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sorry if i'm repeating a thread but i can't use the search function. What do you guys do for halloween? Trick or treating? giving out candy?, how do you feel about teenagers trick or treating?
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I'm giving out candy from my apartment here! (Of course I picked candy me and my bf like, cause I never get enough trick or treaters to get all the candy!) I think its fine for teens to trick or treat, as long as they are nice to the surrounding little ones. I mean, hey, I dressed up to trick-or-treat up til my senior year of high school, me and my friends would have a ball! I miss it, I wish there was something going on me and my BF could dress up for.
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The children and I go trick or treating. I'm a big kid on Halloween as this is my favorite holiday. We rarely stay home to give out candy. Teenagers trick or treating is cool as long as they dress up and are polite - just like the little ones have too.

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Originally posted by fluffysimba
Teenagers trick or treating is cool as long as they dress up and are polite - just like the little ones have too.
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staying at home with my fiance and giving out candy (hmmmm..wonder how many will show up this year its raining and thundering here)
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I made a jackolantern with my son. Both my kids got dressed up and I took pictures. My son is going trick or treating with his dad (my ex). I will give out candy if anybody comes. Teens are fine. I give them lots of candy.
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I agree with the teens doing it. They should be dressed up in a real costum and be polite!!! It should be fun for everyone!!
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my fiance and I carved a pumpkin. We're all decorated and handing out candy. I am a teacher and was around hyped up 1st graders all day so the down time at home is much needed!
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I am here on TCS. That will be the highlight of my Halloween. It used to be my favorite day of the year, I don't really know why I don't do anything any more.
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We live in a controlled entry apartment building, so no trick or treaters here! And being the grinches we are, we like it that way. But I still buy lots of candy....
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I stay home and pass out candy and I make everyone say "trick or treat" or I do not give them anything......
My husband and the dad next door bring all the kids out to get candy.
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