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A goodbye letter

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Good bye my little friend, my sweet companion, the one that brought a smile to my face.
today you have left me, and with you a piece of me has left as well.

There's an emptiness in my heart, I keep wishing I'll see you come to my room, I keep wishing I can look into your eyes.. those beautiful gentle eyes that expressed their love in a way no one could ever understand.
I looked right into your eyes as you closed them, there was something there telling me everything was alright.

I'm so sorry things turned out this way Tom,
I gave you as much as I could, I hope you were able to understand that the bad things were also for your own good.

we were such a team, you always came to me when things weren't right in my life, and I spent countless nights up taking care of you during your final months. An unbreakable bond, in life or in death.. you will always be with me.

My soul is broken.. I took your pain away and stayed with it, I'll be alright, don't worry about me, I'm strong and I'll heal.

watch me from above.. I'll be watching you from here, talking to you in silence, there's nothing that will make me feel to far away from you.

we'll meet again... one day I'll be able to be with you again...

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Aww that was a beautiful tribute to Tom. He is a stunning little angel RIP sweet boy
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what a beautiful touching tribute to a most handsome boy... he sure is stunning

I am so sorry for the pain your feeling right now.. he had 15 amazing years with you
An unbreakable bond, in life or in death.. you will always be with me
simply beautiful

watch over her Tom as you will never far be from her heart and you will be deeply missed

RIP little angel
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Your beautiful tribute to Tom brought tears to my eyes. He was such a handsome boy. Thinking of both of you. RIP sweet boy.
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What a stunning kitty and a moving tribute to him. RIP Tom.
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Oh good grief that was so moving And what a gorgeous boy Tom is

RIP Tom you handsome boy
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that was just lovely...
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So sweet...
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I am so sorry that your beautiful Tom is gone over the bridge. Your post made me cry. We have just lost so many precious kitties here at TCS, it really is so sad.

I wish there was more I could do, but can only offer to cry with you, and send my condolences to you and your family.

Oh, Tom, you were such a special boy. Way to beautiful for a boy kitty, and yet you were. I know you are happy now, and I look forward to meeting you someday, over the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, big guy.
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Ohh my eyes are filled with tears!!!

How lucky you and Tom both were to have each other for 15 years!!
And what a beautiful boy he was.

R.I.P Tom
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Condolences on the loss of your precious boy Tom! No matter how long they are with us, losing them isn't easy. Your words are so very poignant, " I took your pain away and stayed with it" - I know that Tom left this life knowing he was loved and protected and that his truest reward will be getting to greet you someday, over RB.
Godspeed, wonderful kitty!
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Your tribute to your precious baby is so incredibly touching. I'm so very sorry you lost your dearest friend Tom. He is so happy and healthy now in Heaven joyfully awaiting the day when the two of you are reunited!
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thanks everyone

I'm so sad right now. I had to take a tranquilizer yesterday to sleep for a while and calm down.
Tom meant so much to me, he was a part of my life ever since I was 9 years old, almost every single memory I have I have it with him.
As a child when I woke up, the first thing I did was play for hours with tom.. then when I came back from school he would wait for me I would throw my school bag to the floor and run with him to the garden to play.
As a teen when I cried over little things, tom was there to comfort me.
when I started having boyfriends, tom got jealous and sat between us

in uni, studying graphic design, having a complete mess in my room with papers and drawings, tom would sit on top of those papers and watch me work. Sometimes he ruined my homework, but most of the times he was there keeping me company when I was stressed.

and now he's gone.. I still have 4 lovely kitties with me, one which I suspect is grieving because she's meowing at night [she cuddled with him at night]... I adore them, but tom had a big chunk of my heart, tom was part of my childhood, he was my baby, my friend, my brother, everything to me.
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I am very sorry to hear of Tom's passing. What a moving tribute to your friend.

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I so very sorry for your loss Tom was such an awesome handsome boy. I love the bi-colored eyes Time will help ease your pain. Whenever the sadness starts to fill you heart, remember the good times you had with him. Even though Tom is no longer there, his memories will live with you forever. RIP dear boy. May you now find comfort in God loving arms
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He is beautiful, and I know you miss him. He had a wonderful life with you.
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Sweet Tom, your pictures of him growing up made me cry.. R.I.P buddy.
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That brought tears to my eyes..... rest in peace little man
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Rest in Peace, sweet sweet boy.
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What a beautiful boy Tom is.
I hope your heart heals from his loss. I know you will never forget the times together as he made you into the person he is now.
15 years is a long time, but never enough now that hes gone.
Your tribute is loving and touching to us all. Im sure everyone here shed a tear for your precious boy. I know i did.
RIP Tom.
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Oh my...that was beautiful and touching. I`m really sorry that you have lost your pretty Tom.
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Thank you so much for your beautiful post. May Tom be happy waiting for you and his kitty siblings at the rainbow bridge. Tears are making it hard for me to see the monitor now.
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My little moggie Blackie crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year - he was 23. Reading your tribute brought tears to my eyes.
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just yesterday i lost my boy alfie, after 14 yrs. ,he had to be euthanized due to heart is with so sorry.may tom rest in peace.time will heal all wounds.he is much happier and once again healthy.and you will see him again some day.god bless you.
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I am sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading your loving letter to Tom.
RIP Beloved Tom.
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He was a beautiful cat and so very loved. I am sorry for your loss.
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What a lovely tribute! RIP, sweet Tom.
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I lost my Candy kitty on Dec. 27. She'd been my little friend for almost 15 years. What you wrote about your Tom was just what I felt about Candy, and it influenced my leaving my first post, a eulogy to Candy.

Some of the tears I'm still shedding will be for you and Tom as well as my Candy. May the pain in your heart be displaced with your memories of Tom.
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