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Serenity's Big Day

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Tomorrow (Wed) will be my little baby's big day to be spayed. Serenity will also have her stitches removed while under anesthesia. I have full confidence in her Dr, and know she is going to do wonderfully, yet feel so concerned about her having to experience any procedure.
We go in at 8am, and she should be able to come home by 3:30 in the afternoon. We appreciate all the love and prayers our friends will send our way, please!

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sending lots of :hugs and prayers for a quick and easy recovery... ( still remembers the old days)
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I'm sending out prayers and vibes for her. She will be just fine.
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Lots of quick and easy procedure and be a brave girl Serenity }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way!

I know that as you have a fantastic vet, things will certainly go swimmingly and Serenity will be back to her lovely cheeky self in no time!

I'll also send some nice calming }}}VIBES{{{ to you, Stephanie, as I know how horrible it is for us to leave our babies at the vets for a procedure! I know Sierra will be looking after you and keepng you ammused though!
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Awww Stephanie...Serenity will be in my thoughts & prayers all day tomorrow.
I will eagerly await your updates about her condition.
Focus on sweet Sierra while you wait & know that our Heavenly Father will be watching over your sweet little girl.

We love you Serenity. :
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Awwww Stephanie, It's been so long since you have had to go through this hasn't it? Little Serenity is going to be just fine. Your vet is amazing and she is going to be in the best of hands. I know your going to worry all day so try to keep busy and cuddle up with Sierra, time will fly by.
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You know I am sending prayers and kisses your way, Serenity!
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Be a good girl Serenity and do what the doctor tells you to do Luts of good luck and healing vibes to you sweet little girl. Lots of calming vibes to you too Stephanie!
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Lots of good vibes for little Serenity! She is getting so big isn't she? What a precious girl she is! You sound like you really love your new Vet for the girls, Serenity will do great!

Keep us updated!
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Vibes coming your way for Serenity and Stephanie!
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Wow, already? It seems like she just found you!!! Best of luck during your surgery, Serenity! And to your Meowmie, who will worry although she knows this is for the best, and that you will be just fine!
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Best of luck!!, I know everything will go well
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Sweet Serenity will do brilliantly, Sweet Sierra will console and encourage Mummy, and all will be well. Lots of love and prayers for your little one, and calming vibes for you.
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Sending hugs and prayers to you and little Serenity. She's a sweet, brave little girl and she'll come through this just fine.
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Best of luck for sweet little Serenity. It's never easy when our babies go in for surgeries, even when the have the greatest vets. I'm keeping her in my prayers for an eventless procedure and quick recovery .
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Lots of good vibes going to sweet Serenity from me and my gang.
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Good vibes for an easy surgery and quick recovery for your little baby girl!
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Good luck little Serenity, you're in our prayers.
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Make no bones about it, the littlest S is a real scrapper, a really strong girl who will do splendid! she's in great hands, Steph, and she'll fly through the procedure. Tell us all the special things and treats and resting places you have lined up!!
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Fingers crossed for Serenity! It hardly seems possible that she's big enough to get spayed already! Where did the time go?!?!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Be a good girl Serenity and do what the doctor tells you to do Luts of good luck and healing vibes to you sweet little girl. Lots of calming vibes to you too Stephanie!
..Listen to Auntie Karen dear Serenity!! ...
my prayers to you my sweetheart!!!

Please Stephanie!, keep us updated about it!!!
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Wow - the day has come around already. You have chosen the doctor to care for your babies so carefully that you can have every confidence she will be just fine. I know how you'll worry about her while she's away, and both you and Serenity will be in my thoughts all the time until she's back home with you and her big sister. But, you know, it will be just fine.

Beautiful Sierra will be there to look after you and keep you company through the day

Good luck for tomorrow little Serenity. No nibbling your big sister's food tonight!!!!
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Serenity is in good hands!
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Aw Sweet little girl is so grown up! I am praying everything will go smooth and easy. And for a quick recovery too!
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best of luck for a speedy recovery sending vibes your way
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Waiting to hear out it all turned out! Best of luck to the sweet little girl, and to you as well stephanie.
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ooooo Good luck my sweet Serenity

I know you are going to do great......love you bunches.....
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I will keep her and you in my thoughts tomorrow. I look forward to hearing once she is back home!
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Good Luck Sweet Serenity

It wont be long till you'll be back with your lovely mommy and your sister Sierra...who I know will of missed you lots and will give you lots of love and attention.

And wow, from your photo you have grown I bet your mommy is so proud of you sweet girl.

Hope it all goes well, and that before you know it you'll be back home sweet little one.

Steph...do let us know how it goes and know we will all be thinking of you and your sweet little girl.

Eva xxxx
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Steph, I hope all goes well tomorrow for Serenity.
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