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Sadie is undergoing surgery in a few minutes. Her doctor's initial diagnosis after cytology (wet) is that she has a Mast Cell tumor. It will be sent for histopathology for a final diagnosis & grade.
This is cancer.
She will be on antibiotics, pain meds & wear a collar.
I will know more later & should have the pathologist's report by Friday.
Please continue for pray for my sweet little Sadie.

If you have had experience with Mast Cell Tumors please tell me about it.
I am in shock & scared to death.
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sending lots of
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Oh Lei I'm sending many more vibes to Sadie.
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I'm continuing to send vibes.
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Have got everything crossed. I know what a shock it is when the 'c' word is mentioned.
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Good grief...Sadie's surgery was delayed because her vet had an emergency. She should be in surgery right about now.
When our kitties have surgery, I wish vet hospitals had a special waiting room for families, like children's hospitals do. The waiting at home is almost unbarable.
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Poor you - I had that last week, I had to wait another hour and a half to find out how my foster was - even though my friend had taken me shopping to take my mind off it, I couldn't concentrate till I knew he was fine. And yes, I wish I had been able to wait at the vets instead!!
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Many hugs to you and Sadie! Sadie is in my prayers!
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Oh no Lei! I am so sorry! I am sending LOTS of good vibes to both of you!
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OMG, Lei, I didn't think it would be cancer.

My prayers are with you and Sadie.

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I wondered when you mentioned this. This is what George had last month. I know this. In cats, the rate of recovery from this is very high. They will take the cyst and some surrounding tissue be certain they get all of the affected area. It rarely occurs in the same spot again, but can appear in a different area . You noticed it when it was small. She will be fine I am certain.
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I remember now Chris. George did really well. Thanks so much for reminding me. I am still waiting...waiting...waiting....
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I do remember something else, Lei.... vaguely. My vet told me it had something to do with histamines (can't spell) but to get to my point, that once the cyst in monkeyed with by the vet (aspirated) it gets larger. It's a reaction to the histamines or the histamines reacting . I remember when they tested George, it just got large. It's not because the cancer is running rampant. Are they going to be able to do surgery with just a local?
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Chris .... the surgery was done today. Her vet took out the tumor & the surrounding tissue. He said it was not deep & it was the only one. I should have the pathologist's report by Thurs or Fri.
Thanks for George's link. I will catch up on his journey tomorrow. I am sure there is info on his thread that will help.

Sadie is doing really well right now. There is an inch long incision on her side & she is supposed to wear a cone until her sutures are removed in 10 to 14 days. I took it off while she ate like a little piggy, then put it back on.

I could use some "how to live 14 day with a cone" tips.
Maybe I will start a thread about cones tomorrow. I am sure people will have a lot to say about dreaded cones.

I am so relieved that my little girl is back home.
Thanks for your thoughts & prayers everyone. Please continue for awhile.
I will update tomorrow.
Much love to all of you wonderful, supportive people.
Sadie, Dexter & Lei
xo xo xo
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Lei, I'm so happy to hear that your sweet girl is back home! I can just imagine how relieved you are having her home. I will definitely continue keeping Sadie in my thoughts, and am sending heal quickly vibes her way.

As for her newest fashion statement, like someone said to me when Nala had to wear one; it's harder on us than it is on them. They sure love to give you the sad, pathetic look and milk it for all it's worth though. When Nala had hers, I took it off a few times a day so she could get in a bath or two. I put her food on a plate so it would be easier for her to get at. She was adamant on chewing at her stitches when it was off, so I had to keep very close eye on her when I did take it off. Amazingly those 10 days went by pretty quickly and before we knew it, the collar was off for good!

Sadie sweetheart, even though you don't like wearing the collar, know it's a neccesary evil, just like your visit to the doctor today.
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I'm glad to hear she's home and did so well! You are a very good meowmie for noticing and taking care of her! Sadie will be all better soon! You should start a 'Kitty Cone' thread in fur pics!
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Glad that Sadie is home again. Vibes that she fully recovers and that the lab report comes out negative on the tissue sample.

The dreaded e-collar is a feline fashion statement all its own. They'll fret with the thing for a few days, but eventually learn to live with the awkwardness of the situation.

Junebug even learned to intimidate our other cat with the thing. Mitty thought it was some sort of weapon.
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Lei, I'm happy to hear Sadie is doing well. The fact she has her appetite back so quickly is a good sign she's on the road to recovery.

I'll be sure to keep your sweet little girl in my prayers.
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Precious little Sadie, we're so relieved to know you're home safe and sound with your Mommy and brother! You remain in my prayers and I expect a swift, full recovery! Lei, you're such a wonderful Mommy! Stay strong!
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Lei, I'm very glad to hear that the surgery went well and that Sadie is back home. Do you have a soft e-collar? They're so much easier on the cats than the hard plastic cones. When our Straycat broke his tail, the vet gave us a plastic cone, which really bothered him, and which he kept bumping into things with. I found a soft cloth and wire one, which he took to much better.
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Early morning update....
Sadie finally got some sleep last night but....this morning at 3AM, she became trapped under our bed.
Her collar is just a tiny bit to wide so she could go under the bed but she could not get out. She started freaking out. I had to pulled her collar off of her head while it was still tied on. Not a good thing.

Linda, just like Nala's collar, Sadie is wearing the hard plastic one. I took it off this morning so she could eat but she started licking her stitches so I had to put it right back on.

I love the soft collars. Bikeman...where did you get your kitty's soft collar? The picture of your kitty is so cute. Thanks for sharing it.

I might try to cut the end of Sadie's collar down a little after I talk to the tech to see if they have any ideas or slightly shorter collars. It is just a tiny bit to wide for her to get out from under out bed....a safe retreat for her to sleep.
Also, I will try our local pet supply stores to see if I can find a soft collar.

She ate some wet food this morning & used the littler box to pee. All excellent signs.
She just had some pain medication, so she should rest now.

It was wonderful to come to TCS this morning and discover so many caring posts.

I will update later today.
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Yay Sadie! You poor thing! Don't lick thoes stitches! I bet they are itchy or something!
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Hooray...victory over Sadie's hard plastic collar. I cut about 1/4 inch off of the end of her collar.
She went under the bed and was able to get back out.
Now, we should be able to live with it until her sutures are removed. .
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I am so pleased to hear she is doing well. Have everything crossed that she will be fine.
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I'm glad to hear Sadie is home and doing well! Keeping my fingers crossed for the lab results.
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Poor Sadie. I am sorry that the vet gave you a hard ecollar. I was amazed when they sent one home with us that was soft as well. George didn't need to use it at all luckily.

I'm so glad that Sadie came through her surgery well. And I hope the results are just as good!
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Just a quick check in on Sadie!!
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I'm so relieved to hear that Sadie made it through the surgery well. Sending many prayers and hugs to both of you from me, the girls and Peter.
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A quick morning Sadie update
What a difference one night can make.
Sadie is feeling so much better this morning.
She is perky, alert and much steadier on her feet.
I took her e-collar off for awhile.
She are a big breakfast with enthusiasm then chased Dexter around for a brief run.

I need to leave her for about an hour while go to her vet's for some more Torb., her pain medication.
I spilled hers & her vet wants her to take it a while longer so she remains comfortable.

I think as far as her surgery goes ... she has passed any crisis point & is well on her way to a full recovery.

Now all we need is a excellent report from pathologist. That should be tomorrow or Friday.

I will update as soon as I know more.
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Catching up and so glad everything looks good for the future for Sadie!
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