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weird animals, cats are

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Last night whilst I was fast asleep I wast awoken suddenly by the sound of little scritches, little scratches, then the ripping and tearing of a tough shelled bag. 'Tis only the old rice bag I left out for my kitties to play with, I mumble, and nothing more. Then I fellest back into sleep. In the morning I awoken with the sunrise and tredged slowly, carefully to the bathroom. I steppest in the bathroom and what do I feel but lots of tiny rocks astabbing, asticking to my poor tender feet. What is this? I wonder, for there are far more rocks than usual. I turnst on the lights and what do I find, but the bag of kitty litter plundered and ransacked and spewing kitty litter all over the floor.

Why is this? I wonder. Do they think their litter needs replacing? Might they have thought that was food in the bag? Do I feed them so meagerly that they must resort to eating their litter?
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silly kitties!

I know all about those late night noises that you wonder if you should get up an investigate or lstay in bed. I usually stay in bed too!
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It's the old question. "do I really want to know?" The things they get up too!
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I used to keep the litter bag next to the litter. Then Hobbs would rip open the top of the bag and poop in it! Yep, cats are indeed strange
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Then they do just want clean litter to go to the loo in?!

Also, I would love to hear all of your stories. What do your kitties get up to in the middle of the night while you are/should be sleeping?
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too funny with the litter.

While I'm sleeping, mostly Smidge goes to places she's not allowed to go. Her latest thing is using my bedroom furniture as "stairs" to get to the highest point on the wardrobe. Whatta ya know, it's so high I can't reach her!

Since I'm asleep and not responding with "Down" she's seems to get a bit miffed. She solved that the other night though - she started knocking down my purses that are on top of the wardrobe. Got me right up!
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Originally Posted by pushylady
It's the old question. "do I really want to know?" The things they get up too!
i usually just yell unless it sounds like glass breaking...
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Lucky lately has been trying to wake me up i think. She'll bring all her toy mice into the room and start chasing them around like mad. Last night she stuck the mouse in the kleenex box and the spent the next hour wrestling with the kleenex box (again 3am, right next to the bed). Rambo has a little game where he goes out of the room...and cries and if that doesn't rouse you he starts knocking coins off my dresser one at a time. He's figured out that sometimes when i get up...it means breakfast. So if he just keeps making me get up his odds should improve....always thinking with his tummy!
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My ex used to call the late night antics of his cat "gravity experiments". If I push this, will it fall?
I left the litter tub open ONCE, and someone used it as the box! My husband swears he also caught Zakk about to use the bucket full of sand that we use for the walk as litter as well! I also found that with the kittens, I can't leave my dresser drawers open, b/c they can navigate INSIDE the dresser and go into other drawers that are closed! I also found the rug that I keep to catch the litter in the upstairs bathroom halfway down the stairs. I still don't know how they dragged it that far.
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Reading this thread with a big smile on my face! I’m a kitten newbie and I thought my kittens were just big troublemakers… turns out they are just normal kittens

Every night since we got them back in August I’ve been faced with the “should I get up or stay in bed†dilemma. I used to always get up, SHOOT up, and run to see what was going on. Now I stay in bed 90% of the time!

Some fun things I’ve woken up to in the morning:

1) An entire package of toilet paper (6 rolls) torn to shreds on the bathroom floor.
2) An entire restaurant-size box of straws opened and emptied onto the kitchen floor… half of them chewed to bits. They had been on top of the fridge.. I did not think they could get up there, which is why I had them there to begin with! To this day I still occasionally find a straw behind some piece of furniture.
3) The CD player opened, the CD removed and relocated to the kitchen counter.
4) While we’re on the subject of stereos, I’ve actually woken up to the radio ON (luckily they hadn’t "figured out" how to change the station.. I wouldn’t have been happy waking up to Polka )
5) My mail, which had been left unopened on the dining room table, shredded to bits. All mail is now promptly put into a metal box until it’s ready to be opened. And just to be on the safe side, I now pay all important bills online!

Frustrating things to wake up to, but I love my babies SO much! Remembering those mornings actually makes me smile now. And I live for the mornings I wake up to my boys purring by my side like two little angels!
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Wow, my kitty Monty also likes these "gravity experiments" (great name and popular kitty midnight entertainment so it seems). At first I thought he was just messing around up on the book shelf and accidentally knocking my shells onto the floor, but one day I caught him in the act. He was actually taking his paw and shoving off each shell individually and watching it fall. The little bugger was doing it on purpose!! Why?????????

He also likes the kitchen drawer and when I leave the cupboard open he worms his way up into the utensil drawer and then falls asleep in there on top of the forks and knives (prongs down now and only butter knives allowed).

They used to get into the dry kitty food every night no matter what container I moved it to until I finally made room for it in one of the kitchen cabinets. I'm just waiting for the day they figure out that all they need to do to get that open is get a claw around the edge and pull gently...
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