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Languages. How good are we?

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I am very proud of the fact that i speak fairly fluent french, and i am in 8th grade. I am in the midst of learning the cyrillic alphabet and russian in my free time (i love languages, )

How many ppl here speak extra languages, and which languages? I am curious.
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I am with you! I love learning new languages! It is wonderful. I can speak fairly good spanish. I remember very little french though from when i took it in jr. high. But I also know some lithuanian, croation and portugese. I would love to be fluent in lots of languages, but right now I dont have the time to dedicate myself to fully learning it. So I am going bit by bit and I can carry on basic conversations in each of them, nothing to complicated.

I would love to re-learn french, and learn mandarin, italian, and greek also. I love learning about different cultures and learning their language. I hope to travel to all these places one day, and being able to speak fluently with them would be so cool!
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I can speak, write, and read fluently in Russian and English. I can read and write in Greek, but I stink at oral
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Umm....I took 4 years of Latin and I remember a little. I loved Roman History more than learning vocabulary and grammar and what not. My teacher was one of my favorites and I was pres of our latin club My stepfather's family is from Puerto Rico so they are all fluent. I never had a desire to learn it though. I know some sign language. While it's not a 'foreign' language in the same sence, it is a language with many dialects and there is a barrier for thoes who do not know it when communicating with someone who can't hear.
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I took French, remember just a wee bit, and Spanish. I am okay at understanding Spanish to a certain degree, b/c I have been around it a lot. I was taught how to read Hebrew and know the Hebrew alphabet, but don't know what the heck I'm reading unless I look at the translation in the prayer book!
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My first language is French.
And obviously, I speak English too. I pretty much adopted English as my new "first language"

I would love to learn more languages some day.
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Je parle Francais.
Well, a little bit, at least. And I can muddle through a little bit of German and Spanish...oh, and a tiny bit of Italian and Latin.
The only language I had classes in was French...the rest I picked up from singing opera and classical art songs, and having to do English translations from the original language.
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i speak spanish fluently and can read it fluently but i have a lil trouble writing it and of course english
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ASL- American Sign Language
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I took French classes for 7 years..but I haven't spoken or written it in at least 10 years so I don't remember much.
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I only speak English but am also fluent in American Sign Language. There was a deaf kid in my grade school when I was little and he couldn't communicate with any body so I started learning sign language from library books so I could talk to him a little bit. He taught me new words each day from that point on. By the time we were in high school, I could speak with all kinds of deaf people and they were always amazed to find out I wasn't deaf and had no deaf family members. I now volunteer in a charter school for deaf kids to keep my skills sharp.
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I had nine years of French in school, and was pretty good then -- but that's a looooooooooong time ago, and almost as long since it's had any significant exercise, so it's pretty rusty. I can sing umpteen languages and know some of the vocabulary, but couldn't for a moment claim to speak them.
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Good for you! I love linguistics and I have wanted it made mandatory in high school that seniors must graduate with proficiency in a second language - does wonders for world peace.

I also speak/read French, Spanish, some Chinese, Korean, Lakota Sioux.....amd my lifelong, never-ending mastery of...Cat.
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I can barely read and write and speak english ...lmao... I can read and understand a good amout of Spanish cant speak much , I can read and understand a bit of Russian... I understand and speak a fair amount of Yiddish lol not a great thing to know in elementry school.... I understand and speak a wee bit of German... There are more but me is off to bed
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Finnish (first language)

In that order.
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I speak english... and only english.. oh and a few words in other languages which I'm not allowed to post.
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cool, lotta people know Russian here! I myself have studied Russian, So I can manage to speak decent Russian as well. Apart from that I know-

Hindi(my first language), gujarati,maratthi(regional indian languages)

I really am passionate about languages, but then I can't speak all these languages fluently as well...but I can convey my msg easily! I tried learning Hebrew once...but gave up on it!
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English is my first language
I am fluent in Afrikaans - which is very similar to Flemish | Dutch
I took German for 2 yrs, but can barely get though introductions!
A smatering of Hebrew

I am also fluent in about 6 computer languages
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Nice thread I adore languages - I used to speak fluent German, but through years of not using it, I've forgotten pretty much all of it. At the moment I'm learning Danish in Studieskolen (but that does have a practical purpose because I'm having to use it more or less every day because I live in Copenhagen!) I't s fantastic fun!
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I am fluent in Australian English and have a smattering of the following ones
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Dutch
- Japanese
and still trying to master the greatest language -Feline

Hoping to try learning Australian Sign Language next year.
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I love learning languages, I will learn enough conversational language for whichever country I visit!

I used to be fluent in French, but with lack of use, it's not up to scratch anymore

I speak an okay amount of Spanish, Russian, German and Gujarati!

(and am now improving my Spanish with the help of Rigel and my Gujarati with the help of altzerina!)
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I love language....you could call it my `thing'. I did Japanese (and taught it in the end) for 11 years, German for four years, Italian in primary school for five years, and French and French literature at University (with Japanese, too). I am, at the moment, teaching myself Russian - and it's HARD!!!

But I don't speak any of those languages fluently having not been to any of the countries unfortunately.

I also did Linguistics at Uni, which is the study of the science and origins of language. I kind of did a language-specific degree.

Languages and language itself are very cool, IMO! My party trick is being able to count up to ten in eleven different languages!! Yeah, good for me huh....lol lol lol
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
I am, at the moment, teaching myself Russian - and it's HARD!!!l

Oh Yeah, Russian is very hard! Once you overcome the confusion of the script, the most challanging part is Grammar!! Even the numbers have genders(1,2)!!
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I took french in High school, but I barely remember any of it, even though it was only 4 or so years ago. I also know a few words and phrases in Arabic, which is only because my husband is Lebanese.
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I dont speak any other language but english fluently, but I know all the bad words and my name in spanish
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I studied French for eight years in high school and college and had the chance to use it when I was stationed in the Army in Belgium, so became fairly fluent. It's been a while since I've used it, so I'm pretty rusty now.
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I speek fluent English of course but also Gaelic (irish) and Inuktuc (inuit language) I have family that speek both so when I was young it was easy for me to learn I still speek Gaelic quite often but my Inuktuc is suffering from lack of use.
I can also Read and speack french, my spelling is awful and my spoken vocabulary needs work. I would love to learn Manderain and Farsi, I think they are amazing languages that could be useful in my work
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There isnt a difference between ESL, AUSSL, NZSL Just some words are different than others, which is normal as it goes by slang.
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My native language is English, but I spent a lot of time in France as a child and have never stopped using it since, good as I am going to live there permanently! I did my first degree in Mandarin, and have been learnig Serbo-Croat (the Bosnian version) since I came here ten years ago. It is a Slav language like Russian, and is, I agree, very hard. I can get by as a tourist in Spanish and Italian and wish I spoke them better.
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Cool! There are a lot of ppl here that are bi- or tri- or even quadlingual! That's more than i expected.

So zoggy. You are the closest to me in age, can you tell me if russian is hard to teach yourself? I am about half way through the alphabet. I started the day before yesterday.

And Marie-p, Votre premiere langue est francais? C'est interessant. Moi, pour un americain, je peux parler en francais assez bien, mais il est difficile a comprendre. Il va trop vite pour moi. Desolee pour les accents ; je ne peux pas faire ils dans ce site!

I know this dude that speaks russian and french fluently(he lives in russia now), and he told me that once you get the alphabet down, russian is easy compared to french. But i have see a lot of ppl say it is hard. I really have no idea, again i haven't even finished the alphabet.

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