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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3

But that's a good thing. I'd LOVE to see some more pics.
Your wish is my command........

I'd like to say that I love all my bengals equally, but this little guy has just endeared himself to me. It's his face and his "yeah, I'm up for that, let's do it" attitude about everything. I could take him out in a blinding snow storm with sirens, flashing lights and 400 barking dogs and he'd still be happy and ready for it. His name is Tangerine Dream...aka "Tango"
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Oh what a sweetie!
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Oh, he is adorable. I like his personality, too! There aren't many cats out there quite like Tango huh? He has a very unique name, too. Tangerine Dream . I can see why you him so much. Thanks for the picture!!
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OH mercy, Kai, Tango is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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AWW some really great looking bengals on here, Simba does not like having his pic done so these are him up to date!!!!!

Attacking me!!!!! In a playfull way of course,

and wandering off! I really WILL try to get a good picture believe it or not those were the best 2 of 15! others were mainly bum shots
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What lovely kittys, my Simba, asys hello Simba!!!
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker

Here is Simba watching The Super Nanny on TV

you should submit that to Caption This!
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Here's Rishi, looking all majestic and dignified against the backdrop of the Koolau Mountains (he hasn't grown into his ears yet, heehee)...

Here's the ever-energetic Frankie...

Snow Bengal brothers Mufasa, Frankie, and Rat (Rat was the runt of the litter, though you'd never know it now!):
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Your photo of Rishi, against the backdrop of the Koolau Mountains is breathtaking.
All I can say is
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Thanks. I think everyone here knows what a rare moment it is when a cat holds still...and I'm really pleased with how crisp and green the grass turned out and how Rishi's pointy ears mirrored the mountain backdrop. I'm a very bad picture taker, so my boyfriend probably took this one, though I can't remember anymore.
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What coat type is Rishi?

the brown looks alot lighter its lovely.
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What a fantastic thread - how did I miss this before. Guys, your bengals are gorgeous.

What a lucky boy is Rishi - getting to live in Hawaii. Gee, life sure is tough for some kitties
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Originally Posted by missykittystars
What coat type is Rishi?

the brown looks alot lighter its lovely.
Thanks! He caught our eye immediately out of the litter for his more orange coloring and his need to explore and be even more adventurous in comparison to his brothers. I believe Rishi resembles his mother in regard to coloring and personality (they are both the same orange-rush background and kinda cranky , lol). Rishi’s dad is from Kai Bengals, Hau Kea. (That is the link to Hau Kea from Kai Bengals). I can't find a pic of Asia, his mommy.

Rishi is Leopard Spotted coat type.

Needless to say, Rishi usually gets all the attention when we take them on walks, but the more I look at Frankie, the more I notice all his funny patterns and little spots amidst all the marbling. (I think his coat is classified as tri-color snow marble). He seems like such a "Christian" kitty, (in looks, anyway--he's the really naughty one!) with the cross on his back and the tendency for the spots on his leg and back to appear in a row of threes.

Here’s more pics of Frankie’s interesting coat:

I love both the kitties, of course. They are complete opposites in every way--from coloring to personality to the toys they like to their interests and energy. It's hard for me to believe they are brothers from the same litter with the same parents!
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