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The Things-That-Are-Going-Well-Thread!

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What things in your life are...going well?
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you're silly!!

ok... school is going well. I'm almost done my first semester and I think I'm heading for a GPA of around 3.7 (if things keep going the way they are )
not bad!
Plus I already have a prof who is willing to supervise me for my undergraduate thesis. And I'm very excited about doing this thesis
Also, my big paper that was originally due today is now due next Tuesday instead.

Not much else (don't have time for anything outside of school!!)
The cats are happy and healthy. I got an email from a good friend that I hadn't talked to in a while.
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well we get a whole week for thanksgiving break!

im going to las vegas for a paul mccartney concert this next weekend! my own room at the MGM grand!!

i guess i could say school is going well also! i havent failed anything/papers/tests..but finals are comin up!

i get my new bengal in 2 days!!

i start volunteering at the cancer center library tomorrow..even though im a tad nervous!

things are very well but at times i must admit hectic!! haha
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I was able to get a bunch of Kitty Shelters up at the abandoned grainmill, for my stray and feral kitties. It is in a protected place, and I can leave food/warm water there too! And nobody has tried to move or damage them!! YAY!!!!( I lined them with Mylar Reflective stuff and put woolen cloths in them. I can change them daily, as GoodWill gave me TONS of pure woolen rags!! )
It's NOT fancy there, but that is where those poor little kitties DO live, so at least, they will have warmer places to stay, this winter!!! Here's a picture of the place where the Kitty Shelters are...

Oh....and this is my little Katy Kitty who is being Miss Nibby Nose, and checking out the new Kitty Shelter I was making, that evening!!!
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Well ... I have a five-day weekend next week because I took a vacation day Wednesday; Shawn and I are really going to enjoy that time. We are about to hire two badly-needed people in my department at work. I finally took all my old library books back in and paid the fines. I won't have to do any grocery shopping for two weeks. AND I got almost eight hours of sleep last night.
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I have finally got a new job after being out of work for nearly 2 months - and it's not a crummy set-up either. It's a cushtie desk job with all the training and so on.

My language school is going well - I'm even finding I can think in Danish now too... so one day I'll be fluent! There's hope for me yet!

Life is still good with myself and Rune and I'm looking forward to having Christmas with him for the first time - we've been together for over 4 years, so it's about time!

I have Tosca.
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What a wonderful thread idea! I'm so happy these things are going so well!

Congratulations on your 3.7 GPA and finding a professor to supervise your Thesis!

Oh, what I would give to go to that Paul McCartney concert, wow!

Your kitty shelters are remarkable! How wonderful of you ensure these precious babies have warm beds this winter!

You and Shawn really need this long weekend to relax together! 8 hours of sleep last night, that's plenty to celebrate just in itself!

How wonderful that school is going so well, and that's great that you and Rune will have your first Christmas together! Yes, Tosca just makes everything grand!
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Sounds like everyone has really great things going on with their lives right now

Lets see...

I've been getting my Christmas shopping done ( ) and I went to JCPenny's last night and got REALLY good sales! I was excited And I found a really cute Martini and Cosmopolitian drink mixer set for my friend at Target ON SALE!

John is going shopping tonight with Chrissy, I guess he wants to take her to a jewelry store No complaints from me! I could handle some more jewels!!

Oh yeah, and I get to leave work early today - boss is gone and the assistant is letting me leave early! - cuz I am driving 2 hours home tonight and they know I dont like driving in the dark when its snowing and stuff! I get to take my laundry home with me too, yay! I have to pay $1 a load at the apartment so my mom said I can do it at home! AND...then tomorrow...MALL OF AMERICA!!!

Oh yeah - and I get my proofs back from the pictures that we took for my mom's Christmas present today, my aunt is going to get them for me and I will get to see them tonight-YAY!!
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Everything. I'm really lucky, and have always felt that I live a charmed life. The only thing that isn't good is my mom's health, but my dad is really positive and make me feel better every time.

I really couldn't ask for anything more...or less.
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
What things in your life are...going well?

Well my house is going well...we have almost all the christmas decorations up .....

My father and brother are comming intown from Texas, so I'm excited to see them next week.

and Thank goodness for holidays because I get two days off work next week!! ( I need it)
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I have a home visit scheduled Sunday and if all goes well, I will be fostering a dog for the first time ever.
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Gosh, I have had rough week with work, so I really should focus on some positives! I have 4 adorable and entertaining cats. My husband has been wonderful this week! I got a 80 dollar rebate check from my credit card and coupons in the mail from hartz- I will get kitties a new toy hopefully. Suzie, the skittish kitten jumped onto my bed last night to visit. I was under "investigation" at work, but found out I was in the clear and my boss and her boss said I've done nothing wrong. It's a very long story, but I was pressured into making a sworn statement and refused. My cold is getting better! My birthday is next week! So is little axl girls! Happy birthday to us!
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Well let's see...

So far I've gotten accepted to 3 grad schools, but I've already accepted and registered at UCF. It just makes me feel good to know that I was accepted at the others.

My last semester as an undergrad is ALMOST OVER! Just a couple of weeks left and I'll be graduating!

I'm going to the nicest restaurant I've ever been to and then to see the Rockettes here in Orlando in a couple of weeks.

My roommate and I are planning a short road trip for right after I graduate.

Thanksgiving is coming!!!!!!!!!! YAY!
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I just got promoted to accounting manager and my companies year end audit is going well. We have had many difficulties this year it is relief that an end to the difficulties is near and my company had faith in me I could fix things.

My husband is getting booked for Christmas catering parties where he makes a good amount of his yearly cash flow. Best of all many of the parties are repeat customers which says alot for his food and service.

Family and animals (cats, dogs, cockatoos, sheep, chickens and other assorted scattered through) are all doing well.

Patricia Conley
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each day it gets worse.

So for me the only thing is going well is kaylee.
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Originally Posted by fwan
each day it gets worse.

So for me the only thing is going well is kaylee.
But not anymore, fwan! Now you can add a positive to this thread!
For me, yeah, you guessed's the love life...(insert happy sigh sound)
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Going well??? What's that???
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My sister-in-law had good results on her catscan!!!
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The things I thank goodness for every day: My parents are still living, and they and my brother and my nephew all live right here within four miles of me, so I see them all the time. We are all in relatively good health for our respective ages. All five of the kitties in the family are well, and my nephew is getting a puppy for Christmas, so that'll be fun! My brother has recently been promoted at his day job, and he's developing a strong following as a local musician, too. My lifelong best friend and his family are also healthy and happy, as are their two cats and two dogs, and my friend has become a very successful music writer in his spare time. Just recently, he's even become a producer of sorts!

As for me... well, I'm the failure of the group. But that means there's nowhere for me to go but up, right? :-)
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yesterday was great had a day out with my youngest daughter,she asked my hubby (her step dad) to give her away at her wedding,a great honour (will upset my ex LOL) took her to have a tattoo done, and just wander round the town center window shopping,a great day and today been to camden market,and bought a pair of beaded sling back shoes for £2-00 and then went for a drink (juice) so had 2 great days.2morrow gotta catch up with some ironing
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I think my studying is going well because I am not finding the exams as hard as I thought I would. Lets hope my results reflect this.
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I started a new job at a day spa. It is so cool, very retro. The chairs for the clients are naugahyde and chrome, and a lot of the fixtures came out of a salon from the 50s. We have a jukebox with old music on it, and Elvis is EVERYWHERE! It is filled with really fun antique salon stuff, signs, and a big old fashioned gold fancy cash register. All the modern computerized stuff is kind of hidden under the front desk. It has such personality and great energy. It is a fun place, and so far everyone has been very nice. There are a few small down sides, such as a very small massage room, and some very immature girls, but I am choosing not to dwell on that, or join any of the little cliques. I made 2 new kitty friends in the back of the parking lot. I have not been very busy yet, but I just got there. My first client made another appointment, and one for his wife. The boss is a very nice, no nonsense type of woman that always lets you know where you stand. I think I learned some important lessons at my last job, so I am approaching this one with a whole new attitude. I think I am going to like it there.
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Today, I put down an earnest money payment on a brand-new 3-bedroom, 2-bath manufactured home, with an acre of land. As long as my mortgage goes through, I'll soon have my very first, all-on-my-own home
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Originally Posted by katl8e
Today, I put down an earnest money payment on a brand-new 3-bedroom, 2-bath manufactured home, with an acre of land. As long as my mortgage goes through, I'll soon have my very first, all-on-my-own home
Congratulations Cindy!
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