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Update on Hyperspazz and cat situation

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Hello everyone I am back. I been really busy lately. And I know i had said as promised that I would let you all know what has been going on with me as well as my cat situation.

Well first off I did get to see my cat a few times already and she doesnt seem to remember me everytime I tried to hold her she wanted down she was too preoccupied...But the second time I visited she was around me more and even jumped up on my lap to cuddle for a few... I did bring somethings over for her with my scent on it and also things of mine that she would like to play with thinking shed remember. I think she rememers but not sure. My brother says cats forget easily. I dont know if I believe that or not! He and his girlfriend and her son seem to have fallen in love with my cat already. Said she is hilarious and fun to watch...Shes a free spirited cat. They dont want her name princess because SHE had a cat named princess before and they wont call my cat by her name...So I HAVE to change it (rolling eyes). Shes still young so I figured my ex and kids named her I dont want her with that name the ex gave her so I will rename her based on her personality.

I have been going over there once in awhile to see her just not as much as I would like. But its better than not at all. I will have to take some pictures of her and their cats to post up here...

In other news. I am currently back with my mom, I think I mentioned that before. But the ex is trying to stick me with her bills and had a lot of her bills forwarded to here. And apparently last cell phone bill she rang it up to $400 without me knowing. It was on my moms account and my ex knew that. She says she loves my mom to death and respects us and cares about us?? But still manages to pull these things??? And we ran a radio station online for awhile and i was teaching this guy to take it over teaching him web design and what not..he was paying to learn..also a few other accounts (clients) I had that I was working for online. She managed to mess that up for me so now I have no work! The teaching was the big one...but I got them all back..

I am too old for these games, but I had enough so..You may enjoy this one.
First of all all those bills she had sent here that were in her name, is now taken care of.. Yeah, they all went to collection agency under HER name! Shes getting calls I know for it..(why cant she just leave me alone shes the one who left.) also the cell phone bill is taken care of...We worked out a deal with the company and now we both just owe 174.50 total..so we split the cost. A lot better than $400...
Also we bought stuff through school from her son for a fundraiser, my mom, two of my sisters, my brother, a friend of mine, and I. We called the school about it, we might get it. But she the ex isnt doing anything about it. its also effecting HER family and friends because they wont be getting it neither and we all lose out on our money. We are currently working on it.
Ok, now for the good part.
Since we both ran a radio station and I was again yes paying for everything as usual. Well when the baby was on the way we both decided to either shut down the station or see if anyone was interested in buying it. Well we found a buyer who was a listener of ours and also became a staff member. Him and I became good friends and he wanted to learn how to do all this web stuff and graphics and the ins and outs to run a radio station. So, Id make nights for HIM...well recently as I was having pc problems I had told him Id be back online but it wont be for about a week or 2 at the most. He was ok with that, so I thought. Well when I finally got hooked up first thing I did was contact him. He was very short on his words and even for awhile wouldnt IM me. Apparently what all happend here was my ex had told him I dont have a business, and a bunch of other lies. So NOW he went off on me for no reason, I tried to salvage what was left and tried to talk to him no deal. He said someone wanted to buy the station. WEll in mean time they all were taken advantage of my money by using the radio station to slander me...my ex doesnt have anything to do with the station but did cause me to lose business and a friend. OK heres what I did.
I found a night he was djing and then I contacted my hosting company for the website and told them I couldnt log into the control panel (they had changed the pw on me) well I took care of that. So then I went to the radio server site, tuned in and waited until he was talking...I shut the station down..Dead air. As he went to go reset the station I allowed him to do this to buy me some time. I went over to the website control panel as he was probably resetting the station. I deleted the whole site and put up a quick message.. "Goodbye Allstar" "Dont blame the innocent, blame those who caused it." Well after he got the station back on air.., Listeners have to tune in by going to the website..Now gone but with a little message. So while he was getting ready to talk on air about what was going on before he could get anyting out I shut him down for the last time.. Changed the PW and canceled the account, which takes anywhere from 4 days to 14 days to cancel. I then also canceled the web hosting as well even though he couldnt get into the control panel to fix it. He couldnt do anything!! They couldnt even email me to complain because I changed all my information..from email address to yahoo, msn and AIM IDS...so I got the last laugh. I usually just let things go, but I was getting tired of all this and decided let me feel good for a change. It felt good!!! Im happy!! lol

Sorry for the big post but as I said I would let you all know how I was doing and whats been going on. I move out in March or beginning of April with my cat and a friend of mine. Until then have a Great and safe Holiday, I will be back, but just incase I forgot to say it.

Thanks for reading and caring
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I'm glad you checked back with us. I went back and read about your love story with your kitty. Such a bittersweet story. It sounds like you have had a hard few months but soon the two of you will be together. There will probably be a time for adjustment but I believe that cats can adjust.

Good luck and have a happy holiday season. I look forward to your updates.
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Doug, it may not be that your kitty doesn't remember you -- it may just be that the influence of a busy household with kids and other pets may have altered her personality such that she just isn't as much of a lapkitty as she once was. Don't let it hurt your feelings! :-)
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