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Let It Snow!!!

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This snow is totally making me NOT want to work!!! I've been surfing the net since Lunch. LOL. Mainly because I keep hearing about public schools letting their kids out early, etc. I wish I could leave early! I would totally love to be home right now, drinking hot cocoa, and snuggled with Luna!

Anyone else???
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No! Stop snowing!

we are expected to get freezing rain and what the weather channel called a 'white out' by tonight. Bleh.
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Being the last state down east , We are getting the storm starting sometime Friday. It says a messy one sleet i,ce and snow mixture. Lasting most of Friday in to late Friday night.
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We're gonna get just 1-3 inches of snow starting tomorrow morning, then turning into a mess of freezing rain and sleet....You are lucky, at least you are getting pretty snow!
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Yup, I'm here in Lansing, MI. I've got an exam in a couple hours which stinks because I'm going to have to be out in this horrible weather!
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Ugh! I saw that Litzch! All the colleges were still open. I would've rather wait (or taken an incomplete) instead of go out in this.

Well I think its pretty much done for now. Roads weren't horrible, just a little slick in areas. *sigh* I miss snow days though. Although most people I worked with left early and by the time I left it was just the mailboy, the receptionist and a supervisor. This is the kind of day I wish I had a kid jsut for the excuse to go home and have a free day.
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