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My Cat is a Dog?

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Ok, you all have been sharing some fun stories about your cats so I thought I'd do the same. My 5 1/2 month old kitten, Maggie, thinks she's a dog. I swear it's true! I don't where she picked up some of these characteristics, but it's pretty stinking hilarious! She drools when she's happy. She chases her tail for hours on end. Her favorite game is fetch! She has a crunched up ball of tin foil that she runs after and brings it back and actually drops it into my hand! She could play this for hours too, only I don't think it's quite as much fun as she does. LOL She comes trotting back to me with this ball in her mouth--it's so funny. I'm thankful I have an active kitty who has so much personality! Some day I'll figure out how to post a picture of her. She's so pretty!
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I have a cat, Maya Lin who does the same thing! She's 10 months old. She has this little sparkly cloth ball she got as a prize in a cat show that she likes to play with. I love to watch her go fetch it because she runs and flips over on her back. She's hysterical. She's a siamese-mix rescue from Puerto Rico. She is the happiest kitty I've ever had. Always purring and cuddling with me at night. In the morning when she wants to be fed (I have 7 other cats as well), she will jump in bed with me and give me love bites till I wake up. She won't stop till i'm out of bed.
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The more and more I read the posts on here it appears that many of us have kitties that fetch. Lily has a yellow cat, it's a stuffed animal for babies (human babies). My mom got it for Lily when she was about 2 months old. She will now be four this year and that cat goes everywhere with us. She loves to play fetch with it. To see her running around with it in her mouth is hilarious. She also chases her tail around. I thought it was just a kitten thing, but four years later and she still does it. Sometimes she goes so fast that she will run into walls. They are so full of entertainment, if they only knew!!
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My cat fetches too He does the same things he even knows the sound of my car and goes running for the door When mommy or daddy comes home. Cats are great they make the best friend.
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Mindi....my Merlin fetches too!! He likes to use a wadded up peice of paper, and will bring it back to me over and over for me to throw! And if I have my hubby throw it...Merlin will still bring it back to ME!!! LOL
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My neighbors where I used to live would comment on how Squirt acted like a dog. He used to go for walks with me, only not on a leash. He would just walk along side of me when I went to pick up the mail or take out trash. Everybody always asked how I trained him to walk with me like a dog.

The other thing is he knew my car from either sight or sound,too. When I would come home from work, he would see my car coming into the complex, and run home to meet it when I pulled in.
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My big yellow male, Toby has been dubbed the dog-cat by the neighbor kids. He runs to greet the car when we arrive home, he fetches things and he will actually bring sticks up on the porch like he wants us to play fetch with him. He loves our real dog and runs around the house and plays chase with the dog. He puts up his front paw in greeting just like a dog shaking hands. What a hoot he is. He just showed up at our house one day about six years ago-all ready neutered so he must have belonged to someone at one time. I advertised and notified the animal shelter but, nobody ever claimed him-their loss!
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