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Hi there!

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My hubby and I have two kids of the feline persuasion: Whiskers and Velcro. Whiskers, 10yrs old, (his mommy was a pregnant stray that wondered up at my mother-in-laws) is long haired, black and white (tuxedo), tall and lean, VERY high strung, and likes everyone but the vet. He is 10 this year. Velcro is 8, adopted from the SPCA, white and black, smaller but heavier in build, more shy with strangers, loves to fetch and play dead, and acts like the perpetual kitten.

I hope to visit with many of you mutual cat lovers in the future!
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Welcome! Nice to see another Texas member even though it's in the Dallas area. Can't seem to get any fellow Houston members on here!
I too have a cat that like everybody but the vet. It's like Jeckyl & Hyde! She literally turns into Miss Demon Kitty when she goes to the vet. I tell that she really isn't like this but I don't think they believe me!
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Yes, Whiskers is the Devil himself when he goes to the vet. We have to tranquilize him to go, even still he finds amazing strength to fight. I just took him in yesterday because he's been vomiting and throwing up. We had to take a blood sample for lab work, and even though he was so sedated he couldn't stand, it still took me and the assistant holding him and the vet using a muzzle four attempts to get the blood sample. My poor little guy! I don't think they believe me, either, that he's nomally a wonderful cat.
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Poor little guy. I hope the bloodwork comes back okay. After several vet trips we finally learned that the more we restrained her the nastier she got. The last time we couldn't even get her out of the carrier. The vet noticed that the top of my carrier would come off so he took it off. She stayed right there in the bottom part and the vet did all the vaccines very quickly. The whole time you could here that moan/whine that they make when they are not happy but I guess being able to stay in the carrier made her feel more secure because she didn't bite or claw that time. I just hope it will go as well next month!
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Welcome to the Cat Site! There are a few of us from the Dallas area here. I think two of us are in Arlington, and maybe another one in the HEB area. Where are you located?

I hope you enjoy the site. We have great fun. Be sure to visit the Lounge.
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I had a devil cat when I was young (I named him Rambo... what did I expect!?). He'd spread himself out like a flying squirrel whenever we tried to put him in a cat carrier, not to mention the biting and scratching. I still have scars on my arms from him... 15 years later!

Anyway, our vet recommended putting him in a pillow case instead of a carrier, and that worked like a charm! He felt all cozy in there, and never put up a fight. I felt funny carrying around a big sack of kitty, but it was so much easier than fighting to get him in a carrier.
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I actually live in Mesquite. Any advice on how to give a devil kitty a pill? I have 5 new gashes/puncture wounds in 2 days, with only 1/2 a pill actually in the cat, and 3 pills wasted.
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You may want to ask in the Health forum for the best way to pill a cat. There is usually great advice there.
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Welcome to the site - there seems to be alot of members in the Texas area - maybe I should talk the hubby into moving there. Hope to see you post often.
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Hi and welcome! I hope everything goes well with trying to give your kitty his pills.
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Welcome to TCS. Sounds like you do indeed have a 'devil' kitty, but I am sure he is wonderful!!
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