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So it looks like I may be getting a new car!

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I took DH's car to work today, well I do most days. I'm not a morning person so I just jump in the car that doesn't require a long warmup and what not. DH is working swings right now so he has more time to get to work.

So shortly after I got home today he called from work saying the break light came on in my car and when he checked it had almost no fluid! He got some and put it in. When he came home for lunch there was none left at all! He said the breaks were very slow to respond and what not. My stepfather just finished fixing my car in June of July. We're getting really exhapersated (<-- is that how you spell it?) with bothering him to h help us all the time. He's excellent with cars, but we don't want to take advantage of him and it costs arms and legs to pay someone so my stepfather always fixes the car.

So my DH took leave tomorrow and is going to the bank to see what we can do. Does anyone have any suggestions? We're sticking with cars, no suv's or anything. And we deffinatley want something good on gas. I've never bought a car so I'm totally unexperienced in this arena. I'd appreciate any advice!
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Congratulations, how exciting! I really like my Honda Civic.
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Congrats!!, the place my dad works uses the Ford Focus..he really likes them
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My advice is to check out Consumer Reports ( They're a wonderful resource when it comes to avoiding lemons and finding what you're looking for.
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Oh, and don't tell the car salesman (wherever you go) that you've never bought a car before or (especially) that you desperately need one. If he thinks you can and will walk away at any time, you will have the upper hand.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Congrats!!, the place my dad works uses the Ford Focus..he really likes them
Our good car is a Toyota Echo, so it looks simmilar to the Focus to some people...people used to say to my DH when he first got it...'Oh you got a Focus!' and he'd be like 'It's an echo not a focus!' Cracked me up every time! He was so upset! That would be funny, have 2 cars that look alike! But there is another car my old boss has that looks more like an echo I think it's a Chevy something. Starts with an R.

Thanks for the suggestions. We'll see what he comes up with while I'm at work today. Cross you fingers, eyes, toes, legs. whatever you can for us! DH is getting out of the military soon and going to college, so we could use a good deal!
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Toyota Corolla thats what i drive real good on gas Good luck on your car shopping and Congratulations
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Any car will do as long as it`s cherry red!
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I absolutely love my Hyundai Elantra and i have several friends that love their accents.

I found when i bought my car that you know pretty much right away when you walk into a dealership what their attitude is. Some took one look at me and dismissed me as too young, or female and ignored me. Others, like hyundai, showed me respect right away and took me seriously. It makes a huge difference. Try not to let them intimidate you or pressure you!!

Good luck...and try and have fun too!
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I absolutely LOVE my Chevy Impala, I get at least 28 MPG in town and around 35 MPG on the highway/interstate. Its an 04, and I've never had any problems with it yet that I've had it, over a year now! I highly suggest them, they are very smooth riding cars (and good price ranges too, for used ones!)
Plus they are pretty big on the inside, lots of room, and a huge trunk! It looks like a family car, but I love it cuz of all the room I have, but they have a sporty look to them too.

I love it, can you tell?
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Well seeing that I worked for Ford the last 20 yrs I'm kinda partial to any product under their umbrella.
What you need to do before going into a dealership......
1. What size vehicle are you looking for? Compact, mid-sized, full sized, luxury etc..
2. Is gas mileage, safety features, looks important??
3. New or Used??
If used many manufacturer's sell "certified" vehicles. I would recommend going that route if you are buying used. These vehicle are lower mileage, have a better inspection process and a better warranty. You may pay a liitle more but its worth it.
4. Buy or Lease??
Do you still want a 2005 model-many manufacturer's are offering really great deals. Best time to shop-end of the month when the dealerships need to hit sales volumes.
How long do you want to own this vehicle. Leasing usually involves a shorter cycle-the best is 24-36 months. Terms longer than 39 months are not as a good deal for the consumer-you would be better off financing.
Finance for the shoertest term you can afford. Ideally no longer that 60 months.
Put money down on the car too to lower your payment. You can buy vehicles with no money down-but it will take alot longer to have equity in the vehicle when it comes to trading it in. Believe it or not the average trade cycle is 39 months.
Do not delay pymt for 90 days-your payments will be higher!!
Do not fall for the dealership pitch of add on products like credit life.disability. These are profit centers for the dealerships. Depending on how long you want to keep the vehicle an extended warranty might be ok-depends on the coverage term and deductible. If you cannot put a large down payment "GAP" might be ok-your auto insurance agent might sell this too. What it is say for instance you get in an accident and the vehicle is totaled. "GAP" will pay the difference between what the insurance company says the vehicle is worth and what your loan balance is.
5. Options on car-basic or fully loaded.
All manufacturer's have websites that you can gather information.
Also visit dealership lots when they are closed to see what they have available-most new car dealers can obtain via dealer trade-the exact vehicle you want!!
Please feel free to PM as I have MUCH experience in this area!!!
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Don't have any great advice to give you (other than I love love love my Saturn and will continue to buy Saturns), but GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS! Buying a new car can be a blast!
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I love my VW. I have a Golf and it's great little car. Gets about 30 mpg.

A hybrid would be nice too. Great for the environment and awesome on gas. I just saw a commerical today on the honda civic hybrid -- 50 mpg!
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Thanks for the advice everyone! It was great, especially Gail's. I just posted about the car we bought.
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