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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I was labelled a rocker chick I wore concert t-shirts, leather jackets, tight ripped blue jeans (what was I thinking!) and my favourite bands were Metallica and Megadeath!
I think we would have gotten along well in high school! LOL

I was...um...in the unpopular hood (rockers, some gearheads, the jean jacket, Levi jeans, untied Nike hitops, band/concert tshirts) crowd through Jr. High and the first part of High School. Yes, there was a popular hood crowd, and I wasn't a part of that. LOL I was the anomoly in that crowd, though. I always got good grades (graduated high school With Honors with a 3.86 GPA (there were no weighted grades back then, so 4.0 was the best you could get), and was heavily involved in choir. My school sucked at sports, but our music program was the best in the state.

After my Sophmore year in HS, I outgrew the hoods I hung out with before, and joined a group of choir friends, and got involved as a reporter for our (award winning ) school newspaper. I was the rebel amongst my friends, but we had a great time all the time. Mostly harmless fun, as opposed to the group that I left behind that wasn't doing such harmless things any more.

Honestly I have no desire to go back to any reunions. There would only be maybe 5 people (out of 400 in my graduating class) that I would care to see again.
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I was the shy, studious type and was involved with the school newspaper and was a member of the World Affairs club. So, guess I was pretty nerdy too. In my yearbook, everybody wrote about how "sweet" I was.
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I was the incredibly odd one that was generally well liked in high school. I'm surprised to say that about 50% of the school knew who I was regardless of the fact that I wasn't particularly involved in any extracurricular activities. That said, i was also a bit notorious, because I was heavyset and intelligent, and very obviously quirky. And if I got bullied, i would beat them senseless with whatever book I was reading at the time.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to be a stout young gentleman being lifted off the ground and wedged into a wall, by a girl not quite 5 feet tall? I was generally left alone by anyone who didn't like me after 9th grade, because it was known that I would simply pummel them, remorselessly, and they would have to explain how they could let little old me beat them up.
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I was the Artsy type, very non-conformist, and I still am. I was involved in the Drama Club, the Chior, and performed in musicals and plays in school. I studied voice, and also performed in a lot of community theatre as well. I didn't really hang with any clique's. I was more interested in music and acting, than to care about most of those silly High School things.
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Originally Posted by eilcon
I was the shy, studious type and was involved with the school newspaper and was a member of the World Affairs club. So, guess I was pretty nerdy too. In my yearbook, everybody wrote about how "sweet" I was.
I was persona non grata....

*laugh* I wasn't in World Affairs club (don't think we even had one) but I was on the newspaper and was in choir all four years. I graduated at the top of my class, so I definitely fit the "nerd" bit... and even though everyone wrote about how sweet I was in my yearbook too... no one really ever hung out with me.

Course now I'm in college and all the jocks that happened to come to the same college I did flirt with me. *sigh*

I'm interested to see what my reunion will be like (if I decide to go).
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I'm sure my label in high school was quiet, shy, passive, and friendly when spoken to. I was in the in-between group that basically didn't get into trouble and listened to authority figures. I was accepted by most everyone in my high school (ie, druggies, preppies/popular, athletic kids, the in-between ones, band-aids <that's what we called people in the band>, etc.). Since I was athletic and fairly good at sports (I played field hockey and volleyball), it helped me be accepted by the athletic and popular kids.

I graduated 15 years ago and have never gone to a class reunion. I think many people would be surprised how much I have changed since then. I'm a social worker and it's taught me to come out of my shell and speak my mind.
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I don't really know. I went to High School in a relatively small town, and my school didn't have stereotypical cliques. I was popular, but most people were! I was cheerful and was very giggly. I would have annoyed myself a little now, hehe.
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In junior high I kept to myself a lot, was pretty shy and insecure, and would spend weekends holed up in my room reading and writing poetry and short stories.

In high school I came out of my shell and met more people like myself. I was an artist, as were most of my friends. I was a photographer for the yearbook, on the students council, involved in dramatic arts, founder of a local youth group, and although my primary art was writing (I was published locally at age 15), I also participated actively in fine arts and helped put on a local art show (I was painting a piece and explained my technique to passerby).

My friends varied, and although I got along with everyone from jocks, preppies, nerds and rockers, most of my friends were "alternative" types. This was pre-grunge, back in the mid-late 1980's. As far as style goes, some were mods, skinheads, punks, goths, or just had their own unique sense of style. I did my own thing, wore lots of black (still do! ), and had my hair died every colour of the rainbow.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to experience the last year of high school the way most kids do. My mother abandoned us, my dad committed suicide, and I was left to my own devices, so unfortunately it took a while longer to finish my last year than I had hoped.
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I was a "browner", which was short for brown noser. And that was because I got good grades. It didn't make me unpopular, but I was notorious for being a good student, when that was very uncool. I was also in the school band, and spend all of my spare time with band kids. It wasn't like the big marching band culture of the USA, we were a small concert band, but we did love music, and spent hours of our spare time in the music room, playing and having fun. Looking back, we could have been called band geeks, if that term had existed back then.

The thing was, at our school, nobody really cared what clique you were in. Everyone got along, you just knew where to pigeonhole everyone.
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I was very quiet. I hung around with a group of five or so friends because none of us could get into any of the other cliques. Of course by the end of school, we were known as the hardest clique to get into. When I think back it assumes me greatly once we started to not care about what the popular kids thought, they started caring about what we thought. Of course it could have just been that we got better looking as school went along.

Actually I am meeting up with four of the five friends I had in highschool tonignt and am really looking forward to it.
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I was the heavy metal rock chick. No extra curricular activities, never went to a football game....Barely made it there every morning actually! I hated school!!!
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I was the one that knew everybody, but nobody knew.
I had a few close friends that, like most everyone else here, couldn't get into the other cliques. I went to one of the "richest hig schools in town, but my family didn't have the financial standing to keep up so I didn't fit in... I got more "popular my Senior year, but it helped that I was "engaged" to the star player on the baseball team! I'm looking forward to my reunion, just so I can see where everyone ended up and to (hee hee) show everybody what I've become!
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I was also one of those people that was between groups. I had friends in several different social circles. I spent most of my time with the non-conformist punks and the band geeks. Interesting combination. I was friends with some of the jocks and popular kids but I was not a popular girl myself.

I was elected to be a "natural helper" my sophomore year of high school. Students anonymously vote for faculty and other students in school that they'd be comfortable going to with problems. The people with the most votes are sent to a 3-day training that teaches you how to do peer counseling and in the case of us students, when to go to an adult for help. It was a very informative and emotionally satisfying experience. That said, I guess I was popular enough that I got sent to the retreat!
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I had to walk 10 miles barefoot in the snow uphill both ways... just kidding, that was my Mom.
3 years majorette and senior year drum major. I hung around with the class 2 years ahead of me and had a lot less friends after they graduated. I was a B student. I had to walk quite a way to school and was on the lazy side, so I usually did my homework in homeroom or study hall unless I got a ride because I didn't want to carry my books. (Well it was before students used backpacks.)
I hated school and still at age 46 occasionally have school dreams. I wake up and am so glad that I have to go to work instead.
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Well my friend and I thought we were popular...

but we never made any of the prom or homecoming courts!!! That's our little saying...LOL! We had a lot of "fake" people in our small high school, lots of different clicks. I am happy to say, I was just myself...artistic, kooky, sarcastic and funny!! Cheerleader and softball player and in the Art room ALL THE TIME! I had a ball in high school and my closest gfriends in HS are still the same friends now!
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I was in the "jock" set. My class (1975!!) graduated 401 out of a total 442 students. Back then the cliques weren't do diversified as they are now.
I sis and I were the only female twin in our class which gave us more attention.
We stuck around with alot of kids in the other public high school in town (yes more jocks!!) We were quite popular with both schools.
I was bummed that we didn't have a 30 yr reunion as we have our fair share of unique individuals that come to each reunion.
The best time was when one of my best friends husband went up to all the "stuck-up" women and complained that they had never paid him any attention in high school. He carried this tale for quite some time. He never went to my hs and they were trying to figure out who he was all night!!
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Originally Posted by GailC
I sis and I were the only female twin in our class which gave us more attention.
I didn't know that you were a twin! I'm sure I'm the only one that didn't know that, Are you identical? When I was younger, I always wished that I had a twin sister, I thought that would have been so awesome!
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i was a military brat so we kind of associated with ourselves. i played sports, was withdrawn but considered the pretty girl that everyone stared at but never talked to. i used to argue with a couple guys whether or not i had a boyfriend. the boys on the base liked me a lot but were afraid to talk to me since my dad was a colonel in the marines i could of cared less! they of course did so i babysat a lot and did not go the school functions. i don't know i was more into nature and working to make money.
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I was pretty much a loner, kept to myself. I didn't have a lot of friends, just a few close girlfriends. I guess we were just considered "different" since not many people knew us too well. I didn't belong to any groups or participate in any after school activites. I enjoyed taking dance lessons (out of school) thru junior high and high school and always wanted to be a professional dancer. I didn't care much for school and I'm very glad I'm finished with it now. I wouldn't want to go back, I would much rather be in the working world.
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Being a military brat, I was the outcast because I didn't grow up with my classmates, and didn't bother to get to know them well. I was quiet and shy.
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When I was in late elementary school I became a big nerd. Mostly because I like just about everybody. There was this one girl who had no friends. She was quirky and didn't act like everyone else. So the 2 of us became the biggest dorks in school. And I didn't care too much. The other girls used to try to beat her up for being different. Usually when I stood between them they'd leave her alone. So sad. I moved after the 6th grade. A year or two after that I found out she came from an extremely abusive home. That was why she had a 'habit' of breaking fingers.

In Junior high I started getting cooler. By high school I didn't care too much. I was fairly smart, dressed average, and looked better. But by then it all just seemed so trivial. All I wanted to do was graduate and get a real life! I had some good friends and most of them are still my friends today. It was enough for me!
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We really didn't have labels in high school. The cheerleaders were anything but the cool kids and band and golf teams out numbered the guys on the football team. The basketball team did win the division. But our Debate and Acedemic Decath. teams won sates and place in the top 5 at nationals. The band placed 12th at the Atlantic Coast Championships in the Tourniment of Bands competion circut and the colorguard placed 6th out of the 30 guards there, horns placed 10th, winds placed 12th.
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I was also a "freak". haha I don't know if any of you have seen the show Freaks and Geeks.. but I was very much like the main character, Linsdey. (If you haven't seen it.. I highly suggest it. Especially if you were in high school in the 80s) I hung out with all the hippy/stoner/rocker/misfit kids. Everyone thought we were weird but they were the nicest, caring, most loyal friends I've ever had. It's really ashame that we haven't kept in touch.
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Well I was on the dance team all 4 years and we danced in all pep-rallies, football games, basketball games, state and national competitions. We won state every year and my senior year we won nationals. That's actually still one of my best memories, and probably always will be. But I also did drama the last couple of years I was in high school. I think I was pretty much just there. I wasn't super popular but I wasn't unpopular either. I was pretty much friends with everyone.
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I was the type that just kept to myself, except for mabye talking to 7 people more than once througout my 4 years of High School.

I never went to any proms, never dated, never joined a club, sport, or went to see high school sport games, only got one picture in the yearbook and that was just my class picture, sat alone at lunchtime from grades 9-11 (12th I had a few people to sit with),when I was in drivers Ed I was stuck in the car with 3 cheerleaders and I never even tried to make a move on any of them, even though thats what 99% of the guys in my high school would have done, and at my high school graduation I left without saying goodbye to not one of my classmates.

I dont even think of it like I went to high school because I did nothing a normal person would have done, serously I think I should go back because there's a gap of my life missing. Thats just the way I feel about High School.
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I was the one who had different colored hair (pink purple blue red yellow(not blond)) every week big black combat boots black clothes black makeup never did her work. showed up to class either drunk or stoned, pierced tattooed and stubborn. only hung out with people who were the same what was the title they gave us..... OH YEAH.....FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... well the hair has toned down a bit but is still not my "natural" color and still changes about every 3 months. the black combat boots are in my closet lol and every once in a while they make an apperance although they have been replaced by knee high platforms wich lace up front and back lol the black makeup has toned down alot to almost no makeup except for my eyeliner that is lol. the black clothes are still an ever present daily routine.the tats are more now than they were then and the piercings are still there. im still stubborn but havent done drugs since I was in high school (almost 11 years) and only drink on occasion.
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I was the band-geek in high school. Most of my friends were somehow related to the band/orchestra. Really remember American Pie with the Band-Camp chick? That was me...many people even said that I look like her (well when my hair was shorter and red).

I recently was contacted for my 10-year and I really don't have much of a desire to go back. I didn't like a lot of people from my high school. Some of them went to the university as I did and tried to strike up a friendship with me then (but never paid attention to anything I did in HS). I told them I came to that University to get away from people from our high school.

Then a couple of years ago I ran into someone from HS who recognized me (I really haven't changed much). She was all proud that I didn't recognize her...I didn't have the heart to tell her that I just didn't remember going to high school with her. oops...

Anyhoo, I look at it, those that I am still friends with from high school is for a reason. So I'm most likely not going back to the reunion as if I really cared to know where these people are, we would've kept in contact with each other.
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From as far back as I can remember, I was always the outcast, the one everybody despised and ridiculed, even physically attacked... which is, no doubt, why I developed lifelong chronic monopolar disorder. If kids only knew what pain they can inflict!

The main reason the kids hated me was that I got good grades and most of the teachers liked me... but by high school, I had stopped caring about grades, and I spent all my time on choir and theatre. People actually admired me for my musical ability, which was a wonderful change! I also won a bunch of awards for writing. But I never became popular... just marginally acceptable. ~ sigh ~

I identify so strongly with that song by John Mayer (sp?), even if he IS young enough to be my SON:

"I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
It's just a lie you've got to rise above."

Amen, brother! I wish I'd figured that out when I was about eight years old...
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I will say, I am popular cause of my parents, (most people know my parents where we live.)
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Well, most of my eighth grade class is a smart as a softmore class, does that count as close enough?
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