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I need your advice!!!

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I adopted 2 three month old kittens from the MSPCA back in June; Chase & Ozzy. They were from the same litter. They spent every moment together. They played together, ate together, slept together, and even went to the bathroom together. Well to make a long story short, Chase had to be put to sleep recently due to a very bad infection. It completely broke our hearts! Now Ozzy seems to be very lonely and sad. We have been trying to give him extra love and attention, trying not to expose our own hurt feelings about Chase. He still seems very sad. I am considering getting another kitten to keep him company. Is this a good idea or will it complicate the problem more? I would love to have another kitten in the house! I know 2 cats are always happier than 1. And Ozzy is still very young so maybe he will adjust better than if he was older. But I'm concerned about him. Does anyone have any advice on this? PLEASE HELP!!

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im so sorry to hear of your loss. i personaly would get another kitten it would probly ease the pain of the loss chase for you and ozzy both.
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It really is a hard call. Cats do grieve and it is very hard to watch . I would say get another kitten but do not expect it to be an instant replacement. If they do not hit if off right away, usually they will in time. I am so sorry about the loss of your Chase.
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Oh, I'm sure he's sad ..YES! get another kitten

p.s. Sorry, about your loss..
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sorry for ur loss. yes, indeed Ozzy feel the loneliness after chase is not in sight. get him another kitten n i hope he will cope with it... do keep us posted ya on Ozzy's progress...
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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I'm so sorry, I too lost one of my cats. Both were adults so I chose not to get another one just yet. Strange, but Scrapper, the one who wanted very little attention, has taken on quite a lot of Tucker's, the one I lost, traits. Tucker was all cuddles and attention now scrapper is more loving, although he is still very independent. Since your baby is so young I thing I would get another cat right away because he needs to bond. Lots of luck.
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Hi welcome to the site, sorry to hear about your loss.
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Welcome to TCS!!! You're going to it here!! I would get another kitten!!
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss...losing a cat is like losing a family member, and it's so hard for everyone, especially the other kitty because that was his best friend.

I also agree with the getting another kitty. It would help all of you. he initial meeting of the two might be hard, but they will get to know and love each other.

There's lots of advice on here about cats meeting new cats. Very helpful..Good luck!
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Nothing is worse than losing one of your babies. I am so sorry for your loss.

I agree with others, yes... do get another kitten. For you, Ozzy and the new kitten will be getting a wonderful forever home.

Take care,
xo Donna
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I would get another one if you think it would help some.But, as others have said.....don't expect them to get along right away.There may be some hissing and stuff.But then again, they may get along right away.Good luck and I hope your heart heals over the loss of your baby.
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Hi Everyone!
Thank you all so much for your kind words and support! Some people I talk to think I'm completely nuts for being devasted over Chase's death - it's good to see that there are many other cat lovers out there! I spoke to my vet about the new kitten issue and she recommended giving Ozzy something of Chase's to comfort him. If he does okay with it (smells it a little and walks away) then he is past the grieving stage, if he lays with it and cries then it wouldn't be a good idea to introduce a new friend yet. I was afraid to do this because I didn't want Ozzy to be upset so I had kept all of Chase's possessions in a small box away from Ozzy. Anyway, I did as the vet suggested and the outcome was good. Ozzy seems to be past the grieving stage. So I will be getting that kitten! I'm very excited and will be getting it just in time for Christmas!
Kittyboy, I'm sorry for your loss as well! Ozzy has also taken on many of Chasey's traits. It's funny sometimes because I'll be sad about Chase and Ozzy will come up and do something that only Chase would have done and it makes me feel better because it's like he is living through his brother.

Again thanks all of you and I will keep you posted as to how the new kitten and Ozzy react together!

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You might want to consider getting a girl kitten...someone totally different for Ozzy (and you) to create an all-new bond with.

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There is nothing worst than the lost of a dear Little Friend. I echo the sentiments of all of the above, go for it and get another Little Friend you wont regret it. There are so many Little Friends out there who need a loving home.
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I'm sorry about your loss. There is nothing wrong with feeling grief over the loss of your little friend. We all understand here.
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im sorry to hear about your loss. i think getting another kiten would be a good idea but first i would make sure that the infection that Chase had was not contaigous and that if it was that Ozzy didn't have it before bringin another kitten into the house. Im VERY over protective of my pets and kids for that matter. this is just what i would do personally before bringing another baby home.
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So sad to hear. I do think your cat will need to work out the grieving but a new distraction wouldn't hurt too much. Might I make a little suggestion... Having been in the situation of bringing into my home an older cat from a home with a rather rough and tough 4 year old I would suggest that you get a kitten that is still learning and doesn't have preconcieved notions of dominate cat needs and so forth. My poor buttons tried so hard to to play and be curious about Simba and he didn't care for it for a while. Soon enough though they loved each other (just check out them sleeping in each others' arms in my sig). Anyway, good luck.
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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis
i would make sure that the infection that Chase had was not contaigous and that if it was that Ozzy didn't have it before bringin another kitten into the house.
Mom2SalemIsis makes a great point. In addition, I would check with the vet on whether the infection might somehow be lingering in the house. My sister had to put down a kitten with -- I believe -- feline leukemia, and she was advised not to bring any new animals into the house (i.e., in addition to her remaining two cats) for several months.

I've been through the pain you are going through and my heart goes out to you and to Ozzy. I think it will be a great idea to get another kitten as soon as it is safe. Keep in mind, though, that you will need time to bond to your new baby as much as Ozzy will. I recall feeling a bit guilty and disloyal when I first brought Reno home after Minsheng died. And I also lamented for quite a while that I would not have the same bond with him. Minsheng had been an enormously loving and affectionate lap cat almost from day one, while Reno, who was nine months old when I got him, was affectionate but definitely not a lap cat. I would pick him up and put him in my lap to pet, and he would immediately jump down and walk away. But after about a year or so, he started to stay, and even to get in my lap on his own (I think a lot of cats have to prove to themselves that they will not be held against their wishes before they are willing to be lap cats, but once they trust you, it becomes a favorite spot). Now, seven years later, he is my constant companion. And though my relationship with Reno is different than it was with Minsheng (whom I still miss a great deal), it is every bit as close as it was with Minsheng.

Best of luck, and please keep us posted.
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Originally Posted by James R
There is nothing worst than the lost of a dear Little Friend. I echo the sentiments of all of the above, go for it and get another Little Friend you wont regret it. There are so many Little Friends out there who need a loving home.
if Olly seems over the worst of his grief, it's time for a new lil buddy! when my oldest cat's companion died last year, i had just recently gotten a new kitten, so chose not to get a replacement. she moped around for about 6 months before getting 'back to normal', but she was an older cat. i think a new kitten would be good for both of you. i recommend a female, too.
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I am sorry for the loss of your kitten. Maybe you can post her on the Bridge forum. It is named for the story about how animals cross over the Rainbow Bridge when they die, and wait to welcome their humans to heaven when it is their time.

I think another kitten is a great idea. There is a link to some pointers for helping introduce a new cat to the house. This will help the transition a lot!
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I`m really sorry too that you have lost a sweet little kitty....but i`m also excited for you that you will soon be getting another one.
Two are better than one IMO
Maybe you could rescue one that would otherwise be PTS...therefore saving a life in memory of the one you lost.
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