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I need major vibes!...Cat acting different...I know something's wrong!

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2:00 a.m. my kitten, Pixie, threw up. I got up, cleaned it up, checked on her and she seemed to be fine so I went back to bed. This morning when I got up my usual time (6:00 a.m.), I went straight the the kitchen to feed the cats and start my coffee. As I was getting fresh water and some canned food for the kits, Pepper comes running as she always does but then I noticed no Pixie. This immediately seems very, very strange b/c usually Pixie is jumping around my legs, purring, rubbing herself up against me all excited she's getting fed. Not this morning! I go out in the hallway to see her lid in the hallway looking at me, not bothering to get up. I call to her, pet her and she still doesn't move. I go back into the kitchen to finish feeding Pepper, I put down Pixie's food she still no where to be seen. She's still in the hallway, so I pick her up and put her down in front of the canned food, she eats a bit of the gravy and goes off again. By this time my bf is up and I tell him how's she's acting he gives her some snuggles, and says wait a bit she may be ok. So I leave her be and go about getting ready for work. She's still just laying down the whole time (I've brought her in the bathroom with me so I can keep an eye on her). My bf comes in to check on her again, she's still acting really slugglish, so he picks her up for some snuggles, walks her around, talking softly to her. It's so obvious she's not herself! I tried to feed her some Temptations, she usually goes CRAZY over this treats, she did get up and come out to the kitchen for those but she only ate like three or four but she did go to her litter box afterwards. I checked and I don't see any signs of diarrha (sp?) She goes and lies down again. I'm checking on her periodically before I leave. I'm a bit relieved that she did nibble at some food and used her box but she's so sluggish. My bf and I agreed if she doesn't get any better by the end of the day we are taking her to the vet. I'm so worried We've only had her since August, she's so tiny (she was a stray my bf rescued). I don't want her to be sick, I can't bare the thought! Has anyone else's cat acted this way?!? Was it serious?!? I really need some vibes that she'll be ok!
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Anything thats out of the ordinary like that i would have mine straight to my vet
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Cats typically hide the fact that they are ill by nature, so I imagine this is something that requires your vet's attention.
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Sounds really like she is NOT acting at all normal...I`d take her to the vet RIGHT AWAY.
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O no! I hope little Pixie snaps out of it soon!!! Is she at home by her self? You might want to go check on her at lunch or break, and def. take her to the vet this evening. Let us know how she is doing. The kitties and I will be praying for you guys.
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My cat did something quite similar just over a week ago. Did you try to pick her up? Did she seem to be in any pain?
At any rate, a vet visit is definitely in order. I hope Pixie is feeling better soon.
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Anytime a cat is this far off the normal mark, the cat needs a vet quickly. I hope you did not wait to long to get Pixie into the vet.
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{{{Prayers & vibes}}} coming to Pixie! Please keep us posted on how she's doing & what the vet says.
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How is Pixie today? I hope everything is well!
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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that about Pixie. Saying a prayer for healing. Please let us know what the vet says!
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