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no DT for today... (unless i missed it, which is quite possible)
well then, it shall be remedied, eh ?

early this morning i was outside watching the sun rise, holding a kiss in my mind and a fire on my lips; spring has arrived for me.

i feel alive under these skies.

songs on the radio were speaking in tones of light, my alarm went off with "kiss" by prince playing
and i woke up grinning, dancing, laughing.

shannon, again, welcome back

darlene, chin up, eyes to the sky, you're beautiful, with spring things have a way of blossoming,
things will change for you.

deb, where you at these days?

colb, thinking of you, forgive my absense as always, things are crying havoc these days.

love to all of you out there,
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The things you write! I have missed reading your posts. Isn't it amazing how the sunshine can make any day seem so fabulous.
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No sunshine kisses for us today. Gray and dreary. But as Scarlett O'Hara said - Tomorrow is another day!

Blue you have such a gift of words!
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