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Hello Everyone

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I should have introduced myself first before posting but as many of you know I have a very seriously ill elderly cat called Lucy.

I have 11 cats. Their names and ages are (in order of age):

Lucy my Tortoiseshell and White (Calico) age 16+ (the one who's very ill).

Blue, my blue/grey cat, big softy age 12+.

Spook my beautiful black cat age 9 1/2 - thinks he rules the street.

Topsy another beautiful black cat age 8 who's a champion ratter/mouser, always dropping live rats or mice at my feet in the hope she's teaching me how to be a good mouser .

Tibs my tabby and white age 7 (Topsy's daughter) another champion ratter/mouser.

Snowy pure white with one green eye and one blue eye age 7. A big soft, loveable lump.

Pickles also pure white but with green eyes age 7. He's deaf but it doesn't bother him (my son is also deaf and strangely chose Pickles as his kitten before we knew Pickles was deaf).

Smudge also an odd-eyed white, very shy age 7.

Snowy, Pickles, Smudge and Tibs are brothers and sister. They had another brother, a pure white cat with blue eyes, Casper who was killed in mysterious circumstances 5 years ago.

Poppy my black and white, lucky to be alive cat (saved by the vet twice - a long story) half sister to Snowy, Pickles, Smudge and Tibs.

Chico a beautiful tabby and white young boy. Adopted us at the age of 4 months with a damaged ear. Turned out he had belonged to a local drug dealer (thankfully now gone) who's idea of identifying her kitten was to cut part of his ear off with a scissors Chico's about 14 months old now and a proper lap cat.

Salem, semi-long-haired beautiful black boy age 1 year. Given to me half-starved, very nervous by a neighbour who couldn't look after him. He's now the most beautiful, friendly lap cat you could imagine

I also have a GSD, Sadie. She's about 9 years old (another rescue) and gets on really well with the cats.

We also have 12 snakes - 2 Boa Constrictors, 2 Royal Pythons (Ball Pythons), 1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa, 1 Californian Kingsnake, 1 Pueblan Apricot Milksnake and 5 Cornsnakes. All the snakes are in locked vivs and are only taken out under strict supervision - not for the safety of the cats as these are young snakes but the cats would probably think they were something to play with.

Add to that two grown up children, my eldest is 26 and expecting her first baby this week so this will be my first grandchild (a boy), my son age 19 and last but not least, my long suffering husband Graham who loves animals as much as I do.

I hope my little cat Lucy will recover but whatever happens, the advice and support people on this site have given me will be forever appreciated and I hope to be part of this community for a long time.
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hello and welcome
so sorry to hear of lucy being ill. hopefully she gets better soon.
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welcome to TCS. sorry to hear Lucy is not well.. anyway, being at the cat age of 16 years old, it is very susceptible for them to fall sick. take good care of her in terms of her diet n not forgetting love. what did the vet say abt Lucy?
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Hope Lucy feels better soon!
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!! What a big and great family you have!!!
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Hi welcome to the site, sorry to hear about lucy.
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How is your old kitty Lucy doing now?
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Welcome to TCS!!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Lucy is in the vets at least overnight to get fluids in her. Her blood tests have come back quite good, just a bit down because she hasn't been eating or drinking but our vet thinks that will solve itself once she's on the road to recovery (hopefully). She still has her fiestiness - she shredded the vet and the nurses! So, at least she's still got (c)attitude. She's gentle and loving with me but is a typical "Naughty Tortie" (Calico) and even though she's old, she can still be very kittenish and mischievous at times!
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Hello it's nice to meet you!

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