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Full names for your furbabies? =D

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I was just wondering how many other poeple gave their kitties and doggers middle names! I hope I am not the only one here.

Poptart is : Poptart Breakfast of Champions
Gorditos is : Gordito the Grey
nacho is: Nacho Cheese
Orion is : Orion Star
and my dog Apollo is: Apollo Bishop (he has a sword/cross shape of what on his cheast. otherwise is completely black.. my brother came up with it o_O)

Poptart and Gorditos are different.. but I love them

What about you?
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Sierra Elizabeth

Serenity has not yet chosen her middle name.
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Rocket Science and Mica Azure.

The name her breeder gave her is Balijem Constantia which I think is quite pretty .
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Speedboat and Muffin don't have middle names. My Rainbow Bridge cat, Max, was Max Sinclair Lupton. I got him from a family whose last name was Sinclair.
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Peanut Butter is Peanut Butter Toast(kitten)
Calista (chinese crested) is Black Dragon Lady Calisto
Dobber (german shepherd) is Taylor's Pride of Tiekerhook
Shade (german Shepherd) is Callain's My Shade of Night
Baby Girl (german shepherd) is Callain's Sweet Baby Girl
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Toby`s name is Tobias Oliver Tyler (TOT for short)
Tedy`s name is Theadore Ellsworth Bearington (Ted E. Bear or TED for short)
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Katie - Kathleen Mary
Gracie - Gracie Shanainai
Pete - Peter James
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Harley Davidson
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Lola is Lola Marie
Leo is short for Leonardo, which is such a mouthful for one kitty that we've decided to forgo the middle name
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Well, their full names are Congocoons Mithril of RoseHawke and Congocoons Narsil of RoseHawke. But sometimes I call Narsil "Surfer Dude" since he seems to have such a laid back "surfer dude" personality. Mith is sometimes "Mithril Goldeneyes."
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Originally Posted by eilcon
Gracie - Gracie Shanainai
Oh PLEASE tell me you got "Shanainai" from that character on the show "Martin"!

Eppie is Eponine Princessness (she's not your ordinary princess!) and Cosy does not have a middle name yet....of course, neither of them have come up with their stage names yet either....
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Cassie = Cassiopeia

Napoleon = Napoleon Dynamite Kitty Cat!
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[quote=ugaimes][color=Purple][b]Oh PLEASE tell me you got "Shanainai" from that character on the show "Martin"!

You got it! It was originally her first name because the nuns that rescued her thought she had so much attitude, just like the woman on the show!
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Emmet is Emmet

Doofus is Doofus

Mab is Queen Mab

and Poppy is Poppy Pepper Papelbon......
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Reilly: Reilly the Munch
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Gandalf's full name is Gandalf Aaron which is much nicer than the name I teased people i was going to give him. (Chickenhead Fluffybutt Hollywood Ewok)

Samwise's full name is Samwise Gamgee.
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My boys don't have middle names. Now I feel like they're deprived. Help me think some up!
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I don't have middle names for mine either. I have:

Mr. Mistoflees- from the T.S Eliot poem
Sneaky Pie, yes as in the Rita Mae Brown series
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Originally Posted by Sneakymom
Mr. Mistoflees- from the T.S Eliot poem
I love that name! Most excellent! I wanted to name Cosette after one of Eliot's cats, but all of the names in his poems are so long (though I do love Mungojerry) with the exception of Gus and Cosette is definitely not a Gus!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Harley Davidson

I know someone who named their Rotweiller that.

Awesome names everyone
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"Lucifer Amadeus Wilde"

is his entire name. But being as he acts pretentious enough as it is, and I don't want to call him the whole mouthful, he just gets shortened to Luci, usually.
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Mine don't have middle names, I have Baby Girl, Valory, Lil Guy and Kismet. But they have a last name, it's Meep. It's the little mew sound they made as kittens so I gave it to them as their feline last name. Anyone else give your pets a last name?
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Originally Posted by Leto86

I know someone who named their Rotweiller that.

Awesome names everyone
Thanks-I like it, and it fits him perfectly!

I love Rotweillers!!
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Katie Doll
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Oscar the Grouch....I know, I know....very original
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pablo - juan pablo montoya! :P
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Kandie... Kandie Apple Kane

Zoey... Zoey Woey

Gidget ... Gidget Wiget Marie
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Well, Izzy is actually Isadora (the Ballerina) but no middle name.
Maggie is Maggie the Cat from *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof* cause she is our *floozie*, she was pregnant when she adopted us.
Her children started out as:
Alpha now known as Scamp real name Scamper.
Bravo now known as Michief
Charley who stayed Charley and added a middle name of NO!

You see, we didn't intend on keeping the children so we didn't want to name them...eventually we had to but they had to pick their names...well, except for Charley who stayed Charley, Liz
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My cats are NZCF registered so their show names are:

Silver Double Grand Premier Captivating Tickle Me Elmo

Bronze Double Grand Champion Grafton Sing a Rainbow

Double Grand Champion Pepperbox Moon Bear

Champion Captivating Bridget Jones

Taitirohanga Legally Blonde

and Hollys 3 day old baby doesn't yet have a name
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cool thread idea

bonnie is bonnie esther
pandy is pandora jessamina
and nass is anassa sui

plus they all have a secret third name that only they know

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