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107 is hot. Stay cool Jaz.
Originally Posted by huggles
Its been so hot here (107F) and Jaz has really struggled in the heat today.
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I just realized we haven't gotten our Jazzy pics and update yet! How's our sweet girl doing? Hard to believe she's 5 months old now!
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Holy Mackerel, Linda!! You're right!
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I think it's been so long since Dan's gotten any sleep she's forgotten which day is which!!!
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I thought there were some new pics as the thread appeared again! We need more pictures of your little angel, Danielle!!
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I agree with the rest - More pics!!
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hahaha you guys are awesome!! Let me see what I can find
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We definitely need more pictures of that sweet grin! Is she as laid back as she appears in her photos? Is she sleeping through the night yet?
Here's a question for you: Which is "worse", an infant/baby, or a young kitten? My husband, who has experienced having two infants/babies (our eldest American niece and our German nephew), but only one young kitten (Jamie) at home, had me in hysterics when he solemnly stated that people who complain about how much work human babies are have never been around a rambunctious kitten, because L. & E. didn't climb the curtains/wallpaper, crawl behind the radiators, or balance themselves on the stair railings at a very young age. He actually believes that puppies, even if they're not housebroken and chewing everything in sight, are easier than kittens (but more trouble than babies).
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Tricia - how interesting although I am not sure I agree. Having said that though, I have never had a bottle fed kitten, so that could be different. Although he has a good point at times, I have a feeling Jaz will continue to have me on my toes even when she is 18

And yes, she really is as laid back as she looks in her photos. She is so happy with the world. She is more than happy to keep herself occupied and play which helps me out when I am on a deadline for work or such. She lets us know when she want some attention though and we always give it to her of course - I do waste a lot of time with her but what a wonderful way to waste away the hours

She has been sleeping 11pm-6am since she was 8 weeks old but a few weeks a go she dropped the 11pm feed and is now sleeping from 8.30pm-7am. What a wonderful girl!! She also loves her sleeps during the days and usually has three 2 hour sleeps during the day. We really are so lucky.

She is putting everything that she can get her hands on into her mouth, although I dont believe she is teething yet. She has discovered that she can blow raspberries and thinks its a wonderful game. She can now roll from her back to her front but cant seem to work out how to get back so just lays on her stomach for a while until she gets tired of it so cries out to Mum. However if "I" put her on her stomach she has no problem rolling on to her back. She has also just discovered her feet and thinks they are tasty too. I am not sure how she manages to get them in her mouth - but she does! She can also now sit up by herself for about 60seconds. She really is quite proud of herself and thinks its wonderful. Her laughter just melts my heart.
We started her on solid food this week and she is a bit uncertain about it. We are taking our time with it though as I am in no rush to see my little girl grow up just that little more.

She certainly has her Daddies height and is quite long. Her weight is in proportion to her body length but she is in the high weight zone for a 5mo old if that makes sense. I have no doubt she will be 6" like her Dad and tower over little ol Mum...

Jasmine - 5 months old.

Daddy makes me laugh

my new highchair

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YAY!!!!! There she is and so beautiful too.

What an adorable little girl Jasmine is and so happy
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Jasmine, you're such a big girl in your new highchair!
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She's beautiful , with her rosy apple cheeks and grin! Definitely a "Gerber baby" candidate!
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Aaaw! She is so gorgeous! I love that gummy smile, I used to love my little brother and sisters smiles like that before they got teeth its so cute
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Originally Posted by jcat
Definitely a "Gerber baby" candidate!
I have heard you mention Gerber baby before - what is that?
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Originally Posted by jcat
She's beautiful , with her rosy apple cheeks and grin! Definitely a "Gerber baby" candidate!
What a beautiful little angel
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Aww she's as gorgeous as ever I can see a lot of Chris in her now Danielle!
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YAY!!! There's our beautiful baby girl!! Such a pretty smile!

The Gerber Baby is the baby on the front of Gerber baby products, like baby food. http://www.tvacres.com/admascots_gerber.htm the Gerber Baby is known to be a very beautiful girl, so it's quite a compliment.
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Oh, she is just adorable! My dh is tall, too, and our kids were on the high end of the baby charts, too. If I remember right, Shane was 99 percentile on height, and 50th percentile for weight. But you could see he was long and lean just looking at him. Where as my older son was off the charts on weight, and normal height-and looked like a little round baby!

Gerber is a babyfood brand, and the Gerber baby is just adorable! Jasmine's big eyes and round cheeks make her the perfect baby for on a jar of baby food!

Let me see...a quick search on "Dogpile" should find a link...(of course quick and dial up don't exactly go together! LOL!)
Well, this is the link to the Gerber site, but it is opening so slow I can't see if they show the baby pic on it!

Jasmine is growing up so quick...she is adorable. And I think much of why she is so content and happy is because you are being such a good mommy to her!
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Gerber is the best-known baby food in the U.S. (I suppose the European equivalent is Milupa, but have no idea about Australia), and the company always has beautiful, rosy-cheeked, smiling babies on the labels.
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Speaking as a mother with adult children let me warn you Danielle, sweet Jasmine will have you on your toes for the rest of your life.
All of her new pictures are adorable.
Just look at that smile when her Daddy is holding her. :
Originally Posted by huggles
I have a feeling Jaz will continue to have me on my toes even when she is 18
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Originally Posted by xocats
Speaking as a mother with adult children let me warn you Danielle, sweet Jasmine will have you on your toes for the rest of your life.
All of her new pictures are adorable.
Just look at that smile when her Daddy is holding her. :
I have to agree, Lei. When I see her photos, I think, "This one's going to be a real whip!" Her charisma really comes across, even in cyberspace. What a little charmer!
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Awe, I love the new pics and reading how she is doing and progressing into full grown babyhood! (well, shes not a toddler yet!, maybe Infanthood!) ah whatever! She is adorable as everyone else has already said and I just love watching her grow!
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I swear Dan, Jazzy gets more beautiful and adorable everytime I see her. She's going to be a little heartbreaker when she gets older. What a happy girl she is; you can't help but smile when you see her smiling.

Auntie Linda loves you Jasmine.
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thankyou everyone for your wonderful comments on my sweet girl

yes Susan - she is looking more and more like her father every day I think and Becky - Jaz also is in the high percentile range for height but about average for her weight.

let me just say that in no way is my daughter going to be like me - she IS going to be like her father (both virgos's) and be calm and content. She is not going to be a nightmare of a teenager or young adult like I was and give her parents grieve like I did (yes yes I can admit it now )

here is another photo I took yesterday

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She is beautiful danielle!!
Ohh you shouldnt think virgos are calm and content i used to lose my temper alot and i was a bad kid but an angel to my parents!!

Are you planning to give jaz a brother or sister?
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Awww Dan, she is simply beautiful! What a precious daughter you were blessed with!

I love the new pictures - she seems so happy and content in every picture!

She's deifinately not camera shy is she?!
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Great new pictures!
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What a sweetie, Dan! She's more adorable every time we see her!
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ooooooooo she's a little cutie isn't she? You forget how small they start out.......
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Awwww, Danielle! Jasmine is such a gorgeous little girl and my is she growing up!!!

It's so wonderful to look through her thread and see just how much she's changing by the day!
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