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I've got a scardy cat in my lap

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The fireworks are going off again. Noodles is not happy!!! Poor baby! Hope all the ferals in my neighborhood are ok!
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Poor Noodles!!!

There were fireworks in Denver tonight but we didn't get to go since I am working tonight/this AM. It's nice and quiet up on the mountain, so I'm sure my furkids are snoozing.
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We just had New Year's and the fire works are going off, but my kids aren't afraid. My dogs are barking more at the drunk people yelling outside!
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All was quiet here...I'm not even sure if they set off fireworks anywhere close on New Year's Eve.
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The very same thing happened to my cat. She was a basket case last nite due to the fireworks.
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Jamie spent about an hour hiding behind a sofa, and then stayed on top of me all night, purring. He's so heavy, I didn't get much sleep.
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Kallie slept under the bed for a while then after all was quiet crawled in to bed with us........she jumped really high the first time she heard a firework go off......poor thing i never seen her so scared
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I hate fireworks for that reason.
Hope all the kitties and dogs were ok!
We didn't get any round here. I think it was a little cold. Not many people out and about at all.
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This year wasn't as bad as most around here, although people started earlier than usual, and are setting them off right now (almost 11 p.m. on January
1st). I think a lot of people didn't bother buying any, because the weather is pretty bad (snow last week, sleet for two days, and another week of snow to come). Our streets have been so bad that people have been staying home. The fireworks producers are complaining, though. Last year a lot of people donated the money they would've spent on fireworks to the tsunami victims, and this year a lot of New Year's celebrations had to be canceled.
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I didn't hear any fireworks here, it was so quiet.

Jazzy is not scared with the fireworks, he get used to it. Most of the cats get scared.
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