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I wish that Pepper and Pixie could understand that they are my girls and that I love them very, very much! And it defintely wouldn't hurt if they could understand the words "No, you are NOT allowed under that, up there, in there, etc...
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I wish i could say sorry to teufel and explain the situation to why he doesnt see ben anymore, and to why he cannot cuddle him anymore.
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I have a couple:

"leave it!!" meaning don't touch it
"don't eat that!"..don't eat your own hair off the floor!
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Off topic...but.....Miss Mew....awesome sig!
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals
Off topic...but.....Miss Mew....awesome sig!
Aww thank you..cagnes designed it
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I wish I could explain to my girls that even though I bring these emaciated orphans into their lives and perhaps pay too much attention to said orphans, that they are really first in my heart.

I wish I could explain to the emaciated orphans that I'm not leaving them in the strange place because I don't love them terribly, but that I know it'll really be great in their new homes.
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I wish that my cats understood that when I firmly tell them to do something (or most of the time, not do something) that I am not yelling at them or being mean, but there is a reason for it. IE Dont get on the counters because cj always tries to eat things that he shouldnt and vomits on the floor, or dont paw open the front door and run outside because you could get lost, someone could take you or something even worse. Others include dont drink out of the toliet, please dont jump into the dryer, dont sharpen your nails on the trash can (little girl has started doing this!) dont run full speed into the miniblinds, there is a window behind them, you will break the blinds and your head that way, the list goes on and on.
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How about English? then I could make them understand anything
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
Why it really is VERY important that they DON'T get on top of the 55 gallon aquarium in the living room and launch themselves off it. Reason being that if said aquarium, due to the physics of launching, hits the floor, mummy and daddy really canNOT afford to replace the rug, and the bookcases, and part of the floor, and probably repair 15 feet worth of drywall...

I really doubt my insurance company would believe me if I tried to explain what happened ...

my cats do that too. Kinah started it about a week ago and now she thaught Joshua to climb on top of the fish tank too. (isn't funny how easily they learn from each other... yet wont listen to a thing we try to teach them!)

I don't think you have to worry too much... a big aquarium like that is very heavy... I don't think it would tip over easily.
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Originally Posted by Audrey
How about English? then I could make them understand anything

you're cheating! that doesn't count!!

or maybe I'm just jealous that you thought about that first.
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of course it does, She said "one thing" that is my one thing, English, lol
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I wish Tiger understood " No you can't take any food that has cheese on it, out of our mouths while we are eating it"
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I wish they understood that when I leave, I'm always coming back for them!

I also wish they understood that meowmy is not a scratching post, or merely there as a platform from which to jump in order to reach higher parts of the house!
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That it doesn't matter how much they climb all over me, meow, whine, demand, yell and chirp that their food is not going to get to the bowl any faster than I am physically able to move!!
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Like someone else said, I wish Chasey could understand "bedtime!"
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I wish my cats understood "No!" and that yelling at me doesn't make me/the food/milk/cleaned litterbox appear more quickly....
I wish Carter understood that taking him to the vet is necessary for his own sake and that stretching out his limbs like a star when he's supposed to get into his carrier doesn't help anyway.
I also wish Laura knew that pulling at the front door like a maniac just makes a lot of noise but won't get her anywhere and that some plants in the world *are* poisonous, so she'd rather not chew them!
Oh and I wish she knew that the board going from the balcony to the garage roof is meant for her to climb up/down so her screams don't summon half the neighbourhood before she decides that she might as well get up the usual way...
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I wish both boys understood that when I leave I am coming back. Even when I leave on vacation and am gone for a week. I will always come back for them.

I wish Gandalf understood that the mini-blinds are not a toy and if wants my attention all he has to do is come over and jump into my lap. (I had him broke of playing with the blinds but since I've come back from vacation. He's started up again.) I also wish he understood that the car ride is necessary if he wants to go home. Although that one is my own fault, he hasn't ridden in the car for a while.

I wish Samwise understood that playing the lets hide in the bathtub and cry at the top of my lungs is not a game that is to be played a three in the morning. And that even if the food bowl is empty it won't stay that way long.
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...But, mostly, I'd like them to know how special I think they are, and how happy I am that I get to share my home and life with them![/quote]

This says it perfectly for me, along with reassuring Peter, who's still pretty skittish at times, that he's safe and loved so much!
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I wish they understood that everytime I open the refrigerator door they are NOT going to eat! These two come running everytime I open frige door and sit there and look up at me with their big eyes!
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wish ronnie would understand that running at full speed from a sitting postion in front of me isnt good,the times ive almost fallen over !!especially when ive got a couple of plates full of dinner.
and we have taught our 3 bedtime,just click the fingers and say OUT they all run to their bed
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That drinking stuff from the sink will make them puke, so don't do it!!!!!!
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I was at the vet last night (where Forest lived before we adopted him), and seeing how terrified Forest was, the answer to this question came to me.

All my boys were abandoned by their previous families. The one thing I would want them to know for sure is that they don't have to be scared because I will never, ever abandon them.
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Well, there are really two subjects that I'd love for my cats to comprehend.

1. Travelling: I don't need an entourage everywhere I go, and I can, in fact, manage to use the bathroom by myself.

2. Eliminating. Going to the bathroom. Using the litterbox. However you want to put it, there are some home truths I'd like to share with them.

a. You can only bury your poop/pee so deep. Five minutes of digging accomplishes very little.
b. Please keep the litter inside the box.
c. No matter how nice new litter smells, I would really prefer it if you didn't lay down in it. (Luckily, they don't do this once it's been used even once. But still.)
d. What the heck, forget the litterbox. I'd like to introduce them to Mr. Toilet.
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I wish that Malakai understood that even tho I brought him to live in New Jersey for a little while, I still love him and think about him every day and I miss him more than he'll ever realize...
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That I want to pick him up and cuddle him not hurt him
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I wish Mica would understand that I have take Rocket to another room to feed him because he can't eat when she is there. She stands outside the room and YOWLS and he stops eating and does the same.
I wish Rocket would eat in the same room as Mica.

I hope Danielle knew that I had to force feed her to so she could live, not because I wanted to hurt her.
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I wish My Cat Sibohan could understand that Mommie has to go to work to keep her in Kitty kibble... the look she gives me when I leave the house in the morning is absolutely pittiful.
I also wish she understood that just because I get up to go to the washroom in the middle of the night don't mean I want her to go retrieve her "sprongs" (plastic springs that they sell as cat toys) and put them in my bed... I've woken up with the indent of a sprong on my face one too many times.
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I often say to mine, "I know you know you are loved -- but do you know how MUCH you are loved?" I'd like them to understand that. I think perhaps they do, actually...

I'd also like them to understand time the way humans do, so that instead of staring at the available lap, apparently trying to decide if it will be there long enough to bother, they would get up and enjoy it while there's time. It's so frustrating when the available time is over and I have to get up, and that opportunity has slipped away while they were weighing their options.
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I would like Pearl to understand that she is never going to be abused again, ans it is ok for her to come out and live like a normal kitty.
I wish Pepper and Scooter would understand tht if they act like little hairballs, they will not get treats, no matter how many times they roll the treat comtainer across the floor. I have the thumbs, and I am in charge! Yeah, right!
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I wish Jessie understood that I do love her and why I can't keep her.
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