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Originally Posted by Luvmysphynx
I just can not stop checking this thread...... My thoughts and prayers are with you. Go home Teufel!!!!!
Me too, I keep hoping for good news-hang in there fwan.
Home safe vibes for Teufel and Maggie.

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Thinking of you guys
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No news?? I can't stop checking back here!!

PLEASE COME HOME TEUFEL!!! You are dearly missed!!

You're both still in my prayers!
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I keep coming back, too, hoping that that sweet baby is home.

Come on Teufel we miss you!! And your Mummy is frantic!!

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Fwan--just thinking of you and little Teufel. I am thinking about you guys a LOT and am hoping and sending all positive vibes, that he will just show back up REALLY soon! I know this HAS to be so, so difficult for you, sweetie!
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Oh Fran I haven't been on here in a while so I am sorry this is kind of late. I am adding my prayers and good vibes the Teuful will come home soon. Hang in there my friend
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Any news Fran?? Please tell us you've found him.
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I do have some news that ben didnt tell me before well he did but not fully,
the other night when tricia called, Ben actually saw teufel fully breaked but because he got so scared he ran off, he got out of the car and searched but didnt have a torch so didnt see him, He then turned the car off and started rolling and waited but he didnt come out.
We have looked at a map, and it confirms us that he is in the old factory place that has a big park and alot of woods.
Reason being because last sunday, my neighbour told me she saw him at this street in the morning infront of the supermarket, the next day her sister told me she saw him but a few houses up infront of the park, and then ben saw him on the other side.

He told me he wouldnt mistake teufel in the world and i quite believe him.
We are going there tonight to have a look, its more than 2 km the area but we are trying all we can.
He thinks he was looking for his way back because he looked lost.
I just pray he isnt starving and not so cold.

So far there is no news,
There is still dry cat food outside and bens pillow sheet that teufel had been sleeping on.

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers, i cant thank you all enough.
As soon as i have money im going to get kaylee microchipped, and start taking her out on a leash, like tricia does.
Kaylee was never an indoor cat and just for my safety to get her used to the outside world incase she does run away and she will know her way back.
OF COUSE! touch wood that will never happen!
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Well, that's kinda good news there, right? At least Teuful is being seen!

I know you're doing all you can. All of us are pulling for you, and waiting for that Joyful Teuful day when he comes home.

Hang in there!
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Hope you find Teufel tonight

Can you set out traps in the area he was seen?
I know it's a long shot but he might go in one with his favorite food in it.
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I am too eagerly awaiting your post that Teufel will be home soon. Perhaps he got scared with something around your place (does anyone have maybe a dog or little kids nearby that would have scared him??) and is afraid to come back.
Still hoping for the best!!
I thinking if lots of leaves are off the trees he might be easier to spot. Bring a food box along to shake for him to hear.
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Come home little one!!!
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Its great to see some good news Fwan!!! Now you at least know where to look!! I'm sure he misses you as much if not more than you miss him!! I can't wait for you to report that he's come back home!

Still praying!
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Keeping everything crossed that you find him. At least you know he is somewhere - better than possibly being holed up trapped in the apartment. I do hope you get him soon.
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Keeping you and Teufel in my thoughts.
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The good news is that at least ben has seen him!! I hope your searching turns out well! I am sure Teufel is missing you just as much as you miss him and I hope to hear about his homecoming soon.

Still keeping you and Teufel is my thoughts...
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Sending good vibes.

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Fran, when he comes home I'm sticking to my promise to buy that kitty a tag...and maybe a matching collar if you're lucky. Soon sweetie, I know you'll find him, keep the faith.
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oh fran

i'm so sorry that Teufel is missing but at least he has been spotted, that is good news

bonnie went missing for three days once, i was so sick with worry and couldn't stop crying the entire time, on the third night she just sauntered through the door (we left the doors open for her incase she came home) she was covered in burs and was starving.

both me and all my furbabies will be praying for Teufel's safe return.

and please try to stay strong, i know how hard it is but Teufel will be back before you know it.

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Well, that's encouraging that Teufel has been seen, more than once, and you have a good idea where to look. I'm hoping and praying that you'll soon be reunited.
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If you want Teufel back, you are more than likely going to have to make an effort to go where he has been seen, perhaps at a odd hour of the night. If you are waiting for him to find his way back home, and he is lost, I don't think that is going to happen.

Several years ago when Squirt got out and was gone for 2 weeks, I found out from someone who responded to a flyer I put up that he was and had been in a completely different section of the apartment complex and had been there the entire 2 weeks he was gone. I had to actually go and get him. The first time I went, he wasn't anywhere to be found. I returned a couple of hours later, and my friend was able to grab him. I am, needless to say, very glad I did.

Please make the effort to get this kitty home.
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The best time Fran, is about 1:00-3:00 a.m. That is when the world is quiet, your cat can hear you calling (call softly) and if he is there he will respond. Sit down on the ground if you can in the area he is in and call him, pop open food cans, rattle dry food, make a noise he understands is clearly yours.
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Fran I am so thrilled to learn that Teufel has been seen and is still alive although he is obviously lost and frightened.

I am hoping and praying with all my heart that you are able to get him and that he can come home again.

I will keep checking this thread for updates - you are in all of our thoughts.

Best of luck, Fran
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At least he has been seen fwan. A bit OT - are you living with Ben again?
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Thank goodness he has been spotted! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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Oh Fran I am really sorry. I have not been on this site for a while and to see this thread makes me really sad. I hope that you manage to find Teufel soon. At least you know he is okay though if he has been spotted. I am thinking of you and I really hope to come back to this thread to see some good news
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so glad he has been soon and hoping that he will be home with you soon. Keeping you both in my thoughts.
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Could you get a have- a -heart trap. And put in the area where he has been seen with some of his favorite food in it and a item with your smell on it? Thats what I would do. If hes hungry and probably he is you will stand a good chance of trapping him.
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yeay he has been seen
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