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Orange kitty stopped eating

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I do not know what is wrong with my little Bailey cat, but he came in yesterday morning looking very "off." When I picked him up he growled at me, unusual as he is a very mellow kitty. I have completely looked him over for a bite mark or puncture wound, but haven't found a thing? There is no heat on his body anywhere that I can find, and he seems to be a bit tender in his chest area. As this is the kitty that routinely plays in the horse stall and jumps on and off the roof of the barn, I am thinking he has perhaps fallen and landed wrong. He is not eating, unless I force feed him, but he is drinking water. He has no temperature, and his resps are slow, but not alarming. If he doesn't start eating on his own by tomorrow, I will take him into the vet. He moves fine across the floor, except after a few steps he arches his back and stretches his back legs like he is stretching from a nap. Would you please say a prayer for Bailey that he starts eating soon on his own. I am very worried about him right now.
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Consider my prayers on the way to Oregon! Bailey may have gotten bruised in that area from his antics? I hope that it is nothing too serious. I think it is a good sign that he is drinking and has no spots that feel hot.
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My prayers are on the way too! Hissy, is it possible that Baily was somehow injured by the horse?

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Sometimes they can get like that when they just aren't feeling well in general. Sometimes they can have a small bug and there's no real outward symptoms. I would just keep an eye on him and make sure he stays hydrated and if you have to, force some nurtical on him. If he starts to go downhill or you notice anything more, call the vet.
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How is he doing? Better I hope
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He is staying at the vets. I do not want to say anything else at the moment until they give me definitive answers if they can.
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ohhhhhhhhhh hissy, I am soooooo sorry to hear this - my prayers and thoughts are with him.
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Poor Bailey! I do hope he is ok. Consider him in my thoughts and prayers as well! :angel2:
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After umpty dozen tests, it has been determined that Bailey has gut statis. Caused by debris in his gut, though what kind of debris, the vet can't really tell, says some of it looks like grass... They are giving him some warm oil and worming him too- all my cats are due for that anyway, and he comes home later today. He will be on antibiotics for 2 weeks and should pick up weight and his appetite soon.
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I'm glad they found what was bothering him. Cats can get clogged up with the darnedist things..LOL. I hope he's one of the easier ones to medicate
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Bailey is on his way to recovery! This is GREAT news!
Hugs and kitty kisses from my house to yours~
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From Bailey to Mom:
Hey momma, how about a little of that special tuna that you keep in the cupboard for you and dad?
Hmmmm? I KNOW it is in there........

Seriously M.A. - this is really good news!

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Thats great news Hissy!!! Glad to hear Bailey is on the road to recovery!!
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YEAH BAILEY!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BAILEY!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Day!

I am so glad Bailey is doing better. There is nothing worse than not knowing...

Give him extra snuggles from me and my babies!
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Oh wonderful. Hearing this news put a smile on my face. Way to go Vet, MA & Bailey!
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