could live for many more years if the bloodwork is that good. (Oh, and your vet seems a bit odd and non-caring to me. Is there a cat specialist in the area?)
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Thanks to everyone who sent their ideas. I'm going to take him back to the vet - maybe another one. The one he's currently seeing seems to be writing his problems off as his age...

Hopefully my kitty will recover.
Thanks again.
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