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HELP ASAP...sick cat...taking to the vet at 1pm today...HELP

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Hi everyone, my cat malaki, who is about 1 year old all of a sudden started wobbling around yesterday evening...he can't keep his balance. Then he will move his eyes from side to side really fast and wobble his head..but then he stops this, and is calm, but still can't walk right..then a little later he'll go back to the eye from side to side thing. i noticed this yesterday evening, but then he got better and was walking, playing and eating fine. a few hours later, he threw up and started it all again...and this morning he is still the same way...what is this? i am already taking him to the vet today at 1pm, can't go any earlier because my boyfriend has the truck and he's at work, and he's already getting off super early for this. Our vet is a really good cat specialist, but he's busy all the time and the only way i got in was because it's an emergency, and he's full of emergencies right now, so i can't talk to him on the phone, but i'm going to keep trying..i hope he is going to be okay. what do you think this could be? is there anything i can do in the mean time besides keep him calm? ahhh i hate this. he's never done this before, and he is UTD on all his shots. Maybe he got into poison or something? he does go outside during the day time...HELP?
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It is possible that he ate something he shouldn't. The first thing I was going to ask was if he could have gotten into anything, such as a plant or a household chemical. Since he goes outside, there are hundreds of things, but in addition to plants and chemicals, he could have stepped on mushrooms and then licked the spores off when he came back inside. If he vomits again, collect the vomit into a disposable plastic container or plastic bag. That way, the vet will have it available in case he needs to analyze it for whatever made your kitty sick. I would try to keep your kitty confined to one room, preferably one without anything he can fall off of or run into. Give him water, but I would avoid giving him much food, since you'll be at the vet's office soon.

I wish you and Malaki good luck.
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Oh goodness..it could be a many number of things..I hope the vet is able to help your dear Malaki..in the meantime just do your best to keep him comfortable and please let us know how it goes at the vet.

Best of luck.
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Thanks everyone for the help. It ended up being vestibular disease. This most happens in late summer or fall, they are not aware of how exactly the disease takes place, but they think it could be due to something with the fluids in the ear. But it could be caused from a previous infection, summer sores, bacteria, or pretty much anything...the good news is, the outcome is EXCELLENT for cats to recover just on there own alone. I have to give antibiotics and keep malaki in a cage to keep him from falling and or hitting his head. within 72 hours, we should see improvement, and with in 2-3 weeks, he should be fully recovered, although it could take up to 6 wks. thanks again.
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Thank goodness he's going to be OK. Good that you got him into the vet so soon.
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WOW ... I have never heard of this, but thank GOD it is easily treatable!!! So glad you got him to the vet and will have him all better soon!

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That is good news to hear that your baby will be OK..
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Glad your kitty will be alright!

Is that something like vertigo in humans?
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I am so glad that the news was good for Malaki!!, you'll have to give him lots of hugs and kisses until he feels better!
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Good news!

The cats I have seen at work who have vestibular disease are often comforted by being held. Vestibulitis throws off their sense of up and down - quite literally, they have no idea "which end is up"! So your cat might feel more secure if you hold him. It's at least worth trying.
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