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How'd your kitty get their name?

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How'd your kitties get their names?

Mitzi already was named Mitzi so it was sticking. Although I've asked myself what's a Mitzi?

Xavier was named Xavier because when me and my boyfriend were about to adopt a feral kitten(long story...) I worked with at the clinic, he hated the name I had given the kitten already, Leroy. We searched through a baby book looking for names and after many disagreements we finally desided on Xavier. Unfortunatly I was unable to adopt him and when we found Xavier the name fit him perfectly.

Fallon was named because her original name was Skunky because she always was consipated and when she did poop it stunk. I hated the name and felt she needed a good name for her so after throwing around a couple names I came across Fallon and settled on that.

Sampson already had his name and although I didn't care for it much because I knew quite a few other animals with the name I couldn't change it because it fit him so perfectly. With that long hair and HUGE paws what else would go?
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Opie is a mischievous redhead. If he'd been female, I'd have named him "Lucy".:tounge2:
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I'm sure you don't mind me telling the story behind my dogs' names here, too, even if you asked only about the kitties. Noelle, my first cat got her name because when I was an exchange student in NZ, my host family had two gorgeous British blues, a GSD and a domestic cat and I wanted to name my cat after one of them, Noelle was the only name that could be pronounced easily in Finnish, and I got the cat around Xmas time so it was appropriate. And this was the name of the one British blue that was a bit more standoffish, dignified and not so affectionate, and it turned out that my Noelle is like this too.

Romeo is my first dog and it was hard thinking of a name for him. He was the biggest among his litter mates, a very laid back, charming puppy- always giving kisses, according to his breeder (which he was and still is). After talking to some friends of mine, one suggested Romeo and I just liked the sound of it. Turned out to be the perfect name, he's such a charmer!

Tolstoy is my second dog, and I wanted to give him a sort of a literary name as well. I thought about Hamlet, but thought it would be too weird (imagine calling out to two small dogs "Romeo, Hamlet, get inside!"), and besides, I knew a Great Dane by the name of Hamlet and couldn't picture a small dog with that name. Again, a friend suggested Tolstoy and I sort of started to like it after a while.

Vinka, the latest addition, now a year old Maine Coon was the hardest to think of a name for. I already had three pets and had to think of a name that wouldn't sound like the names of the three others. My first thought was to give her a name like Noelle was given, that had some connection to the time I got her. Well, since I got her in July, it would have been Juliet, and I thought that a Romeo and a Juliet in the same family would be too much. My sister (a gardener) suggested Vinka, it's a pretty looking flower and not a name many people know. I liked the sound of it, and so that was it.

For the two dogs and the Maine Coon the breeders had already started calling them something, but I didn't like any of the names they'd been given, they were too ordinary. I wanted names every dog/cat in the neighbourhood wouldn't have. Romeos are pretty popular now, but otherwise I think I succeeded.
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Well, Poppy came with that name and she was about 2, so I figured it would be rude to change it. Although, now that I think of it, she'd probably only had that name for the few months she was in foster care as no one knows much about her past. I call her Floppy Poppy becasue she flops over when you pet her, gets up, flops over, and repeats this over and over.

Spidey, I got as a 5 week feral. He was crazy and would climb up your legs and body to sit on your shoulder (when you were standing) and would climb furniture sidewise. He was so light he could hangs on by his nails easily without harming much, except your skin! Also, my boyfriend had this Spiderman video game, so I was always hearing the Spideyman theme song. And he is a brown and black mackerel stripey cat, so the name just fit.
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Mine are fairly straight forward:

Onyx is a solid black kitty, so hes named after the black stone, onyx.

Loco was a semi-feral kitty and hes very neurotic, so Loco (meaning Crazy) suits him well.

Missy was named by my daughter. We got her when she was only 2 weeks old and I hand raised her. I'd always say 'ok little missy, time for your bottle' so my daughter thought that was a good name for her

Gypsy, my white kitty, was orginally Gypsum, after the white mineral. We just ended up saying Gypsy, because its somehow easier. Most of my kittie end up with nicknames that end in an 'ie' sound anyways, so Gypsy she is

And lastly we have Kiri. Shes got fur the color of silver, and her name is Japanese for 'fog or mist'.

Some of our past kitties were named Frazzle, Fluffy, Gilbert,Brindle ( a tortie who reminded me of brindle colored dogs)Tipper (the tips of his ears,feet and tail were white) and Kewtip (as in Q tip cotton swabs- she was grey with four white legs that looked like little skinny Q Tips when she was a baby )

I tend to choose names based on color and coat patterns, as you can see :rainbow:
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Twinkles-Named after my moms mom's Old Cat, Twinkles. Twinkles and Twinkles look Identical If you look at Pictures of My mom's Twinkels and our Twinkles.

Tigger-Well, We named him Tiger first but started to call him Tigger. We named Him that cause he's Orange.

Pepper-His name was Gonna Be Kujo, then Elvis, Then Melvis, But we stuck With Pepper. It's one that we liked that we saw on The Internet.

Mimi-Don't know how she got her name, my mon named her that on the way home from Petworld.

Vader-Named After Darth Vader.

My dog Buddy-We called him Buddy when He Came to our Cabin as a stray. Thats the name he responded to, so we named him Buddy.
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We named Sunshine because even though she is all black, her eyes are as yellow as the bright sun. Very stunning.

Cymone got her name in memory of our little kitty Simon who lost his little life last year way too soon. Since she was a girl, we thought Cymone was more of a lady like name!!
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Baby - cause he was our only baby at that time
Lumpy - cause she lumps around all the time
Bootsie - cause of her white socks that ride up her legs
Little Red - feral little bundle of RED
Noodles - cause she was so young when we got her, (shelter foster turned adoption)that her poop looked well like noodles!
Ripley - in honor of one of Hissy's babies
Smudgie - due to her muted coloring
Momma Goldie - cause has has the most beautiful copper colored eyes that sparkle in the sun!
WHEW!! That's a lot of names
Can't forget Sheba the dog...just because.......
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Well, Noah got his name because I have always loved that name. Simple enough. And Cleopatra has her name because my boyfriend thought it suited her. I hated it at first, but now looking at her, I wouldn't have it any other way!
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That's a tough question for me...
Lets see......How DID my cats get their names?
Hmmm well Twig I named because he was so darn tiny you could hold him in your hand when we first got him. Now he weighs 15+ pounds so the name isn't quite right for him anymore so I usually call him tig.
Rocket I named because he was like a little rocket.Never stopped except to potty and eat. He had amazing energy and I couldn't keep up with him..
Isis well I named her that because she was the mother I'd say at least 2 litters of kittens so it just seemed to fit.
Luna was because she is all a dark smoky gray and she has a little white spot on her tummy right around where her belly button would be.
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It's very fun to see how all these guys got thier names!!

Jack- Daughter named him when she was 3
Bridgette- She's very petite and sleek looking, thought it fit her
Sebastian- Little Mermaid was popular
Tabby- After a previous cat named Tabitha(now she's crabby Tabby)
Ariel- Thought it fit her.
Sammy-Ken couldn't think of anything better..LOL
Tinkerbell- I LOVE fairies and she looked like a Tinkerbell
Purrty Girl- Didn't name her
Rhiann- Ken named her, it's celtic for maiden
Antarctica-AKA Annie- She's pure white
Kaos- It's self describing Although he is pretty angelic looking
Mayhem- She's mayhem in a little package!!
Babe the wonder dog had his name when we got him. His foster home thought he looked the the pig in the movie "Babe".
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Soltie - Because we got her right at the summer solstice (ex-husband named her).

Sadie - Because I like the name Sadie.
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Peaches - I don't know how she got her name, because my son named her but now insists I did!

Big Mac - again, my son named him but now says I did. Since he now weighs 21 lbs, I guess it's good he didn't pick out "Tiny" or anything like that!

Cookie - because, since she's a tux, she looks like a double-stuf oreo cookie!

Pepper - well, by the time the others were named, we kind of had a food thing going, and it was the only "food" name we could think of!
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Fred is after Freddie Krueger. He had the hugest claws for such a little kitty. You could hold his paw and the claws would spring out like razors.
Pearl is pure white with gold eyes,and I always liked the cover for Janis Joplin's albun titled "Pearl".
Leo got his name from several sources. After I found him I was looking through my Cornell Book of cats to see if I could relieve his sniffles until morning's vet visit. It fell open to a quote from Leonardi di Vinci, "The smallest feline is a masterpiece." He was a very small feline then. We found out when he was born, and discovered he was a Leo, born on Leo Fender's (Fender gutiars) birthday. Not a big decision.
Georgia was originally George (aka GEORGEDAMMITGETDOWN!)from the old cartoon "I will love him and squeeze him and pet him and call him George." She is VERY huggable.
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My two boys are named after my fiance's WWII military trucks (his hobby)

Chevy = short for Chevrolet
Jimmy = nickname for the GMC truck
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here I thought they were a rare breed!
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Pepperpot - only cat the hubby named. Named after her tortiseshell colour, like a chipotle pepper.

Sugarly - I named her after a character in a book called "Under the healing sign", a fantasy book about vet students treating fantasy animals (unicorns, etc). The main vet's name was Sugarly Dobbs.

Excalibur, named after King Arthur's sword, because as soon as I saw him he pierced into my heart and has never left.

Merlin, after the magician as he is a sneeky little devil.

Stiker, because he like attacking toes. We mostly call him Gweeky as he makes little gweeking noises.
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Socks-hubby named him...he has whitepaws and part of his legs are white too.

Boo-hubby named her too...he got the name from the little girl who was named Boo in the movie "Monsters Inc." (She also has white paws and legs, but we can't have both cats with the same name!) lol
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Ophelia - when we got her out of the wall, she was so tiny and petite, and such a litte dainty lady (still is!) that the name fit. (Of course, we spent about a day and a half talking about names before we found one!)

Trent - named after Nine Inch Nail's Trent Reznor. NIN is my favorite band, and the way the the kitty Trent played reminded me of how Trent Reznor threw himself around the stage. We actually named him on the way to the vet's for his first appt!

We were going to name Trent after another Shakespearian character, but the first time Hubby called Trent "Hamlet" I about lost it laughing. That name just didn't fit at all!
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I think Rascal is appropiate for the way he acts. Very mischevious! I named him Rascal because he is a little Rascal!
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My boy Loki was named after the Norse god of mischief because he did cause a lot of it when
I first got him - he is a little better now but
like this morning still get into his share.
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Arizona got her name from the shelter's computer. As she is a weird-looking little thing, I couldn't think of anything else. She's cow-spotted with a big tummy, but I couldn't bring myself to call her Elsie or Flossie. Her original name was Camela, but she didn't answer to that, anyway.
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Fred - that was his name when we got him

Blackie - named by my daughter when he was born, the only black kitten in a litter of red tabbies

Sparky - also named by my daughter. We originally kept one of the red tabbies as well as Blackie, and since he was a little spitfire and seemed to just vibrate with energy, we named him Sparky. When we were in California, he adopted another family (and seems quite happy there, the grandfather lives with them and had lots of time to spend playing w / Sparky). When Jim brought home a new gray kitten, our daughter decided to name him after "Original Sparky", so I guess he is technically Sparky II.
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Toonces - My dad wanted to name her Pouncer but I didn't like it, even if she did pounce all the time I didn't want to name her a catty name. A friend of mine said what about Toonces and I thought that sounded so cute. Later I found out about the driving cat on SNL named Toonces who is a grey tabby. My Toonces looks just like a Russian Blue (which is grey) but she isn't and the only way I found that out is that her paw pads are grey and not pink.

Buttons & Patches - sisters rescued at 3-4 weeks old. My dad wanted to name them Frick and Frack and I just hated that idea but I did want to name them names that would "relate" them. Patches was easy, her coat looks like a patchwork quilt, she is a tortoise shell. The only thing that I could think that would match Patches was Buttons since she is "cute as a button."

Now for my dogs.....

Libby - short for Liberty, she was born on President's Day.

Sam - ever heard of the shoes Sam & Libby, well it sounded cute and he so looks like a Sam.
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Well since I have so many cats, I just pick names that I think fit them, or that I like. For example, Snowball is pure white, and Milo is orange, which reminds me of the kitten in the Milo & Otis movie.
The rest of them I just named different names I liked, no special reasons.
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My cat Whiskers, well, that's obvious, He was the only long haired kitten in the litter, tuxedo markings, mostly black face, with LONG WHITE WHISKERS.

Velcro came with that name, and of course it stuck
Actually, Velcro was named that because he was very clingy as a kitten. If you tried to hold him, he would try to climb up you and snuggle right in your neck. Even if he was on the ground, he would climb up your leg to get to be with you. As he got older he didn't climb and cling as much, but would still try to get on top of my shoulder, and when I lean forward, he just plops on my back with his rear on my head, and won't get off-- stuck, like velcro!
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Beautiful cats, Ed!!!!
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Lovely cats, Ed. Velcro's name made my daughter laugh!
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Ed - just beautiful fur babes there!
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Cute kitties!
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