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Good Morning Everyone, My name is Sandy and I have one adult cat and now 6 kittens. Callie is a calico cat(if you couldn't tell by the name) She got outside before we could get her spayed and now we have kittens!!! I was hopeing that she would have a calico cat for a kitten but she didn't . It seems that I am particularly fond of calicos. But I gotta say Callie's babies are SOOOOO cute. I already have homes for 4 of them and I am still searching for homes for the other two. Anyway I just wanted to say hello and kinda introduce myself.
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have your hands full right now, but certainly in a good way. We would all love to see pictures! We love pictures of kittens here.

Join us in The Cat Lounge. One of our other members just got kittens from a feral rescue she finally captured. You two could share kitten stories!
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BABIES - you have babies? Gimmie, gimmie gimmie! I love kitties. I wish I lived closer so I could add one more to my group. Welcome to the site! Pls post some pics.
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Hi Sandy and welcome to you and your new babies! I look foward to your posts. You'll love it here.
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Thank you alll very much... I have a feeling I am going to need alot of help in the next few weeks.. It feels like I just had my children all over again...
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Hi Sandy! It is great to have you here!!!!
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