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My new kitten!

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Hey everyone!
I finally got my new kitten(6mo). She's sooo cute but she's scared to death right now. I trying to do anything to keep my mind off her. She has her own room with food/litter/bed/toys but she's just hiding in the cornor. Anyways I was wondering how long before I should be getting concerned that she hasn't eaten or used the little kitties room? I'll be posting pictures asap (need to find a camera).
Oh and I almost forgot, I want to give her time to get use to her surroundings but she hasn't been handled much so I want her to get use to human contact, any comments/suggestions?
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Bless !

She'll get used to you. First let her get comfortable in the room she's in. As far as gaining her confidence in people, I'm not sure, I guess it's a case of getting her used to your presence. Spend time in the room while she's in there. Personally, I'd use the old blinky eyes. Don't stare at her cos it's threatening but look at her, slowly blink your eyes and then look away. I'm not sure if this is right, but personally, I'd spend a lot if time in the same room as her and maybe eventually she'll feel confident enough to stop hiding.
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Congratulations!!! One more family member - that is so great. Hope that your kitty will get used to the surroundings soon and grow up healthy and cudly.
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Congratulations. I would do as suggested above - spend time in the same room with her and talk to her but don't force her out of hiding. Have her food on one side of the room and the litter on the other.

We had to do this for a full month with our Simba. He was behind our headboard and would only come out to eat and drink if we were not in the room.

Patience and gentle talking to her will work.
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Make her a little cave by getting a box, tip it on it's side and draping a towel or blanket over it so that most of the open side is covered. Line this with soft bedding. She will quickly learn that this is her safe place. Play classical music on a low volume for her in the room and, as others have said, spend lots of time with her in the room. Sit on the floor and read aloud to her. This gets her used to your presence and lets her know that you're not a threat. As hard as it is, resist the temptation to reach out to pet her or pick her up for the time being.
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Thanks everyone!
I already have a cave for her to hide in. I guess I picked a bad time to move her in, I'm in the middle of exams and can't spend much time in the room with her.
My concern is that she's not eating or drinking at all right now. How long before I have to force feed her or at least make her drink something?
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If you are really sure she is not eating or drinking anything you should already be concerned. 48 hours without food and drink can seriously affect a cat's health.
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To get the kitten use to you, I would place a shirt that you've worn next to her "cave".Let her get use to your scent while you're gone.When you're there, talk softly to her and just let her get a feel for you that you aren't going to hurt her.She'll come around and soon you won't be abel to move without her being at your side!!!!
Do you have well water?IS she use to drinking another kind of water?We found Blaze at a park, so she was use to drinking out of whatever mud puddles she could find.It took her a day to start drinking our water......we have well water.
As for the food, try a yummy treat that you know she won't resist.I always use the old stand by TUNA!!!!
Good luck!!!
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The little kittens room! Thats the cutest thing I've ever heard!!!

Congrats on your new kitty! While you are studying, just lie on the bed and read, that way she'll get used to you being there. You can also try lying on the ground with your head tucked into your body, this is a submissive position and most cats will become curious and come over to you and sniff and touch you. If she does this, don't touch her but slowly uncurl you head and move your arms slowly, then you can get your finger to gently touch her back or neck and then move onto using your hand and over more areas of her body.

If she runs away, don't worry and just keep trying! She'll get used to you soon! She's just unsure of her new environment! Good luck!
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