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Someone gave us a house!

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We found out over the weekend that a man whose wife, a nurse, who used to care for our sisters in healthcare, has donated a house to us. It's a cute little cape-cod in pretty decent local neighborhood. It needs a little cosmetic work, but is in good shape otherwise. Since none of our sisters want to live there, we're hoping to find a family in need (maybe through one of the local churches) and work out something with them. I'm just overwhelmed by this couples' generosity!
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That's fantastic!
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Oh my! How wonderful!!
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Wow!! how wonderful!
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That's terrific! And a Christmas dream come true for a lucky person!
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Well, bless them for their generosity! How wonderful! I am sure you will find someone who can use that home!
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how wonderful
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wow ... amazing genousity
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That's great!
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omgawsh that's amazing!
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WOW, thats GREAT!
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Wow that really warms my heart!
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Oh that is so wonderful! It will be hard trying to decide which family will get it, but whoever they are, they deserve it!
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That is SO nice! I especially love that the house will go to a needy family. How wonderful!
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That's extremely generous, and just the thing for a needy family.
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God bless all of you!!!
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