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Our D.T. for Saturday

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Morning (I guess Afternoon!) All!

I just got back from the gym. I've got a couple loads of laundry to do and I need to pick up the house a bit, but really not that much as far as chores.

I'm going to try out some new recipes this weekend. I just feel like being creative. Cooking relaxes me and it's been awhile since I tried something new.

Dawn, that completely sucks that your ear isn't feeling any better I feel for you. Are the hives gone? How was your evening out with the girls? Hopefully you enjoyed yourself despite not feeling 100%.

Sabra, you going shopping this weekend girl?!? With your tax money? Hope you splurge on at least ONE thing for yourself.

Anne, hope to see you check in again today. It's so nice to hear from you and get an update on Ron.

I'm in a spending mood. I may have to go shopping today I need (ya right!) some new summer shoes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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It is gorgeous here today!!!!!!! Its nearly 65 degrees and sunny. I am loving it. I think I am going to clean out my porch today, get it re-organized for the spring. My son is out w/ the neighborhood kids running around. My daughter is here with me, she is cranky cause she is sleepy. If I get lucky, she will take a nap and I can do some stuff on my own while she sleeps. I don't like tackling projects with her, cause she likes to make a bigger mess than I am!!

Hope everyone is have a Super Saturday!!!!!!!!!
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Hi everyone! It's a pretty day here, but cold. Yesterday was in the 70s and today is in the 50s. But at least the humidity is gone, so that's good.

I had a pretty decent time last night, but we came home around 9:30 because I was just too tired. Allergy attacks wipe me out physically. My nice hubby let me sleep in today until 8:30, so that was nice. The girls and I decided that last night didn't count as our night out since we were only out for 2 and a half hours. And I only had one beer since I had so many drugs in my system. So we'll try again in a few weeks when my ear is better. I have a new antibiotic prescription now, but I'm afraid to try it. I'll make sure hubby is home when I do in case I have another problem.

Colby, shopping sounds fun, especially alone! I'd love to go, but no money make shopping no fun. Oh well. What kind of recipes are you trying out today?

Daniela, I can't believe it's warmer in MA than Texas! Sounds beautiful. That kind of weather makes you want to do spring cleaning and open all the windows and air out the house. I love spring!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Dawn, I didn't end up making any new recipes but I was really productive today! I went through all of my kitchen cabinets, and got rid of a lot of non perishable items. Tomorrow I'll drop them off at the local foodbank.

I went to the gym, went tanning, returned some dvds to the store that I had bought the S/O for his birthday (he didn't like them) and picked out a bunch more. He wanted Tombstone, Shanghi noon and Seven. We'll probably watch one shortly. Ran to this gourmet food mart that has some treats that the S/O loves and got him some goodies. Did the laundry. I got a lot done today!

Hope everyone else had a great day!
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