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If you could be anywhere right now...

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...where would you be?
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In a cottage facing mountains, with a fire burning in the fireplace, and a big cup of hot cocoa, with some soft fuzzy slippers on...
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I'd like to be in a cozy Towne Home in Aspen Colorado, sitting by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa and watching it snow outside.
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At CoolCats' place, with all the other TCS members, throwing an engagement party for MISS MEW!! Who wants to join??
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I would like to be in a warm place where it's snowing, but i'm inside drinking hot cocoa next to a fireplace.
Does that make me inverted?
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Same difference...choose the one that says the same thing but without the fireplace. I didn't want to make the choices too long and detailed, otherwise it would include the fireplace too! You can make it more detailed in your posts. And maybe warm cookies, too.
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I would like to be camping / researching snakes in the outback
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Right now, some peace and quiet is what I want. So I chose the open field in spring.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I'd like to be in a cozy Towne Home in Aspen Colorado, sitting by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa and watching it snow outside.
Same here, that sounds so wonderful right now! Relaxing by the fire after a horrible work week....oh how I wish I were somewhere like that now!

BTW Hope-LOVE your new siggy!!
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I would like to be... anywhee where its summer! As long as my furbabies are with me, I'm happy
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I'm at home on a chilly night in my bustling neighborhood in my newly decorated for xmas and bustling city. Love it!
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All told, I think that where I am right now is exactly where I want to be. The beach sounds inviting, but I have a nice little home, with a wife who loves me, and the cats and dog; life ain't perfect, but it's pretty damn good. The family is coming over for Thanksgiving, and I think I have a lot to give thanks for.
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Ohhh I just had to pick the beach

My body is just getting used to leaving for work when it is dark, and arriving home in the dark! The temperature has dropped so much here in the last week - it's freezing cold!
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I voted for the cool breezy fall day. But in fact, I would prefer a nice warm and sunny fall day. The kind where you can sit outside with a good sweater and bask in the sun, surrounded by trees of all different fall colors.

I love days like that!!

(unfortunately, it's already winter weather around here )
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I don't like cold weather. Woke up this morning at 4:30 to rush down town to the early bird sale. 40% off in most stores Woo Hoo some xmas shopping done!. My windows in the car where all frosted up it was 18 degress out.. I would love to be sitting on a nice tropical beach.Blue water sunny day relaxing in a chair with the sounds of the waves. I can dream can't I?
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I have two places.
Where teufel is,
and being in australia
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I would be with my fiance Jon and my kitty Limerick. I really hate being 6 hours away from him
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I'd like to be in a nice warm place watching the snow drinking cocoa curled up on a comfy sofa with hubby, safe and sound.
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me and my kallie would be at my moms house in oregon hanging out with my family and kallies cousin (my sissys kitty)
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I want to be at my BF's house with his kids and his cat, and not at work (like I am right now!)
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I'd love to be on some warm tropical sunny beach right now. I sure could use a vacation...
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i picked that one being outside in snowfall, but it lacked two things. My cats, and The Moody Blues in the background!
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Right where I am. Cramming, drinking orange juice and posting on TCS!
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Oh, good question! I love to fantasize. So... I'd like to be in a great big rambling farmhouse on a hillside on the coast of Maine, with a snow-laden pine forest behind the house and the Atlantic crashing on the rocky beach below. My parents and brother and nephew and my favorite aunt and uncle and cousin and my best friend and his family would all be staying with me there, and all our pets, too.

We'd have no responsibilities at all for the rest of the year except to read books and bake bread and pies and cookies and make music together and play in the snow with the dogs. The rule would be that we would give no Christmas presents except what we could make ourselves, so we'd all have our secret corners of the house to work on our projects, making things with pinecones and driftwood and imagination. And I'd take a long walk in the snowy woods and get inspired and come back to the house and set up my computer by an attic window and start writing the Great American Novel...

Ahhh. Fantasy is SO much better than reality. :-)
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In a hammock in a half sunny half shady beach at a tropical island. It would be about 80-85 and I would be just feet from my private 'hut' and just feet from the ocean waves. There would be a nice gentle breeze too! I'd be served an icy smooth tropical drink, listening to the waves and birds from the nearby rainforst. No one would be around except whenever they are bringing me food or drinks or cleaning! And no one would be asking me to do anything. DH could be laying nearby too.......can I go now?
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