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Braces, teeth huuurt!!!!!!

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I got my braces adjusted earlier, and my teeth huuuurt!!!! Ooooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even eat solid food!!!!!!!!!!
And on top of it, i have a lot of homework and am having trouble concentrating because of the pain!

Can i have some happy/painkiller vibes from the good ppl here? Pleease?

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Poor thing! Go and have some icecream!!! That is soft and mushy and gives you the sugar you need to concentrate!!! Icecream cures all!!
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eek, i know all about tooth pain

try a heat bag if it gets too bad, or some ice in a teatowel, i had a very bad tooth once and i made a heat bag until i could get to a dentist, it did help a little, you can also rub crushed panadol on the sore parts, this helps a bit too.

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Awww sending lots of pain free vibes your way.
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That's one of the problems. Unlike with many ppl, instead of helping me, cold and hot stuff hurt my teeth!! I have very sensitive teeth!! I have taken 4 Ibprofens like my mom (she is a doctor) told me, but they still hurt!!! Thanks for the suggestions, though. I hate the stupid gung-ho orthodontics in the USA, ppl care way too much about straightness of teeth! And being thirteen, i have no choice about the braces! They said id be able to take them off by now, too!!!!

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Thanks for the vibes, ppl! I need support bad right now!
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You poor thing!!!

Hmmm...Ok...What about sucking on something sweet?? I can't think of mushy stuff that isn't cold or hot!!
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Pudding cups

I hope you feel better soon!
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If i had any "pudding cups"( ) i would try that, but im sure i don't. Nobody eats pudding in my family. And i had to throw out my halloween candy after the dog ate and drooled on most of it...
I can't think of much. These are good ideas though. Ty for the vibes
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Hmmm.....You'll just have to stick everything in the blender!!!
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Pudding cups are individual containers of pudding that are good "on the go". They don't need to be refrigerated, so that's why I thought it would be something you could eat.
When I had my wisdom teeth out I ate mac & cheese, but let it cool before eating it.
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Go and ask at a pharmacy...there is something that comes like a mouthwash that is numbing. I can`t remember what it is called, but I used it when I first got my dentures and they hurt my mouth. It does`nt last a real long time, but you can use it over and over as much as you want, since you don`t actually ingest it.
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Oh, I feel your pain. My orthodontist told me I would have my braces for a year, but I ended up having them three.

Best braces food I would say is Jello.
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Ouchie! That really stinks! Hope you feel better soon! If I were you and didn't have homework, I'd sleep through it as much as possible!
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Thanks ppl. That is a good idea, Agent Haun, i do like jello. Maybe i can find some in the fridge. I thank you all for your sympathy and nice suggestions.

I just wish my mouth would quit throbbing!!!!!

And i don't have time to bug my parents into going to the pharmacy. Maybe tomorrow, when i have less homework hopefully. five hours a day really sucks.
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Originally Posted by joecool
I got my braces adjusted earlier, and my teeth huuuurt!!!! Ooooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even eat solid food!!!!!!!!!!
And on top of it, i have a lot of homework and am having trouble concentrating because of the pain!

Can i have some happy/painkiller vibes from the good ppl here? Pleease?


Just wait until the acne.
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*sigh* was just brought back 16 years ago when I got those damn things! Mouthnumbing stuff won't help, it the pain on the inside. I would def take the ibuprofen. If it hurts so much you can't concentrate, tell your mom you have to take the day off school. I would tell the orthodontist next time how much pain you were in.
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Owww!!, I know your pain, I wore braces for 3 years. Freezies I used to suck on those when I had my braces tightned.
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You poor kid! My son is 13 and he diesn't have super crooked teeth but the dentist did recommend braces. We saw an orthodontist but he said it wouldn't pose any health issues...just cosmetic. I left the decision up to my son and he chose not to get the braces....his slightly lop-sided teeth don't bother him and if he changes his mind, he can always get them later. Sorry you didn't get to make your own choice.
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I was lucky-way back when I was in school no one really had braces until high school-and really not even that many did and I attended a larger school. Now it seems every kid has to wear braces. Somewhere in my gene pool I had straight teeth-I remember that is what one of my SIL remembers when she met me oh about 22 yrs ago!! That I had nice straight teeth!!
But I would mention to the orthodonist next time - the pain. So how long have you worn them??? Would like a cream style soup feel better-how about mashed potatoes!!
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I just saw on tv today if you eat a small bar of pure dark chocolate it makes every pain of the body go away.. loL

Bracess as a piss, I had them and my teeth are going back the way it used to be!
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I feel your pain too! Had braces for five years from ages 12 to 17!
Sending good vibes your way!
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I feel your pain! Poor thing! I had braces for 5 years! I was supposed to get them off but we moved and for some sadistic reason, the new dentist thought I should wear new ones for the whole 3 years again, insetad of the 2 the original dentist gave me! It was a horrible experience! Of course when they gave me that stupid head gear to wear, I'd never wear it until the night before I went and amazingly, he said my teeth were doing a great job! LOL! yeah because they were straight and had no where else to go!
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I have a very low tolerance for pain, so it is sort of more painful for me. I hate them though! My parents drive me crazy too. The reason they needed to be adjusted is that they broke weeks ago and my parents kept forgetting to make an appointment!

I want them off!

Thanks for all the sympathy!
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Hmmm..Sometimes I think teeth should just be let be - There seem to be some many people with braces who just don't look like they need it.

I mean to be honest, they are a money maker for dentists - But in saying that, I'm sure there are people who have benefited from braces as well.

I was lucky in that my dentist said that I could have had braces, but that it wasn't really worth it and my teeth are perfectly fine!! I thank my lucky stars that I had such a great dentist!!!

Hope the pain gets better soon!
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ooooh not nice. I know how you feel, me and my sister used to stuff our faces with frozen pee's but if you have sensitive teeth I don't think you could do that. I feel bad for you, just think of the end result!!!
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oooh...I have very sensative teeth, too--I hear ya!! I don't have braces though, so that I wouldn't understand. But how about you put on some music that you like, have some...uhh...hot chocolate? (doesn't hurt my teeth unless it's really hot) Cookies? Maybe your favorite kinda sandwich and a Tylonal or somethin to help the pain a little bit?? I don't know...here are some random smilies to maybe cheer ya up!! heh...
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I'm only happy I had braces b/c I had a huge gap between my front teeth b/c I don't have enough teeth on top! Yes, I'm a freak and so is my dad and my sister. Personally, I think that was the only reason worth correcting. I ended up with some enamel damage from the braces, and also had a permanent retainer on the back of my front teeth for years, which also caused some problems. I never wore the removable retainers, and yes, my bottom teeth did move back but I don't care.
My dad's teeth moved back to the way they were when he was in his forties. He doesn't care. My husbands teeth also seem to be moving back, and it doesn't bother him, but his mom is sort of ticked after paying a lot of money as a single mom 20 years ago.
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I feel your brace pain.
Believe me, if you have really crooked teeth, it's worth the trouble.
I had them for 3 years. I had a severe over-bite and an off-center lower jaw (it's still slightly off)...and not enough room in my mouth for my big teeth! Had to have 2 pulled on top to make room...my upper 2nd incisors (sp?) stuck straight out like fangs. I had 3 years of brackets, wires, rubber bands, headgear and PAIN....
But you know, it will all be worth it when the orthodontist takes those d!mn things off your teeth and you don't mind flashing a big, toothy smile because your teeth are straight!
And, thanks to the ortho work, you will have a much lower risk of TMJ issues. TMJ hurts like the devil...my boyfriend and my mother both suffer from it. If your bite is straightened out it significantly reduces your risk.

I guess my point is, it really freakin' sucks right now, but later you will be glad you went through it.
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Its kind of funny how 75% of the kids in all of my classes in high school have braces.
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