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Does anyone have any ideas of what to do or where to go to have fun? My hubby and I are having a difficult time coming up with things to do on the weekends besides going to see movies and eating out, which we do alot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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shopping (luckily my SO enjoys this!)
we rent movies alot and stay in
go for long walks
bike rides

geez I can't think of anything!

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Wow Sarah, it must be a young married couple thing because my husband and I have the same problem; Actually, I'm the young one he's a wee bit older Either that or it's a big city thing, being that Chicago is the 3rd largest in the US and Houston is the 4th. Sometimes you just want to get out of the house and the movies and going out to eat gets old. We used to go to clubs but it's only fun when you have other people to go with and we seem to be lacking in the friend department. Outdoor activites are out of the question here in Houston during the warm months; way to hot and humid, within 10 minutes your clothes are sticking to you. Cultural activities (museums, etc.) are pretty much out of the question since hubby isn't very into that stuff. So, can anybody out there help Sarah and Sabra with stuff to go out and do with their husbands?
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Love bowling
drive ins
flea markets
farmer's markets
science centre
mini golf
adult arcade like Dave and Busters (http://www.daveandbusters.com)
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How about doing "tourist" stuff like taking tours, etc. I have always meant to do that here in Denver, but never have. Chicago and Houston both have really cool histories, so I'm sure there are things to do...

Check the Chamber of Commerce websites for your city and they should have stuff to do. Also, do a web search for your city and see what general information sites are out there. Those could have more ideas.
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Thanks a bunch Ady!! These really help!
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don't forget the circus, it will make you feel like a kid again.

....and how about comedy clubs
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We like to do this kind of stuff ( we have kids, but we used to do it before we had them too )

Zoo, museums, arcades, parks, picnics, walks, hiking, theatre district, shopping, indoor pool in the winter.

There are so many things to do, you just have to use your imaginations. We love going to the zoo and the park....it can be romantic ( holding hands and stuff ) if its just the two of you, and when you have kids its a great bonding experience.

Have fun this weekend!!!!!
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I am finding tons of stuff and I'm making an excel spredsheet with all the places, prices, etc.
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A really fun thing that we just did last weekend is a dinner theatre. It's really fun to be involved with the actors and you usually get a really nice dinner
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I am so glad it's not just me and my honey who have this problem! We are sooo boring, plus we don't have a lot of money to spend. I'm in school and we are trying to save for vacation. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
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Hey, what Sandie just suggested is REALLY fun. I did it a long time ago in Boston. It was called the Cabaret. It was dinner, a live band, and then a short theatre performance. I can't remember the exact price, but it was pretty affordable I know. Check to see if you have something like that, its a blast!!!!!!!!! And good food too!!!
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