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Names Names Names

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OK people, I need suggestions. My plan now is to finally get around to setting up that cattery I want so much. Rune and I are going to draw up business plans (He knows what he's doing) and see what sort of support I can get to set up shop. What I want to be doing is taking in cats, fixing them up and sending them to new homes, selling various accessories such as collars, bowls, baskets, blankets, beds, condos, scratching posts and food etc etc. I will also be selling cat paintings from the same location. I plan to buy or rent a place that will be wheelchair accessible (all other cat homes here aren't, so I want to be one up on the competition), I want the cats to have a garden they can have access to, have annual donations made by "friends of" system and send them newsletters etc. What I really want for this little project of mine, is a name. So, if you don't mind, I would like to draw on the experience of at least 12000+ Cat Lovers for a little help!

I want something simple, snappy and that will stick in peoples minds with the right advertising and so on.

So, if anyone has any ideas, they're more than welcome!!
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How about building on your user name (which I suspected and confirmed is Danish for Little Cat -- nice )?

You want a garden, which signifies not only the physical, outdoor, playing-in-nature place for the kitties, but a place of other delights, and a place of safety, too -- how about "LilleKatHave"? Or, substitute for garden with something else warm, inviting, intriguing -- but short.
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I loved Copenhagen Cats!

You know how excited I am for you, Emma, I'm with you ALL the way!
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...how about........

Fast-Cats!........(everything that you need soooo fast!)

cheers chick!
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When you think of a name make sure you are allowed to use it, i am learning a fair bit on this matter because ben and i signed a Limited contract and we are selling pants but i was planning to sell cat stuff too, maybe sometime in the near future. with my own limited
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Something in Danish. What's catnip, whiskers, the most popular cat name etc. in Danish?
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Actually the most popular cat name in Denmark at the moment is Emma... which I'm not sure is going to work in this case!! So I'll have a work on it - I've got a really good idea for a logo and I've got a pretty little mascot on my knees at the mo....but your suggestions are really good - please keep them coming!
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
Actually the most popular cat name in Denmark at the moment is Emma...
Really? Emma is a nice name, but doesn't sound feline to me.

Our classic cat names are Mirri or Misse (Pussy) and Viiru (Stripes). Perhaps I shouldn't have said the most popular, but the most classic?
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yeah I hear you - it's also why we had to rename Tosca! She was originally Emma, and if Rune called "Emma" in the house, we would BOTH ignore him
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