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Silly Lily is back to her food antics, again!

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Lily got in a huge fight tonight with the dogs, twice! First of all, she fought the dogs for their dry food(two different types). The dogs aren't little girls, they weigh 80 lbs. & 55 lbs. She later decided to take a rawhide straight from the 80 lb. dog's mouth. She won the battle after scratching the heck out of the dog. She laid that bone down in "her" corner & stole the other bone from the other dog.

She currently eats Science Diet kitten food & Diamond kitten food(I alternate & mix together). Both her & Twitch get a can of Friskies canned food every day. They got two cans today because Lily was so aggrassive for food. The vet isn't concerned with her weight(saw her on Wed.), but I am. Lily is growing very rapidly for a kitten(she is 11 weeks & as big as some 4-5 month old kittens). She has a long body & is very lean. You can easily feel her ribs. Visibly, she looks skinny. I don't know how kittens grow, though, since she is my first. My hope is that if I can put some meat on her bones, her knees won't be as bad(the vet suggested that if we can fatten her up her knees might not be as bad). Don't ask me why, it is just a suggestion the vet made(maybe her muscles wil develop better?). I am unsure of how much food she eats, but I refill the bowls 4 times a day, & they are always empty. She doesn't have worms, & was checked by the vet on Wed.

To me, this seems like something is lacking in her diet. I have been meaning to get somewhere to buy some really, really, really good food for her. If it would just stop snowing, mom might let me drive to get her some good food(mom's a worry-wart). I have to drive an hour to get somewhere to get some food. The only kinds I can get around here are SD, Diamond, Premium Edge, Iams, & Royal Canin puppy food . Oh yeah, I can get grocery store brands, but she sticks her nose up at those. Lily is as picky of an eater as I am. lol I know that Innova foods are sold in several stores if I can get to them, but then again, I have to drive an hour. There is a store where they meet with you cat & make suggestions as to supplementation to their diet & custom make supplements(it will cost a fortune, though & I would have to haul Lily with me-in the freezing cold).

What do you think? Any opinion of suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I want to hopefully get Lily on a food that will help her gain some weight within the next two weeks. If I can't get to a pet store, then I will have to order some food online, so any suggestions there will be appreciated.
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I absolutely swear by Pat's food. She has THE best food for cats. You can find her in the marketplace, here on TCS under Plain Brown Tabby. You can order online and she will expedite.
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Can you get Premium edge kitten ... it is a very good food

get whatecer quality canned you can ... please get her off friskies if possible

what food do the dogs eat??? check to see what the meat or meats are and get her a food with those
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I bought a case of Fancy Feast canned food because that was all I could get. Fancy Feast, Friskies, or Whiskas. I can't even get any canned stuff from the vet! She's sold out until Wed. I am going to place an order from Merrick tomorrow morning.

I went to get Premium Edge kitten food. They were all sold out. The only kitten food they had was Purina ONE. I have never tried it with Lily, so I bought some. She ate all of her food in one sitting. She has been back to the bowl several times & I fed her only one of those times. I will fedd her again at bedtime. She declined to eat her canned food, but got very ecited when I gave her dry food. Hopefully, she will gain weight on this kitten food & I dont' need to get her much canned food.

Can you get Life Abundance food in stores, or only online? I am thinking about ordering a bag of that for both of my babies.
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It sounds like you should feed her more in quantity. You are feeding her often enough, 4 times a day, but if you are putting out 1/4 cup, increase it to 1/2 cup. If you are giving 1/2 cup, increase it to a cup at a time. A growing child or animal knows how much food they need. Just leave plenty out all the time, and she will probably stop fighting with the dogs.

It is a terrible lesson to teach your kitty that it can beat up a large dog. Some day, she may meet a dog who is mor assertive, and get killed by trying to take food or treats from it. If she goes after the dogs food or rawhide again, I think you should intervene and stop her. (Also praise the dog, because they are being very nice!)
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