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Going away for 3 days

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I am leaving my baby for 3 days. My mom is ging to come by everyday and spend some time with her and make sure she has plenty of food and water and a little love. I am really nervous about leaving her. Will she be mad at me when i come home? We are very close she wont sleep on anyone but me. Please tell me how your babies have reacted with a short leave from you.
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They sulk... just to make you feel guilty
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Your kitties will be fine just irked with you but it will pass quickly. Our kitties were fine while we went on a weekend vacation and had a friend stop by to feed them. I guess they were all over our friend for attention when he came by. We have to leave for a day at Thanksgiving but thats whats great about cats, is they can be pretty much self-sustaining for short trips.
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Last year I traveled on weekends a lot and my baby was always fine. I think she usually slept most of the time and there was always plenty of food left over.

She was super affectionate when I came home which was nice. (but meant she had been lonely which is sad. But it just makes them appreciate us more when we are around!)
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For the most part our cat is okay when we go away for a few days. It is when we are gone for a couple of weeks that he does get a bit upset. When possible we get someone to come by the house and feed him. However when that is not an option, he boards at the vet. The staff knows him well and they do interact with the animals to keep them as happy as they can be while boarding.

As much as I don't like leaving him, I know that he would hate a long car ride or flying.
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3 Days maybe won't be too long and don't have to worry since your mom is coming over freeding them... Coz as for me i leave them in a room and give enough supply for 3 - 4 invluding water, food and sand... and I do it all the time every years when it comes to chinese new year and i have to go back to home town... Until now.. already 5 years i been doing it... it works.... fine with me just that on the day you come back have a lots of mess to be done... and they are kind of moody... But don't worry so much...
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Phenom wasnt upset with us when we got home. She ran to us and wanted to be held and loved. We got home late and went to bed about an hour later she was mad and threw herself at the door wanting to be let in. She knows she isnt allowed to sleep in our room because she plays to much and wont let us sleep. But all was well! Thanks everyone!!
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