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hopefuly you find the little kitty
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Teufal please come home
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Sending prayers that Teufie comes home safe and sound
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I've already added my prayers to thoes going up that he comes home safe and sound!!!
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Oh no! Fran, lots of come home (or come out of hiding) vibes heading your way. Come on Teufel, your meowmy is very worried about you.
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Keep us updated fwan. Come home baby boy!
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Oh, no! You must be frantic! You have gotten some great advice already, so I will just add my prayers and some good TCS board magic.
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Any news on Teufel, Fran?
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Hope you find him soon. I know it must be so hard. Take care and I pray for a quick return
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Teufel...! Come home (or come out of hiding!) Sweetie! Mum's very worried.

Hoping to hear good news soon, Fran.
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Oh No...I am sending major vibes to you and Teufel.
Come out sweetie pie...your Mommy needs you.
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Teufel come home! We're all worried about you!
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Originally Posted by fwan
I dont know what happened, today teufel looked really unhappy, i had left the window open but he wouldnt be able to get through it to go out..
I left to the kiosk to get a drink, i came home to notice he wasnt here..
The door wasnt open.
I have searched through the apartment several times, through the house and the garden, i cant find him!

Please pray that if he went out he will be safe and come back soon.
The house is so empty with out him


just thought I'd let you know both you and teufel are in my prayers. I know how difficult it can be when a cat goes missing, I'm sure he will show up soon.

goodluck okay.

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Aw Fwan, I'm so sorry! I hope he comes to his senses and returns soon!
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Oh no, Fran I am sorry to hear about this-I really hope that you find him soon....best wishes to you....keep us posted!!
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My heart skipped a beat when I saw your thread. Prayers are going your way- he's one of my favorite TCS kitties!
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Sorry to hear Teufel is missing. I have a feeling he's going to show up back home and everything will be fine! Hang in there... I'm thinking about you and Teufel.
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I keep checking this thread to see if he is back!!! Come home little man!!!
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Oh! Little guy, DO PLEASE come back home SOON!
Sending all positive vibes, that Teufel walks right back in your door REALLY soon!!
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Wow Fran this is awful news. I am hoping and sending you my biggest `find-Teufel' vibes that he will come back waltzing through the door and give you a big headbutt. That darling kitty - he's just so beautiful I can't imagine him not coming home.

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Oh Fran! I'm so so sorry. I'm praying and sending all the vibes I can for that sweet black kitty.

Teufel, now stop being a little devil and come home! Mommy's got a really nice treat if you do....
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{{{Prayers & vibes}}} for Teufel to resurface ASAP! you have both been through so much lately; hopefully, Teufel just hunkered down! When my daughter went out of state for the summer, her cat Christy disappeared for a whole day, until the next afternoon & my mom & I were just SICK about it (my daughter has brain damage & her Christy is her whole world). How she found a new secret place to hide, after 7 years in the same house, remains a mystery; just remembering that terrible time makes me nauseous! Please know that we are all praying & hoping & anxiously awaiting the good news that Teufel is back!!!!! Hugs from California, Susan
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Continuing to pray for you, Teufel! Please hurry home, little one!
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Sorry to hear that, Fran. Hope Teufel resurfaces soon.
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Oh no! Fwan, I hope you find him safe and sound!
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We're continuing to pray for you and hope we get an update soon!!
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Oh no sorry to hear about that fran!
Hope he is ok and arrives home safe and sound!
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I am sorry to hear that Teufel is missing. Hope that he is home real soon. All the best Debbie
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i hope u find him,when my reggie went missing i had the neighbours out loooking for him,even one whos alergic to cats was hunting,but we found him after a few hours he had found a new hiding place and was fast asleep.but i remember being in tears and almost being sick with worry.i now make sure i keep my windows shut.
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I really hope he comes back soon!
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