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Fleas and kittens

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Our kittens are now 5 weeks old, and daily I am pickingfleas off and killing them plus the mother as well but I can't get them all, can I use a powder on the mother, then she on't be passing them on to the kittens anymore.
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You can use Advantage on kittens that age - You get the squeeze on the back on the neck tubes from your vet.

You can also treat Mummy as well with Frontline/Advantage/Revolution.

Also make sure you clean all their bedding well and vacuum the floor where they are most of the time very well to suck up any on the carpet.
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Please don't use the powder on mumcat, it could be toxic to the kittens. As Jane has said, it's only safe to use Frontline, Program, Revolution or Advantage on both mother and kittens. For the kittens, use one drop per week of age (You'd use five drops per kitten in your case.)
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