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I can't tell from the pics with Cinnamon Swirl's colors, but he looks more like "Ripple!"
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Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy

I finally got a response from my friend who loves black kitties... she loves Red & Blue (I sent her a pic) but can't fit any more in her current place. She's hopign to move in the spring, but is unsure. Here's hoping Red and Blue get a home soon. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed to adopt the Cali and the Tuxie.. at least one... if not both.

Well, yesterday 10 y/o dd decided to join 4-H, and work with cats. So she is going to keep Red, and work really hard at taming her. DD is the kid who is a catlady in training, in fact, she fed Midnight his bottle this morning, because I was running behind getting ready for church. (Maybe should have gone to bed a little earlier last night, instead of staying up posting baby pics? LOL!)

So Red, who will be renamed, is staying here. That is probably best for her, as she has a very cautious streak. Although she has come a long way, the idea of adopting her out really concerned me. I think Blue is a lot tamer, and probably will handle being rehomed easily. And she is just what people want, a kitty who will jump into your lap for loving (especially if you are eating!)

I hope keep feeling a little better everyday!
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JoJo was really cautious and shy with me for months. Neither of them like strangers very much. But Jack will come out and approach a person after a little while, if that person is calm. JoJo stays in hiding. But for months she wouldn't even let me near her, even though she let me pet her at the shelter. Now, after so much time, she's my lapcat, snugglebug, bedcat... you name it.

She's Alpha Cat in this house, so she gets the lap first. I actually just had to literally shove her off my legs, because they were getting numb from being in an awkward position. After I shifted my weight and she'd slunk off to the kitty-cubes, Jack came out of the bedroom and curled up on my lap. Of course, then I coughed and he bolted. He's skittish with sudden noises. I need to get more Feliway. I saw it a couple weeks ago and it didn't make sense to me. The initial plug-in kit was on sale for 25... and the refill was regular price for 25. If you put the starter kit on sale, put the refills on sale too... I almost bought a refill, but looked at how much was in my cart and opted not to. Maybe next time...

Almost feeding time for the fuzzy moochers of the house... better go put my shackles on and be the slave-human that I am.

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Here's the link to my post about the little black kittens. I had almost forgotten how very wild they were at first. I am so proud of their progress. Really, Blue will be a great lap cat for someone. And the other baby can stay here. She will be a great pet cat, but whether she will be a lovebug for everyone is doubtful. But she is not terrified of us, just very shy.
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