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Originally Posted by pjk5900

It's really hard to keep up with 6 cats at $10 a pop that I have been paying.

That site has saved our house from fleas - the climate here is very warm and fleas are a year-round problem.

Now we only have to spend about $25 every month on flea control for our pets - without that method, it would cost us almost $100 every month, which just isn't feasible with all the other vet expenses. We'd just be itching & buying lots of tapeworm pills instead.
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I walked right into my vet and they gave me revolution for my kittens without a heartworm test. Obviously,they shouldn't have without doing the test first. I didn't have to get a prescription and they did not keep it in the fridge and I don't remember it saying to put it in the fridge. If anything,I think it might have said to store at a temperature that would have been around room temp. so maybe its a good idea to NOT put it in the fridge.don't know.

I would not treat my kittens with flea treatment if they don't have fleas. I gave them revolution when I got them,because someone dumped them and I did it to get rid of any worms,earmites,etc that they may/may not have had.

Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones....but on our farm we don't have fleas. I'm not saying we don't have a single flea,but I have not seen any sign of them for YEARS!. Yeah! It may be because we have cattle and other farm animals....maybe they hop on them instead,even though they get "treated" or else...the "bugs" that live on the farm due to large farm animals aren't compatiable with fleas...either eat em or overpower em. Whatever,just glad!
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Originally Posted by tuxedokitties
This is good advice, I have been doing it for several years. I have a glass bottle with a screw on top that I save the left over medication in, and since hubby is a diabetic I have a never ending supply of syringes. I just pull the needle end off the syringe.
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bumping for member's information
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Hi folks, It seems as if all the good ideas are already out here. The best bet is to change vets. You can always use your vet that you have now for emergencies, if they are the closest service available, and just go to another for shots and meds. We have to do this because i can't afford flea treatment for 7 pets. I found a vet in the next town who is willing to do this for us, and they will meet the price of any legitimate American pet medicine company. I just have to bring in a recent print out on prices and they do match it. They also told me that Beyer (who makes advantage) has companies in Australia and other countries. By the time the medicine gets flown here in non-climate controlled storage, the medicine itself can become "altered" from the changes in climate. Good luck to all.
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Wow I get my revolution online for a 6 month's supply for only $43.95 www.petshed.com
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We used Revolution for large dogs.
I forget the exact measurements for it.. but it lasted a long time, for only $25.
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