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Oscar Night is almost here! Whooohooo!

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I just love the acadamy awards. It is one of my fav tv nights each year. I love everything from the red carpet to the boring speeches. Whoopi Goldberg is hosting again so it should be good - I still prefer Billy Crystal. The year David Letterman did it was horrible (the whole Uma/Oprha thing). Who do you think are going to be the winners and losers, both for awards and clothing wise. I hope that there a few upsets in the awards. I think that Tom Wilkinson should win for best actor for "In the Bedroom", Halle Berry for actress in "Monster's Ball", Ian McKellen for Supporting actor in Lord of the Rings and Jennifer Connelly as best supporting actress in Beautiful Mind". I don't know what will get best picture, but I am thinking A Beautiful Mind will get it. I want Ron Howard to win best Director.

I think Halle Berry will be the best dress woman and Will Smith the best dressed man. Geena Davis always wears something scary (in my eyes anyway). What does everyone else think. I have added the link to the official Oscar web site.

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I'm not a big Oscar's fan. Its just a night where they all get to show off in my opinion. Not to say I don't enjoy seeing which actors are acknowledged for outstanding work, but all the hooplah is just a bit much in my eyes. It was too showy and extravagant.
I probably will just watch Good Morning America the next morning to see who the big winners were.
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I love the Oscars too! My predictions are: A Beautiful Mind will be the big winner here. I hope that Lord of the Rings takes at least something home, probably Special Effects and possibly Score. I'm going with Russell Crowe and Sissy Spacek for Lead Actor/Actress.

Halle Berry always wears something beautiful, as do Will Smith and Denzel Washington. I don't know if Sarah Jessica Parker is showing up to the Oscars, but if she does she will be the worst dressed (have you seen what she has worn to the Golden Globes and Emmys?!?!? Truly hideous!). Sissy Spacek could go either way with her choice for clothes - she's done well in the past, but her Golden Globe outfit this year was awful.
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I don't usually watch the Oscars, but I'm sure that A Beautiful Mind will get some oscars. That movie was great and Jennifer Connolly should get best supporting actress.
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