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Mina does this. She licks at her belly excessively and there is no fur there....it's become a bit of a family joke,...`Mina quick!! There's some fur on your belly!!' and she'll plop straight down and start a-lickin'!!

The vet said it was because she was just a highly strung cat, and there's not much we could do about it except put her on kitty Prozac which seemed a little extreme....
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I have a 2 year old male Manx who just want us to wake up with him during the night. Not the yowling you described, however I have trouble sleeping as well so we have been locking him in another room. I don't like it and would love some other suggestions, but for now we are sleeping. It is tough when we love these animals.
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Originally Posted by MikeAnderson
Hi all,

My wife and I have a 10-year old neutered male cat. He's a great cat in every regard except one:

Several times during the night, he will engage in loud howling fits. These last for 5-10 minutes, during which he will walk around the apartment howling, "Hrowww! Hrowww! HROWWW!!" over and over.
Mike, I'm not sure that it's a "male" cat thing, necessarily. We had a female cat, a California Ragdoll, that loved those little feathery toy mice. She had tons of them that she hid all over the house. At night, she would get one in her mouth and prowl all over the house with that same, loud, freaky "Hrowww! Hrowww! Hrowww!" It was like she was growling, but she did it with the mouse in her mouth. I think it's some sort of "Me Predator" thing.

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I wonder if this is something thato many cats do as they get older? 3 of my siamese all 3 female. Used to howl this lonely howl in the night just as you are describing. they only did this as they got older. A few times a night just for a few minutes. I had them vet checked and never found a physical cause for this. I attributed it to just getting older and lonely at night. Now my Persian Male cat who is now 12 has just started to do this occasionaly at night and he never used to. I wonder if maybe they get aches and pains like older humans do and vocalize more at night wanting some sympathy and human company?
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My Pooka and Harley did that. Pooka started shortly after Pokemon died, and went on until we nuetered him. Harley did it also until neutered, but sometimes will go on for a day or two. HArley also has licked of all his fur off his belly and hindquarters. His Vet. has recomended calming pills too, but I'm not very convinced. It's bad enough that I'm taking them without his having to, too
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We did take Misto to the vet and had a blood panel done.

There's no sign of a thyroid problem at all, the vet said everything looks normal.

She recommended antihistamines (twice a day!) for a possible allergy problem. The only other solution she offered was kitty Prozac. We're just not willing to do that to him.
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I have had a problem with Tiger meowing really loudly at night. She's 13 years old and a little sensitive.I have no idea what sets her off but when she first started doing it I got such a fright. It didn't even sound like the same cat. I thought my two babies (Tiger and Starfish) had bought a friend home for a sleep over. I stumbled out into the hallway and there was Tiger. I checked the food bowl and the water bowl and the toilet situation but nothing was wrong there. I picked her up and cuddled her for a few minutes then took her back to bed with me. She has been doing the same thing for about 3 years now and the family has learnt to ignore it. I hope there is nothing wrong with her. Now I have read the comment about thyroid problems I might take her for a check up.
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About your cats yowling each night, does he do this the same time every night? For those times; have you done anything in the past in the previous home at those specific times? Do you have any other pets besides the older cat within your home? Does he have the run of the house or do you confine him within  a room while you sleep?

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Hi annettek!! wavey.gif

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