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Your Experience With Feliway

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Does it really work for behavior modification? Have you tried it? What behavior did you it fix?

I tried it once for inappropriate elimination with one cat and to help Autumn adjust to the kittens (she was aggressive). I honestly feel that it just took time for Autumn to come around - shes still dosent' like Meeka to well but is more intolerant than aggressive. Then I occasionally still have peeing problems with one kitten.

I don't think it helped me but I hear it recommended everywhere. I guess I'm trying to figure out if it just didn't work in my case or what people think of it who have tried it.
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I used Feliway to help the multiple-cat problems I was having in my apartment: I had moved from a large apartment to a smaller one, and my two younger cats (Sylvestra & Mr Underfoot) had been ganging up on the older cat (Felixia) & picking on her, and Felixia had begun urinating on my bed due to stress - both from being the object of aggression, and because I was working long hours and not home very much.

I started using a Feliway diffuser, and also using Feliway spray on the bed. The diffuser seemed to calm the cats down very quickly - the fighting stopped completely. I also started paying more attention to Felixia, and covering the bed with a tarp, and added another litterbox. Felixia stopped peeing on the bed as soon as I started spraying it with Feliway, so after a couple of weeks I removed the tarp and continued spraying the bedding with Feliway, and she didn't pee on the bed again.

When I moved in with my husband I used a diffuser in the room where we confined my cats while they adjusted to their new home (and DH's cat Oreo). Even though they were confined in a small room together, as long as the diffuser was working, there was no fighting. The cats all stayed calm, and seemed unstressed by the move. When the diffuser ran out, they started fighting again, but when I put in a refill, they calmed down.

I'm sold on the stuff.

Now that the cats have the roam of the house and all get along OK (Mr. has Oreo to wrestle with now so he's stopped annoying the female cats) I've stopped using the diffuser, but I have it ready to use if any problems crop up.
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I recommend Feliway spray along with the diffuser. This thing has made two bickering kitties coexist relatively peacefully (save a few breakouts here and there).

Cassie and Napoleon bicker like an old married couple. I notice if there is a particular area of territorial aggression (the other night, for example, Napoleon decided he was the king of the sofa, and chased Cassie every time she went near it...then she decided she is a the queen of the HOUSE and kicked him out of the was pretty funny actually), I will spritz the area with Feliway and voila! Peacful coexisting.

I can't say my cats will be best of friends, but they are civil and I'll take that any day over the hissing and growling. H-T-H!
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I have heard of this stuff everywhere.. but I cannot find it.. Is it only by order?
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Gosh I'm being resold on it... Maybe I should give it a try again. I wish Meeka and Autumn would get along better.

You can buy it at Petsmart/Petco. Its usually found in the section with grooming products, first aid, and other health related things.
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Okay, thanks. I'll check Petsmart next time I am in town
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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
Gosh I'm being resold on it... Maybe I should give it a try again. I wish Meeka and Autumn would get along better.

You can buy it at Petsmart/Petco. Its usually found in the section with grooming products, first aid, and other health related things.
Bengals, definitely give it another chance. I was wary of it at first but willing to try anything when Napoleon and Cassie wouldn't stop antagonizing one another. They still do from time to time but it's bearable now. Kind of funny in a way (especially when Cassie decides Napoleon is not sharing the bed with her tonight, LOL).

As for buying it, I am not certain i can give "plugs" here but meowhoo might have directed me to them to begin with...Drs Foster & Smith has Feliway products dirt cheap. I am also fortunate enough to have a gourmet pet store that sells it at basically Foster & Smith prices. Petco/PetSmart are overpriced, but when you catch sales for it, it's worth it to buy there. Don't pay full price for it! LOL
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PS One more thing -- SolarityBengals, don't overuse it either. I almost smacked my boyfriend for using the spray almost every day when I was away on business. I swear it's less effective that way. I will use it once per week and they are fine.
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So the spray will last once a week? What about using the infuser? Wouldn't that desensitize them?
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I think I will definitely be buying this if I adopt a second kitten! Thanks for the recommendation!
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I think Feliway is very useful. I used it to help a semi-feral kitty calm down.

I sprayed it liberally on old fabric kitchen chairs that the kitties love to sit on. This was at least 6 months ago. Two of the chairs are in the cat room (aka kids play room) with my 2 feral foster kittens. I think they still smell it, or the remains of my cats rubbing their chins on the chairs, or something. They seem calmer after sitting on those ugly chairs!

I ran out, but need to get a new bottle.
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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
So the spray will last once a week? What about using the infuser? Wouldn't that desensitize them?
It's contingent upon how many you have (diffusers that is) and how big your apt/house/condo is. I have a smallish apartment, big enough for two people and two cats, and the diffuser is perfect for that square footage. It emits the perfect "amounts" if you will. However, I don't think it "desensitizes" it in anyway. The spray, however, is more "localized" and I think using it too much in a certain area can cause desensitizing. That may just be my perspective though. It could just be one of my kitties is having a particularly bad day and nothing is going to help them LOL
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After reading so many good things about it, I purchased Feliway to deal with Spike's behavioural problems. I'm not 100% sure the Feliway worked, but I did seem to notice some changes in his behaviour. He appeared to become a bit more affectionate (he's always been an affectionate cat, however), and it seemed to tone down his destructive streak. Now, all that being said, I say I'm not 100% sure it was the Feliway, because there's a part of me that wonders if I perceived a change in Spike's behaviour because I wanted to. (The Feliway diffuser was a bit pricy, and the miser in me doesn't want to think I got cheated out of my money, if that makes any sense?) We need to get a refill for the diffuser, and despite the cost I fully intend to, because whether or not it's the Feliway working or my own imagination egging me on, if there's even a subtle change in Spike's behaviour I want to encourage it.
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I used when I first moved with Luna and she was a kitten. The Feliway diffuser worked fine.
Now a year later I used it when I moved 2 weeks ago. After plugging in Feliway Luna became very agressive towards Patches and Beauty, so now after a year of promoting it, I'm a little hesitant...
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Yah I know what you guys are talking about... Sometimes its just hard to tell.

It was kind of funny because after making this thread my boss IM's me and asks if I've ever used Feliway and what I thought of it. Heh I told him I'm going to give it a second try. So he is going to try it for his spraying cat and I'm going to try it for inappropraite peeing and then we are going to compare notes.
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I started using feliway after I joined this site, and I LOVE IT!! Its working great with our two cats, and it just has GREAT effects on the both of them. Our regularly aggressive cat, has become a big ol lover boy.

NOt sure how it works, but it works WONDERS!

I love it, and would recommend it to anyone!
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I got my diffuser in the mail today...have to wait till tomorrow to pick it up at the apartment office. I'll let y'all know how it goes!
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As a volunteer for the Humane Society, I was invited to an educational session by a local vet who's speciality was cat behavior. He talked about Feliway and studies show that it works to some degree about 70% of the time. Those are very good odds that it will work in your favor.

I tried it in my house and my alpha cat Stumpy, walked up to it, sniffed it, turned around and sprayed it. I immediately unplugged it - didn't want to risk an electrocution. If you get one, plug it into an outlet that they can't get at just in case.
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hehe thats kind of funny. I had a diffuser but didn't really notice any differences. So now I'm trying the spray. A day after I put it on she peed there again. So I cleaned it up and sprayed again. We'll see, maybe it just takes time.
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Well I just went into the bathroom this morning and she peed in the same spot again. I also noticed she peed behind the toilet. Both places are next to the litter box. Last night I stopped her from peeing on some of my clothes.

Maybe I just put in infuser in the bathroom? We have 2 bathrooms with litter boxes though on each floor.

I might have to go back to putting down small litter boxes in each place she pees.
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Solarity, have you had your peeing kitty recently checked by the vet for UTI? My girl Sylvestra had recurring UTI problems when she was only a year or so old.
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I got my Feliway spray last night. After spraying it in some spots around the house, Seth has been going nuts! She's been running around and getting in trouble. She even figured out how to turn the living room light on/off! I don't know if this is just a coincidence or if I just need to give it some time..
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My problem isn't necessarily any aggression, but two kittens that aren't really kittens anymore (over a year and a half old), but who haven't totally grown up and settled down. They are still quite the pair of troublemakers...and dh is getting increasingly frustrated with their destruction on an almost daily and/or nightly basis.
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I've been staying with my parents for a few days, and that means putting their cats and my cats together. My kitties have visited before, but always for a matter of hours, and the cats have just hissed a bit and avoided each other. But when all four kitties realized they were STUCK with each other OVERNIGHT, there was some serious consternation! :-)

The first two days, we had a lot of hissing and some scuffles, and we had to keep them separated when we weren't in the house to supervise. We'd been thinking about trying a Comfort Zone diffuser to calm my parents' third cat, Abby, a rescued feral who lives alone in my father's room, so we went ahead and bought it to see if it would keep war from breaking out among the other four.

We put it in a hallway outlet and observed. After about 24 hours, there were almost no hostilities -- just a few hisses here and there. Now, four days later, the kitties are getting along beautifully! There's still a bit of reservation, a bit of caution... but they sit in windows together, they sniff each other without hissing, and they even play together.

Maybe things would have settled down without the diffuser -- all four really are exceptionally good kitties -- but it sure SEEMS to be working! When my kitties and I leave, we'll move the diffuser into Abby's room and see if it helps her cope with her fears...
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I've been using the Feliway spray with an intact, male stray I took in a month ago. He's been mostly stuck in my downstairs bathroom (to separate him from my babies and help him recover his injuries). It seems to make a big, immediate difference in how aggitated he gets when he wants out of the bathroom or when he knows one of the other kitties is on the other side of the door. I spray a few areas in the room twice a day, and then add a bit more in spots if needed.

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