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I am so glad that Mittens is having an exellent recovery.
You both will remain in my thoughts & prayers until your sweetie pie is home.
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Guess who's home?!!! I just dropped Mittens off at home. I put him in the bathroom until I could get home and get things situated for him. Luckily, I only have 15 minutes here at work. I am very happy my baby is getting better. That little boy pulled his catheter out on Saturday! We don't know how he managed to do that! They are boarding him to watch him starting again on Friday-probably Wednesday or Thursday when we get home. He's on 3 types of antibiotics: Diazapam, Clavamox and Orbax. And, he has to wear the stupid cone looking thing. I am going to go home and love on him for a couple of hours. I can't wait!!
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Yay! i'm so glad he's home for some lovin! he deserves it after his ordeal.
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I know that with your baby back home, you feel whole again.
I think that Diazapam is a tranquilizer. The vet probably wants to keep Mittens nice & calm during the healing process.
I am so glad that your sweet baby is doing so well.
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Mittens is home just in time for the holidays!!! Yrs ago when Ox had to wear the cone-he actually was pretty good with it. I propped up pillows on the sofa so his head could relax better and he was a little bit more comfortable.
Get well soon Mittens!!!
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Awwwww bless his little heart home at last
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Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy Mittens glad to hear your doing better!
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Oh, wow - I'm so sorry I missed this thread!

Poor Mittens! I hope he's feeling a lot better now & will heal up quickly - I'm so glad he's back home with you again.
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Well, I spoke too soon. When he went to his box, he started to urinate some blood, I noticed this when we got home from dinner last night. I called the emergency clinic told me to just take him this morning. So, I called the vet and I dropped him off. I had to because I can't miss anymore work especially since I have all next week off. I think one of the sethers (sp?) popped or something. Atleast, he was eating this morning. He just had no energy. I am so scared now. Please pray for him. I called the vet again about 30 minutes after I dropped him off and they said he was stable and they would have a doctor's report after 2pm. Oh lord....please let him be ok!
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Oh no Candie Bless his little heart, but he's in the right place.

Come on Mittens baby get well again
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Candie, I'm absolutely praying for Mittens right now and will continue to do so until he his home safely. Please do keep us informed what's going on.
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On no Candie...I am so sorry to hear about Mittens setback.
I will be praying for your sweet baby too.
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Sending prayers for sweet Mittens to get well soon, so he can come back home & go back to being your purring study buddy again.
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I am sorry about Mittens relapse I just know he will be O.K.
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Saying a prayer for him...and that the blood is just from some not yet healed irritation.

Please be okay Mittens, you have so many folks who care about you!
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stay strong Mittens - we are all thinking of you
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This is painful, I hate waiting. In the last month, I have been so worried about him, I've lost 10 poounds. I am going to call around 3 to see what is going on. This process seems like it's going to take awhile. I need the strength!
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you have all the strength you want from us

((((sending mega strengthing vibes your way))))

is strengthing actually a word? hmmm anyway - you know what I mean!!
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I'm thinking of Mittens, Candie.
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I think we can make it through this. I talked to the receptionist and she said that he can come home tonight. The doctor just wants me to talk to him. I'll be there in about 1 more hour, so say more prayers and cross more fingers that mommy has the strength cause this little man needs me more than ever!
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Poor baby - sending Mittens good vibes!
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Candie & Mittens....you have my prayers.
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you poor things! stay strong, we're praying for you!
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Just when you thought he was well. Poor Mittens.
Strength to you both!
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Sending lots and lots of healthy and strong vibes to Mittens, and to his wonderful, loving Meowmy too.
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Candie i hope your both home now
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Sorry about not writing sooner, I've been spending tons of time next to him. He came home last night. Doctor just said I was being overly cautious and he really likes that because some owners let things get bad and not really want to deal with it. The blood is normal in this case as long as it isn't gushing. He had the surgery a week ago today and he looks to be healing nicely. He is experiencing pain of course from the urine going down over the stitches. Poor Baby! He is eating well! I am keeping a heater near him since it's been cold, he seems to enjoy that. I am boarding him starting on Friday through mid-week next week. I am doing that because I want him to have the utmost care when I am away..I can rest to knowing someone is really watching him 24-7! By time I get back, I am sure things will be so much better!

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts, PM's, emails and Instant messages, I have learned to deal with this with all of that. I love you all!
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Mittens...you look so sweet in your Mommy's siggy. We love you sweetie.
Thanks for the update Candie.
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Very happy to hear it wasn't bad news
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What a relief! Good vibes for a complete recovery.
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