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Cat Treats

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I was just wondering what cat treats everyone gives their kitties.
We give ours Whiska's Temtations and Pounce...They used to hate pounce, but now they'll eat just about anything
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We feed ours Pounce treats. Everyone loves them, except for Scooter, who can't figure out what they are!:tounge2:
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Every so often, I give my two cats a blob of squirty cream and they love it! As soon as I get the saucers out of the cupboard the boys seem to materialise out of nowhere
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Cat nip is the treat of choice in our house!
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I give mine Friskies Cat Treats. Sheba will only eat the Chicken flavor, and Gypsy only likes the Turkey.
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mine get cheese, small small bites of cheddar. They love cottage cheese as well. Bailey goes nuts for mayonnaise and butter, and he is the only cat that will mug us for a drink of milk. They really don't care for the store-bought treats, so I have to improvise sometimes. They get these type of treats about twice a week.
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Opie gets Pounce Tartar Control. Most of the cats that I've had prefer these crunchy ones. I, also, mix dry food into his canned stuff, to help keep his teeth shiny and clean.
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I'm sorry to say mine usually get leftovers, but . . .

If my daughter leaves a bit of milk in her cup, it goes into their dish. And when she is done eating, if there is meat left on her plate, that gets cut up for the cats. Esp. something with a bone, she seems to leave bigger chunks. I don't give the bones to the cats because many bones split into slivers they could choke on, except once I gave them the round bone from a ham and they really enjoyed it.

But as far as treats from stores, they haven't liked anything I bought them so far so I save my money.
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Mine like the Whiska Lickins. Their favorite is the turkey flavored, but they like all of them. We do treats about every other night before I turn out the lights for bed, and they "vulture" me every time I go into the bedroom! We also have Purina Hairball treats since Trent HATES the hairball rememdy stuff.

We tried the cans of Pounce when they were little, but they got it down and managed to open it up themselves. They ate almost the whole can at one time, and since then haven't wanted much to do with Pounce!

Sunlion, you are not alone with giving them little scraps. After we are finished with dinner, we prep a plate for them, which usually is just whatever drippings/gravy/sauce is left but sometimes we give them little cut up scraps of meat. Ophelia, our little piggy, is usually the one who licks the plates. Trent usually sniffs and walks away. However, Trent will almost climb up Hubby's leg when he gets a glass of milk. They do get drinks of milk sometimes and have never had a problem with it.

And of course, catnip is a very special treat!
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Mine love the Temptations, and Pounce. They used to eat Whisker Lickens and Friskies but now only want the crunchy treats. They are not crazy about any seafood flavor! We give our babies treats at least twice a day! Is this tooo much?
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Mine don't like anything. I tried all the different brands of treats, I tried giving them a little steak, trukey, fish, chicken, etc, that was leftover from dinner, but they'll have nothing to do with it.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who feeds people food to our cats! Scooter will eat just about anything that you give him. Gizmo and Tigger are a little pickier.
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I would never give them pizza or anything, but I figure plain meat or scrambled eggs would be ok, not that they'll eat them! My cats are so weird. I can't believe they won't eat meat!
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We give our furbabies Tarter Control Pounce treats. They love them. We also give them scraps of chicken, hotdogs, etc. Boo is just like a dog...she practically rubs all over me and meows and begs for food all of the time. She even growls at Socks if he comes anywhere near her scraps of food lol.
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LOL I can relate to Boo growling! Ophelia used to do this when she was little. Her motto in life was "Grab it and growl." Only she would growl even if no one was around her. It didn't take Trent long to figure out that if she was growling she must have something really good! She still does it occationally, but it has to be something really, really good for her to growl over!
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Pounce tartar control treats are high on my guy's list as their favorite treats along with kookamunga cat nip treats. They also LOVE whiskas cat milk plus. It's really great since they can have their milk without the tummy ache.
Sampson also loves granola. Everytime I'm eating a granola bar he begs for a piece.
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I feed all my kitties people food too. They love Turkey. Once, we had a Turkey on The stove that had just gotten out of the oven, we left the kitchen for a minute and it was half gone!
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My cats get pounce once in a while. Noah loves the chicken flavoured one, and Cleo, just to be different, loves the beef!:tounge2:
They sometimes will get a tiny taste of our food from dinner...they beg like you wouldn't believe!! Noah will stand up on his hind legs, and tap my arm until I give in. It's soooo cute!! Just tonight at the dinner table, we had sausage and Noah loves it! But since he got some treats earlier today, I said no to him. He left for a bit, or so I thought...the minute I turned my back to look at the tv for a moment, he hopped onto the table(which is already a no-no) and theived a whole sausage for himself! Cleo sat there and just played innocent with me!
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None of my kitties like any of the store boughten treats except my big tubby Onyx..he LOVES Salmon flavored Pounce. Heck he loves salmon flavored anything! The other flavors he turns his nose up at.
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My other cats would beg for people food no matter what we were having. Usually, I'd give them a little bit that I *know* they wouldn't eat, like a green bean, and they'd leave us alone.

This didn't work with Gypsy. Who would have thought a cat would eat a piece of Pop Tart?!

(I've since stopped giving her stuff thinking she wouldn't eat it. I don't think there's anything she wouldn't try to eat.)
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My cats love hamburger!!! (cooked of course) so when I make a meal with hamburger, I save out some just for them.
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I give my kitties pounce chicken and turkey tarter control treats, tuna and salmon pounce treats(also tartar control),whisker lickins any flavor, um...oh yeah crab cake treats from....oh gosh where are they from?????? Hold on I'll find out...whisker lickins! I knew I had some out in the kitchen, I just didn't know who made them...:tounge2:

oh yeah they love turkey, at thanksgiving they wait for me to come home because I always have some for them.
lets see, Twig likes taco bell, the chips mostly not the meat. the other cats get the meat that is on anything I order.(yuck!)Rocket eats black olives. Twig likes pop tarts too. oh they all like the chicken from where I work. they swamp me when they see mom with a bright yellow box.
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Harley loves sliced American cheese, tuna and raw hamburger. Ohterwise he sticks with cat food only
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I forgot about Taco Bell! Sparky lurves to get a wrapped crunchy taco out of the bag, tear open the paper, and eat the taco shell! He eats some of the meat and maybe a bit of the lettuce, but no tomato and I think maybe it's kind of spicy. But he can eat easily half that shell!
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I'm glad to know, that though my Twig is strange he isn't alone with his Taco Bell cravings! LOL~
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