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Everybody's keeping warm

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Even with our daytime highs, in the 70s, overnight lows dip into the high 20s or low 30s. Everyone in our house has his/her own way of keeping warm.

I drag an afghan out to the patio, when I go out to smoke. In between times, it is tossed onto the family room sofa. All three cats love this afghan. Buddy curls up on the sofa cushions and Opie naps on the arm. Rowdy burrows under the section that is draped to the floor.

As soon as I let the dogs in, for the night, both boys head for their nighttime sleeping spots. For Opie, this is on top of the kitchen cupboards, nestled against the furnace vent. No fool, he! Buddy sleeps in the living room LaZBoy, with a vent blowing onto him. Rowdy enjoys a romp, with the dogs and then goes to sleep on the padded toilet lid. When I get up, in the middle of the night, I have to physically remove her.

Ike has always commandeered the family room sofa and Pearl sleeps in a crate. Today, I bought Pearl a new blankie, for her crate. (Last winter's blankie fell apart in the washing machine) As soon as I put the blanket in, all three cats were checking it out (Pearl was outside). The boys decided that it didn't appeal to them and went back to the sofa. Rowdy decided that she liked it and promptly burrowed under it, with just her nose sticking out. She stayed in that crate, for several hours.

With all of the pets taken care of, I decided that some warm items were in order, for myself. I got a cute pair of lavender flannel pajamas, with dressed-up kitties on them and an iridescent purple satin quilt for my bed.

Now, everybody is set for the cold winter nights. Once I get my new house, the cats will be able to sleep with me, if they want to.
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Sounds like a cozy way to keep everyone warm. Did you get pictures of Rowdy sleeping under Pearl's blanket? Sounds super cute!
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aww how cute. We are trying to stay COOL here, its very hot. But in the winter Heidy and Monty like to snuggle together to keep warm. I have a few pics of them together when they were kittens, they were practically attached to each other, LOL.
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Pearl likes her new blankie. Usually, she doesn't go to bed until I turn off the TV. Tonight, after her romp with Rowdy, Pearl put herself to bed two hours before I shut everything down. She poked her nose out of the crate and peered up at me, as if to say "I'm a happy doggie, Mommy."
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I wish it was 70 here.... But no it has to be in the 20's and the wind belowing off the lake.....I hate winter
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Everyone in your family is so comfy and warm, Cindy!
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Pearl must REALLY like her blanket. Usually, if I'm not up by 6:00, she yips to go out. This morning, I woke up, on my own, at 8:15.

MY new quilt is toasty warm, too. Being that its satin, it has a tendency to slide off of the bed, though. I'm going to try tucking one side in tonight.
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