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Sherpa Bags

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THis may be a silly question but I will ask anyway. I am going to be traveling home with my cat in December. I purchased a Sherpa soft-sided travel bag so she will be comfortable during the trip. I will be medicating her for her nerves and safety. I would like to know how I can give her water (and food if she needs it) with a Sherpa bag? The watering bottles are a little hard to use. Is there some sort of trick to using them?
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How long is the trip? Most cats when stressed don't eat or drink. I might stop periodically and offer water and food if its a long trip but most likely they won't be interested.

Also, just in case...bring safety pins (large ones). I have a soft-sided bag and the cats know how to get open the top zipper. I have to safety pin it shut for them not to get out.

When I moved from NH to NC I had Clover at the time. The vet gave me valium for him (a long time ago). It didn't do anything for him... Just to caution you, if the cat is upset over cars it might take a long time for the stuff to kick in. Maybe they have osmething better now though....

Sherpa is a great brand so it may not be as easily escapable but those top zippers seem to be really easy to open for some reason.
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Are you driving or flying?
How long is the trip?
Ditto the comment about the cats being able to push their heads through the top zipper. I have a sherpa and Seamus does that, even if there's just a millimeter of space.
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I just wanted to second SolarityBengals comment on sedatives sometimes not working for kitties. The 1st time I flew with my babies, the vet prescribed acepromazine & Pete Pete had a TERRIBLE reaction to it. Not only did it NOT sedate her, it made her MORE nervous & high strung. If you are certain that you want to use a sedative, make sure the vet gives you enough so you can test it out a few days before you leave. That way you'll know what kind of a reaction your baby will have.

My kitties never want water when they travel, but just in case I usually bring a bottle of spring water & a small water dish so that I can offer them some throughout the trip. They also travel in a Sherpa, which they seem to find quite comfortable. I usually leave the Sherpa out for a week or so prior to travel & put treats inside it at least once a day so that they come to view the Sherpa as an inviting place where good things happen; this cuts down on trauma when they have to get in it for the trip.

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I am flying from Narita (Tokyo) to Boston then driving to Portsmouth, NH. All together, it will be a 20-24 hour journey and I don't know if I would feel comfortable not giving her anything for that long. I didn't want to be separated from her because I know that she wouldn't be able to handle that too well. She is incredibly attached to me and new things seem a lot less frightening if she knows mommy is somewhere in plain sight.
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I don't know how long you'll be at Logan before driving, but maybe you could try to give her something there?

Seamus would never eat while traveling, but he would occasionally drink a little.
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